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«Fey Evolution Merchant (Web Novel) - Chapter 3066: Proof of Grade Six!

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Chapter 3066: Proof of Grade Six!

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The hidden faction behind Sun Youcai was very strong, but Zhao Chen was not weak either. In fact, the faction behind Zhao Chen was stronger than the one behind Sun Youcai.

If Lin Yuan’s current display of resources was genuine, then the power backing Lin Yuan was likely much stronger than the faction Zhao Chen currently belonged to.

Zhao Chen had initially planned to meet Sun Youcai before catching up with his other old friends. However, he abandoned this idea and decided to stay with Lin Yuan until the auction ended.

Currently, those being auctioned were all pinnacle Class 3 lifestyle-class spirit qi professionals, who appeared very outstanding on the surface. However, their aptitude was not very impressive.

Lin Yuan looked at Zhao Chen and thought that if Zhao Chen had truly recruited these individuals from the South Universe battlefield, their talents shouldn’t be this poor.

After contemplating momentarily, Lin Yuan deduced that these people had likely been pre-screened. The truly outstanding talents were not with Zhao Chen. Based on his understanding of Zhao Chen, it was not that Zhao Chen did not want those talents, but he could not sell them even if he did acquire them.

Lin Yuan speculated that there was likely significant competition within Zhao Chen’s faction. He hadn’t asked Sun Youcai about Zhao Chen’s specific circumstances, but Lin Yuan felt his guess was close to the mark.

Lin Yuan refrained from deliberately displaying his superior detection abilities in front of Zhao Chen. Having already traded numerous talents, he no longer harbored any intention to purchase individuals who didn’t meet his standards. He also had no interest in raising prices for individuals he had no intention of buying.

Sun Youcai was surprised to see Lin Yuan’s lack of interest. In Sun Youcai’s impression, Lin Yuan was someone who craved talents. Now that these pinnacle Class 3 lifestyle-class spirit qi professionals were in front of him, Lin Yuan had no reason to refrain from choosing.

Considering Lin Yuan’s exceptional investigative abilities, Sun Youcai wondered if Lin Yuan sensed something amiss with these auctioned talents.

In Lin Yuan’s view, an intermediate Class 3 lifestyle-class professional with potential was much more important than these pinnacle Class 3 professionals. If Lin Yuan were to purchase them, he would have to invest resources to nurture them. Conversely, if they were Class 4 lifestyle-class professionals, their abilities would already be there. Hence, Lin Yuan wouldn’t inquire about their potential and would only value their abilities.

Zhao Chen had heard that Lin Yuan had purchased numerous talents from Sun Youcai. Yet, he hadn’t participated in Zhao Chen’s auction. Whether or not Lin Yuan won the bid was one matter, but his lack of involvement raised questions. Could it be that Lin Yuan was dissatisfied with the quality of the individuals Zhao Chen was auctioning off?

Having established a connection with Lin Yuan, Zhao Chen noticed Lin Yuan’s reluctance to participate in the auction. Therefore, he addressed Lin Yuan directly, “Brother Lin, do you not like these individuals? If you don’t like them, just wait a bit. The talents up for auction later will likely be much more exceptional. The later stages of this auction will likely feature even more outstanding talents.”

Upon seeing that Zhao Chen had initiated a conversation with him, Lin Yuan said, “I have specific requirements regarding the potential of the talents I purchase. Brother Zhao, the talents being auctioned here have limited potential. After I buy them, I won’t be able to further nurture them. I prioritize individuals with potential and talent, even if they come at a higher cost.

“Brother Zhao, given that you can obtain resources from the battlefield in the South Universe, I believe you can acquire talents with potential. No matter how severely damaged their roots may be, as long as they’re alive, I’m willing to trade for them. Brother Zhao, do you want to help me with this?”

Upon hearing this, Zhao Chen felt somewhat embarrassed. It turned out that Lin Yuan’s lack of participation in the auction was for this reason.

Lin Yuan’s guess was correct. The faction behind Zhao Chen was not only limited to the East Universe, but also spanned across the South Universe. In the South Universe, they were more open-minded than in the East Universe, and over 20 factions maintained a competitive relationship with Zhao Chen.

