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«Evil Prince, Come Play With Me (Web Novel) - Chapter 881: Vixen!

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Chapter 881: Vixen!

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In the midst of his pleasure, Su Shenfan suddenly heard a voice outside. He frowned and stopped for a moment, but soon started moving again.

Nothing was more important than this.

Only when the first light of dawn broke and he was relaxed all over did Su Shenfan remember his trusted aide’s report.

“Is the pill still there?” he asked lazily.

“Yes, but our Sky Splitting Mirror has gone missing.”

“F*ck! Who dares steal my Sky Splitting Mirror?” Su Shenfan got off the bed. “Get up and help me dress.”

Bu Yaolian struggled to sit up. The moment her feet touched the floor, she collapsed.

She couldn’t stand up at all.

Bu Yaolian looked up at Su Shenfan innocently. “Shao Zun, I can’t stand up. My whole body hurts.”

“Serves you right!” Su Shenfan picked up his clothes and put them on. He then picked Bu Yaolian up and threw her on the bed. Seeing her alluring face, he cursed. “What a vixen.”

He had always known that women were the worst.

That was why he had never truly touched a woman for more than twenty years, and hadn’t allowed himself to indulge deeply in sex. One had to know that this was the cause of the downfall of many heroes throughout history.


After twenty years of being careful, he had still fallen in the face of a dumb woman.

He even felt that Bu Yaolian had done it on purpose. Otherwise, how could something have happened last night when he was occupied?

But his character was such that once something had happened, it was useless to look for the cause.

He walked out and asked with a dark expression, “What happened? How could something have been stolen from the underground palace?”

Spiritual power was restricted in the underground palace, and it was useless even if an ordinary person could enter. Furthermore, there were many traps, and the Crimson Spirit Pill was protected by innumerable barriers.

Because the Crimson Spirit Pill couldn’t be contaminated by human aura, there were no guards within a hundred meters.

Only the entrance of the underground palace was guarded.

“There were no problems with the entrance to the underground palace, and the guards didn’t see anyone enter. However, the Sky Splitting Mirror and the pill souls are gone. The Rising Clouds Emperor is furious, and waiting for you.”

Su Shenfan frowned. “He pretended to be unconscious, and now he’s blaming others?”

He wasn’t afraid of Xiao Jingyun, but he still went to the underground palace to take a look.

Xiao Jingyun was standing at the entrance of the underground palace and cursing the guards. “What were you doing? Someone went in and stole it, but you actually didn’t notice anything. What’s the point of keeping you?”

Although the Crimson Spirit Pill was still there, without the Sky Splitting Mirror pieces and the souls, it would take a long time to make the ultimate spirit pill.

What pained him the most was the Sky Splitting Mirror. It was the symbol of the royal family, which safeguarded his power.

Although he was on the throne now, it was hard to say if someone else harbored disloyal motives.

Su Shenfan walked over leisurely. “What happened?”

Xiao Jingyun was even angrier when he saw him. “Shao Zun, I always thought that you were the most reliable, but in the end, you’re so deceitful. I have to suspect that you did it on purpose.”

Su Shenfan’s eyes turned cold. “Is Your Majesty blaming me now? Since you lost the bet, just admit defeat. Why are you being so shameless to renege on it? Now that something has happened, we should find out who stole it first.”

Xiao Jingyun took a few deep breaths.

How could he not know what Su Shenfan was talking about? If he hadn’t pretended to faint yesterday, he would have come to the underground palace to inspect the situation.

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