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«Final Boss (Web Novel) - Chapter 174: The Fall of Joyce Fortress (Part 2)

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Chapter 174: The Fall of Joyce Fortress (Part 2)

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Translator: The Light

After Clyde slipped away with Miss Yani, Baron Thomas could only swear at Clyde for taking advantage of the chaotic situation. When his troops had gone to suppress the Undead, Clyde had disappeared. According to his estimates, the drug would flare up at this moment, allowing a certain someone to gain cheap advantage. Now, he might already be enjoying indescribable things.

In a forgotten, unnamed tomb in the graveyard located at the northwest of Antaur Town, a thick, golden coffin at the center of the underground mausoleum split open from the inside. The iron chains and sealing magic arrays had been completely destroyed. A strange figure sat up in the coffin and examined the corpses scattered not far away. Those shriveled, mummified corpses still wore the attire of Dark Shaman. Their faces were full of shock and fear. Their eyes and mouths were wide open as if they were unable to believe how they had died.

“Wanting to control me with such superficial black magic, truly foolish! It’s been over 500 years! That Demon King who awakened me just now truly… left partway through the ritual! Still, I’ve woken up now. If not for these few idiots, it would have taken at least a few years to break the seals, so I have to thank them.”

That mysterious figure mumbled to itself while climbing out of the coffin. After stretching its arms, that figure walked to the center of the mausoleum and stood on a primitive magic array, commencing a summoning ritual. Then, the Undead that had originally been sleeping in the tomb rose in succession and began digging into the walls of the narrow passage those Dark Shamans had come through, widening this tunnel that led to the surface. This would make things convenient for the Undead army to rush out. After these Undead returned to the surface world, their first target would undoubtedly be Antaur Town.

“It’s already been over 500 years. Strange, did the Demon Race thoroughly capture the Ximengsi Continent? How come there are so many dark existences nearby…”

When the mysterious figure rose from the coffin, the figure turned towards Joyce Fortress. After waking up, the figure sensed the auras of hundreds of thousands of dark monsters. Among them, there were two Ancient Demon Kings along with a few existences far above them. This made her wonder whether the Demon Race had captured Ximengsi Continent.

With the resurrection of a certain evil existence, a cold wind blew over Antaur Town, rapidly decreasing the temperature. Although it was only early summer now, Antaur Town, however, began to freeze over. Although there was no snowfall, the entire town was shrouded by black clouds and a strange rainstorm poured down. In the sky, blue lightning flashed, strangely unaccompanied by thunderclaps. This change was very abnormal.

That resurrected evil existence had been sealed for over 500 years. Originally, she wouldn’t have caused such a noticeable environmental impact. After all, her energy shouldn’t have recovered so quickly. However, with multiple high-level dark existences nearby, those with low energy could replenish energy from those with high energy via dark resonance. This resurrected existence only dared to remotely carry out dark resonance with Ancient Demon Kings. She didn’t dare to link up with an existence like Clyde. The gap between them was too big, so attracting his attention was dangerous.

Olm Fortress on the opposite bank of Aldington River

Earl Winissa, the highest commander officer, stood on the walls of her fortress and gazed at the other side in horror. Antaur Town was shrouded in black clouds limited to the town’s boundaries. Olm Fortress suffered no problems at all, enjoying radiant and enchanting sunlight. This scene was very strange as if the river had divided them into two different worlds. Winissa could even vaguely see twisted human faces within the black clouds above Antaur Town. She imagined that she could hear the wails of those life-like crying faces.

There were no priests, clergy, or similar members of Light Church in Olm Fortress. However, after signing a contract with her unicorn mount, she had acquired part of her mount’s abilities, so she was very sensitive to dark auras. She quickly saw through the sudden abnormal changes in Antaur Town and recognized the gravity of this problem.

“Your Excellency Earl Winissa, the opposite bank looks…”

“Baron Thomas, that fellow… forget it! It bodes ill rather than well. Let him pray for a blessing. Pass my orders: order the fleet to block off Ord Dock! Don’t allow any ships to come, not even one. No one from the other side is allowed to land here. No one!”

“But, Your Excellency Earl Winissa, if by chance…”

“If something goes wrong, I will take all responsibility. Implement my orders as soon as possible! It will be too late if we delay any longer.”