Zhao Chen ranked only in the middle among these individuals. However, the top-ranking members in the faction had already claimed most of the top resources. Zhao Chen could only use those who had been left behind to benefit himself. As for those who could not compare to Zhao Chen, they did not even have these resources.

If Zhao Chen wanted to strive for talented individuals on behalf of Lin Yuan, he had the ability to do so. However, doing so required him to compete with those stronger than him within the faction, which made Zhao Chen hesitant.

While Zhao Chen was high-profile outside, within the faction, he adopted a more reserved and cautious approach.

Lin Yuan saw Zhao Chen’s hesitation and was even more certain of his guess.

Lin Yuan said, “Brother Zhao, I’m not asking you to help me get these resources for no reason. If you can help me get those outstanding Class 4 talents, I’ll use all the Grade 4 Creator resources to trade. If you can provide me with Class 5 talents, I can use all Grade 5 Creator resources to trade. Every time you trade a Class 5 talent, I will provide you with a channel to trade for Grade 6 Creator resources, so that you can trade for Grade 6 Creator resources through me.”

Lin Yuan would not take the initiative to display Grade 6 Creator resources, but he would not hide them either. He was saying this to provide Zhao Chen with leverage that could help him obtain these resources.

Grade 6 Creator resources were extremely rare for Zhao Chen’s faction. It was even possible that the faction behind Zhao Chen did not have the ability to obtain them. After all, there were only a limited number of Grade 6 Creator resources available, and most of the resources produced by them were in Lin Yuan’s hands. The remaining resources were not enough for those top factions to split.

Zhao Chen’s original intention for establishing a connection with Lin Yuan was to see if he could make more deals with him in the future. However, Lin Yuan was no longer just doing business with Zhao Chen. Instead, he was investing in and nurturing Zhao Chen.

After Lin Yuan said this, both Zhao Chen and Sun Youcai looked at Lin Yuan differently. They had both stretched their estimations of Lin Yuan to the limit, yet they never anticipated that the faction supporting him would possess a Grade 6 Creator. If it wasn’t a faction with a Grade 6 Creator, they wouldn’t have casually taken out Grade 6 Creator resources to trade.

The hidden faction behind Sun Youcai had never obtained the resources of a Grade 6 Creator. The faction behind Zhao Chen did manage to acquire Grade 6 Creator resources in the past, but it came at a great cost, as the elders of the faction sacrificed a great deal of prestige for it.

If he could obtain a channel to trade Grade 6 Creator resources from Lin Yuan, his status within the faction would definitely rise in an instant. Of course, this was on the premise that Lin Yuan’s words were true.

Otherwise, if he were to disclose this information to the faction and ended up not obtaining Grace 6 Creator resources from Lin Yuan, the elders would think Zhao Chen was deceiving them and he would be in trouble.

Originally, Sun Youcai was still treating Lin Yuan as an equal, but after Lin Yuan said this, Sun Youcai immediately lowered his attitude.

When Lin Yuan controlled Traveling Dragon Palace, he had used the name of a Grade 6 Creator. The fact that Traveling Dragon Palace was willing to be controlled by Lin Yuan was directly related to this. In the future, this news would definitely leak out and let Zhao Chen and Sun Youcai know.

If Zhao Chen and Sun Youcai were to learn about the news from Traveling Dragon Palace rather than from Lin Yuan directly, they would likely feel that Lin Yuan was not forthright with them. Lin Yuan might as well just disclose the information directly to the two of them here.

By saying these words in front of Sun Youcai, Lin Yuan was informing Sun Youcai that he could also acquire Grade 6 Creator resources through him. However, if he wanted to trade for Grade 6 Creator resources, he needed to have enough leverage. Otherwise, he would not be able to trade anything with Lin Yuan.

Having been the City Lord of Diverse City for so many years, Zhao Chen was extremely steady. However, after hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Zhao Chen found it difficult to calm down. “Brother Lin, is what you said true? If you can guarantee to trade Grade 6 Creator resources with me, even if it’s just a few trades, as long as my faction knows that there is a chance to trade Grade 6 Creator resources, I can help you secure Class 5 professionals.”

Lin Yuan looked at the excited Zhao Chen and said calmly, “It’s inconvenient to display the resources of a Grade 6 Creator, but these few drops of the essence blood of a pinnacle Bloodian Empress should be enough to prove to you that I have Grade 6 Creator resources.”

