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«Extraordinary Genius (Web Novel) - Chapter 1252 – Olympic Games Partner

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Chapter 1252 - Olympic Games Partner

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As expected, the Chinese automobile manufacturers found out they cannot do anything to the foreign brands. Their contracts only state the other party will authorize new vehicles to them. It did not state the details, and there’s nothing wrong with them giving them weakened versions of the car models.

The Chinese automobile manufacturers can only accept it, but they will not take it lying down. They immediately research and learn the new models’ technologies and start to assemble their own cars.

Since you all want to play dirty, then don’t blame us for returning the favor. The Chinese automobile manufacturers start to exchange technologies among themselves and quickly develop a new car different from the authorized models. This new model will be sold under their brand, and it’s the results of their own research!

The Chinese automobile manufacturers will lower the production of the joint ventured cars to prevent the overseas brands from making money. This will also force them to authorize newer and better manufacturing technologies.

Of course, the Chinese automobile manufacturers know the foreign brands might complain or clash with them. But all the factories are in China, and they are the major and controlling shareholders. What’s there to be scare of?

At this time, Bing City Machinery Manufacturing Group started a new marketing slogan. “Songjiang Motors, Beijing Olympic Games Partner. 1,000 RMB will be donated to the Olympic Games for every car sold.”

Olympic Games Partner is just a sponsor with a different name. This is to make the Olympic Games Committee looks good.

China’s Olympic Games Committee has confirmed many partners. Still, they have not approved the partners from using ‘Olympic Games Partner’ for their marketing.

But Bing City Machinery Manufacturing Group is different as they are the biggest sponsor and must be given special privileges. Their advertisements are approved by the higher-ups. If they sold more cars than expected, Bing City Machinery Manufacturing Group would increase its donations.

After this advertisement is released, everyone starts calling Bing City Machinery Manufacturing Group, including its subsidiaries, an ethical company.

Simultaneously, the joint ventured automobile manufacturers stopped their marketing, and Songjiang Motors’ sales increased. Their new model starts to sell fast.

Even the Little Genie, a budget car, is also selling well.

On the internet, many people are discussing the meaning of Olympic Games Partner. Songjiang Motors will donate money for every car sold. How are they going to benefit from that? Is the Olympic Games going to give them a share of its profits?

Actually, no one knows what is going on, and everyone started guessing. All sorts of rumors started. Regardless of whatever rumor, it is good marketing for Songjiang Motors, and all the malicious comments and rumors are deleted.

When the first Olympic Games Partner is revealed, Wind and Rain Electronics started their new advertisement. They also advertised themselves as Olympic Games partners and donated a large sum of money.

One week later, more Olympic Games Partners appeared, and all of them promised to make huge donations.

Actually, they have already donated or sponsored money to the Olympic Games Committee. Also, their sales increased after their product packaging are printed with Olympic Games Partner.

The best example is Lehaha’s drinks. Lehaha promised to donate 1 cent for every drink they sold. It might not seem to be a lot, but their sales volume in China is astronomical.

During this period, people can see all sorts of Olympic Games Partners’ advertisements on TV, along the streets, supermarkets, internet, etc. Even when people go to those small general stores to buy a bottle of soy sauce, they can see such posters.


“Why? We have also donated a sum of money. Why can’t we advertise ourselves as Olympic Games Partner?” Pepsi’s person-in-charge of China market was questioned.

“I have said that you all can only start promoting after Athens Games ended. Oh… but it is still not confirmed yet. If your sponsorship is too low, maybe you will have to wait until 2008 before you can start advertising.” The Chinese Olympic Games Committee’s member replied.

“You all are discriminating us! This is discrimination! We might be foreign companies, but we have set up factories in China and hired Chinese workers. We are also paying taxes to your government! How can you all treat us this way?!”

“This is not discrimination. You all have donated some money, but other people have donated more than ten times than you. That’s why their advertisement time is several times longer than you. Isn’t this reasonable?”

“More than ten times? How is it possible their donations are more than ten times ours?! We are planning to donate 100 million RMB!”

To Pepsi’s representative, not many people in China can donate more than 100 million RMB, let alone more than ten times this figure. This person must be lying!

“Is 100 million RMB a lot? There are more than 5 companies that have donated 2 billion RMB each, and there is one that has donated more than 4 billion RMB. Oh, there are also more than five companies that have donated over 150 million RMB. they are now marketing themselves as Beijing Games Partners.”

The Pepsi’s representative jaws dropped. What did this man say? Someone has donated more than 4 billion RMB? That is equivalent to 500 million USD!

Who is this person? The global economy has been affected in the past two years, and almost all the tycoons’ assets have shrunk. Who can be so generous?!

The only possible person is Asia’s top Billionaire, Feng Yu. He is Chinese.

When the stock markets crashed in the past two years, Feng Yu is not holding on to any shares as he has dumped most of his shares, including his Microsoft shares, before the crisis.

That’s the reason why Feng Yu’s assets are not affected by the financial crisis. There are also rumors that most of his companies are not listed and are doing well in the past two years. His assets have increased too.

Of course, these are all rumors. have updated the World’s Richest Man list earlier this year, and Feng Yu is still in second place. But the following year, his net worth should increase further. Other billionaires’ placing on the list has changed, but Bill Gates and Feng Yu’s positions have not changed for many years.

“Do you still have any questions? If not, you can leave now. You will know if your company can start calling yourself an Olympic Games Partner after 2004. We will inform you.”

The Pepsi’s representative left unhappily, and the young representative of China’s Olympic Games Committee laughed.

What Feng Yu said is right. These people want to advertise themselves as Beijing Olympic Games partners, and he informed his higher-ups about it. They will sign the contracts with them and then tell them they cannot advertise as their sponsorship is too low!

Of course, not everyone dares to do this, but this person is Feng Yu’s childhood friend and is very daring. Wen Dongjun is thrilled to fool these foreigners.

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