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«Evil Prince, Come Play With Me (Web Novel) - Chapter 882: Su Lian Is Princess Zi’s Person?

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Chapter 882: Su Lian Is Princess Zi’s Person?

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In addition to the Grand Tutor, only the emperor and Shao Zun could enter the underground palace.

“It’s obvious who’s the most suspicious. Prince and Princess Zi stayed in the palace last night.” Su Shenfan had already asked around before he arrived.

Xiao Jingyun gritted his teeth. “They won’t admit it and insist that they had been sleeping last night.”

“Weren’t your people able to find any traces of them coming out?” Su Shenfan smiled mockingly.

A group of people had done who knew what in his territory and his people hadn’t even noticed a thing. This kind of thing wouldn’t happen in the Earthly Residence at all.

Actually, it wasn’t because Xiao Jingyun’s defenses weren’t tight.

It was just that he didn’t want too many people to know about the pill refinement, so he didn’t want to make it look like he had bolstered the defenses.

Thus, he had specially removed a lot of guards to make it look like there was nothing happening in the palace.

However, word of the pill refinement still spread somehow.

He looked at Su Shenfan again. Su Shenfan was the only one who knew about the pill.

Su Shenfan sneered. “Suspect me? Then there’s no need for us to cooperate anymore. I lost my Sky Splitting Mirror as well.”

He was already annoyed at losing something, but this person still dared to suspect him.

He was a businessman. If he wasn’t trusted, then he couldn’t continue with this job.

“I’m not doubting you. Is it possible that it’s someone close to you?”

Xiao Jingyun felt that Shao Zun was too fond of that woman called Su Lian. She truly looked too good; every frown and every smile was enticing. If it were him, it would be very hard for him not to be attracted to such a beauty.

Su Shenfan was famous for his love of beauties.

“I’m a trustworthy partner. Forget a woman, I wouldn’t even tell my own kin. Now that something has happened, you want to start a fight. What else can you do other than this?”

Su Shenfan turned around and left.

He was in a good mood after “eating” his fill for the whole night. Otherwise, he would’ve fought with Xiao Jingyun.

He hated it the most when people doubted his integrity.

As for Xiao Jingyun suspecting Su Lian, that was indeed possible.

Su Lian looked stupid and cute, but she had a belly full of evil tricks. She even dared to take away the integrity that he had preserved for more than twenty years. What else wouldn’t she dare do?

When he went back, he would work her over.

Xiao Jingyun looked at his back and narrowed his eyes.

“What was he doing last night?” he asked the man beside him.

“Shao Zun was with a woman all of last night, and this morning as well,” the attendant replied.

“That woman, Su Lian, is Princess Zi’s person?”

“Yes. She used to belong to Prince Zi’s house, but Shao Zun took a fancy to her and asked for her; she wasn’t specially sent to him.”

Xiao Jingyun thought about it and felt that something wasn’t right.

“Contact the Archfiend and ask him what’s going on with Su Shenfan.”

Ever since last night, he felt that something wasn’t right with Su Shenfan. He was the one who proposed the five-on-five match, but in the end, he suddenly gave up and made them lose.

In Xiao Jingyun’s opinion, he and Shao Zun were stronger than their five opponents.

They might not have lost if he had given it his all.

However, Su Shenfan said that he wouldn’t fight, and conceded.

If they hadn’t lost the competition, there wouldn’t have been any need for Xiao Jingyun to pretend to be unconscious.

Putting aside the fact that he pretended to be unconscious, Su Shenfan should have known to take the initiative to guard the underground palace.

But he didn’t, and instead spent the whole night with a woman.

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