Earl Winissa issued the difficult order to block off the Aldington River, sealing off the nearby Ord Harbor, which was the sole place suitable for disembarking, to prevent the refugees of Antaur Town from fleeing here. The opposite bank had an Undead outbreak. Although the cause was unknown, she absolutely couldn’t let those undeads cross Aldington River, so she stalled for as much time as was possible. She planned to supersede her superior, Marquis Charles, and directly report this emergency situation to Light Church to see if they had any means to deal with this.

The castellan residence at the center of Antaur Town was where the current Suzerain, Baron Thomas, resided. After letting Clyde slip away with Miss Yani, Barton Thomas flew into a rage and smashed his furniture upon returning to his residence, kicking up a row for a good while. He then returned to his room. On his big bed in his room were several beautiful prey this gentleman baron had abducted. He had used similar methods he had employed against Miss Yani to abduct them. If Clyde hadn’t appeared, Miss Yani would have definitely become one of them.

Without exception, all these prey had been stripped naked. Their hands were bound behind them with ropes, and they were forced to kneel on the soft bed. All also bit wooden stick-type wicked erotic tools. Because of that mysterious drug, their complexions were red as they erotically panted. In addition, strange water stains darkened the sheets. After seeing Baron Thomas, these prey shivered and wanted to escape, but they were powerless. They could only helplessly watch Baron Thomas undress himself while preparing to do indescribable bad things.

They were not the only prey of Baron Thomas, simply the newest harvest. There were other completely naked white lambs in black iron cages further inside the room. They wore black blindfolds and black iron collars. Prostrating in shameful postures, they had clearly accepted their fates as they licked water from red plates in front of them. These prey had been captured for a long time and been thoroughly trained by Baron Thomas.

“That cheap bastard! Although you all are not as beautiful as Yani, I collected you all with great difficulty. As long as this medicine is taken, tonight is guaranteed to be your happiest…”

“Your Excellency Baron Thomas, something bad has happened. Undead have invaded the town again.”

“Why are you being noisy? Didn’t I say before not to disturb me if nothing major occured? Did you not take my words seriously? Didn’t Undead appear before too? Just deal with them like last time. If you all cannot even handle such matters, what’s your use?”

“But, this time…”

“Don’t make me repeat it a second time!”

When Baron Thomas was preparing to enjoy himself, an urgent voice interrupted him from outside the door. However, this profligate son didn’t take this matter seriously and directly made this subordinate scram. Now, he was in a pent-up state. It was impossible for him to stow his spear. That subordinate was helpless and could only gloomily leave without reporting the calamity.

Baron Thomas finished preparing himself. Sprinkling white powder into a glass of water, he let out a wicked smile upon seeing a strange vapor rise. Afterward, he walked to the bed. Grabbing a white lamb, he forcibly poured that drugged water into her throat before moving to the next. Each prey struggled, wanting to resist, but with the other party pinching their noses, they eventually opened their mouths and drank that strange water. After entering their systems, the drug quickly flared up. All the white lambs grew red, and their original terrified resistance was replaced with confusion.

“If that girl Yani were also here, it would have been much better. It truly makes me angrier the more I think about it.”

Thomas could only imagine the prey in front of him being Yani. Under the effects of the drug, the white prey leaned forward. After the wicked erotic rod in her mouth was removed, she opened her little mouth towards his evil tool and nibbled it obsessively. Just when Baron Thomas was about to reach his peak, horrible screams came from outside. The guards were being bitten by the intruders, and their horrible shrieks frightened Baron Thomas so much that he directly turned soft. He wanted to escape but discovered that the white lambs had sunk into dazed states and wouldn’t let go of him.

“What’s going on? Guards… guards! Where did everyone go to die? Anyone!”

When Baron Thomas finally extracted his ‘tool’ from their mouths with great difficulty, the door had already been dyed red with splattered blood. A group of terrifying intruders burst into the room. This was not just limited to the castellan’s residence; the entirety of Antaur Town had already fallen. Like hell in the human world, horrible shrieks, wails, and begging sounded at every street. It was even more tragic here compared to the fierce battle at Joyce Fortress.

The present situation of Antaur Town was very similar to Atad during its Undead Calamity outbreak. Merely, the scale here was much larger than in Atad. The instigators behind-the-scenes were different. Young Master Hal had been an unskilled person, barely reaching the Junior Undead Shaman realm. The behind-the-scenes instigator of this place, however, was someone who had far surpassed Hal. He was more legitimate and had nearly reached the limits of Undead Shamans.

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