Lin Yuan took out a crimson crystal bottle. There were three drops of blood with a hint of rose-red color in it. He opened the bottle cap, and Zhao Chen and Sun Youcai could smell the essence blood of the pinnacle Bloodian Empress.

While this essence blood may not be a resource directly created by a Grade 6 Creator, only Grade 6 Creator resources poured in abundance could facilitate a Bloodian’s growth to this extent.

The two of them were completely unaware that these three drops of Bloodian Empress’ essence blood were actually released by Lin Yuan himself.

Recently, Lin Yuan had been showing off that he had Grace 6 Creator resources and leveraging the influence to establish connections with multiple factions. He remained entirely calm about this matter.

After Lin Yuan had placed the elemental doll in the Element Well, the elemental potion that had been purified by the Element Well’s water had reached pinnacle Grade 5 Creator. Lin Yuan had already verified this with Sun Yin. In other words, as long as Morbius advanced further, producing Grade 6 Creator resources was already a sure bet.

To those experts, the potions produced by Grade 6 Creators were as precious as the spirit qi potions. Those factions were not qualified to be picky at all as being able to trade from them was already not bad.

As long as Lin Yuan contracted another fey, he would be able to evolve Morbius and transform the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

After contracting the Enlightenment Cicada, Lin Yuan’s comprehension ability had greatly improved.

In such a short period, he had comprehended a new willpower rune related to illusions, which allowed Lin Yuan to target a functional fey with abilities related to illusions. By contracting this fey and using resources to nurture it, Morbius’ grade and quality would quickly increase and its evolution would be a matter of course.

Zhao Chen forced himself to suppress the excitement in his heart, but his voice was still trembling. “Yes, yes. The essence blood of these pinnacle Bloodian Empresses can naturally prove it. From now on, I, Zhao Chen, will rely on you to nurture me, Brother Lin!”

After speaking to Lin Yuan, Zhao Chen looked at Sun Youcai gratefully and remembered the huge favor he had done for him. If Sun Youcai had not taken the initiative to introduce Lin Yuan to him, it would have been very difficult for him to get to know Lin Yuan.

Looking at Zhao Chen’s grateful gaze, Sun Youcai was still a little stunned. Sun Youcai had no idea that Lin Yuan had a Grade 6 Creator backing him. Even now, he was still inexplicably shocked. At the same time, he was pleasantly surprised. Now that he had gotten to know Lin Yuan, he would also be qualified to exchange for Grade 6 Creator resources in the future.

Sun Youcai would reveal this news to the hidden faction behind him. For a faction that had never obtained the resources of a Grade 6 Creator, it was obvious how shocking the news was. His status in the family would be greatly improved.

If the elders in the faction could obtain the resources of a Grade 6 Creator, it was likely that their strength would have the potential to advance even further. Once the strength of the elders increased, the reputation and status of the hidden faction he belonged to would also advance further.

Lin Yuan was certain of one thing, and that was that the Sky Beyond the Clouds was the same as the main world. Those with high-grade Creator resources had absolute authority. Of course, this was also very related to the resources and strength of high-grade Creators.

Lin Yuan did not know how fast Grade 6 Creators could produce resources. In any case, Grade 5 Creators produced resources very slowly. Once Morbius’ grade advanced, it would be able to produce Grade 6 Creator resources very quickly. The Grade 4 Creator resources that were originally produced would directly become Grade 6 Creator resources.

By that time, Lin Yuan could use these Grade 6 Creator resources not only to enhance the strength of his own people but also to trade with the outside world, acquiring resources that Lin Yuan couldn’t obtain originally and quickly strengthen Sky City. For a long time to come, Sky City would be developing at a rapid pace. It wouldn’t be long before Sky City could truly join the struggle for supremacy in the Sky Beyond the Clouds with the resources of a Grade 6 Creator.

This auction lasted for a full day before Lin Yuan discovered a target that was worthy of his attention.

Zhao Chen hurriedly told Lin Yuan when he saw him suddenly bid, “Brother Lin, this intermediate Class 4 Spirit Craftsman that you are auctioning is indeed very outstanding, but his spiritual veins have already been severed. Now, I’ve managed to sustain them with medicinal ginseng, but they’ll certainly perish in two days. It’s better to leave such an auction item for others to bid for!”

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