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Fairy Tale Chronicles (Web Novel)


Azuma Hiroshi, a good-for-nothing man, and Toudou Haruna, a beautiful woman are caught up in a malicious game bug.

They are stuck inside a VRMMO game world and left penniless, starting without a bag and only their beginners kit.

「What is happening……?」「What should I do……?」

Hiroshi has a phobia with women and whilst he was thrown into this game-like world, it was most definitely a completely different world.

This is a story of their adventure, looking for a way to return to his original world.

Rating 2.5/5 (2 votes)

02 days 16h 25m 23s. (64 hours) • 11198 • 2020-11-09 20:58:31

Chapters (290/500)

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