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«Eternal Sacred King (Web Novel) - Chapter 3081 We Have Something to Discuss

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Chapter 3081 We Have Something to Discuss

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We Have Something to Discuss

Translator: Legge

The reason why the Martial Dao Prime Body decided to appear was because he did not want more worlds and innocent living beings to be involved in this world war and die for no reason.

The Battle of the Dragons and Phoenixes lasted for many years and countless living beings died!

Be it the Dragon World or the Parasol Tree World, there was no winner.

In fact, there might even be a huge problem in Parasol Tree World. They might have been influenced subtly by the Psychosis Curse. Coupled with the help of the Witch race, that might be the reason why this battle escalated continuously until it was irreversible today!

This battle was a huge disaster for the Dragon World and Parasol Tree World.

That was why he mentioned that it was the Tribulation of the Dragons and

Phoenixes instead.

At night.

As a huge battle had just broken out not long ago, the color of the night around Dragon Island was enveloped in a layer of blood.

The Martial Dao Prime Body and Die Yue stood side by side under the moon freely in midair.

“Too many people died in this Battle of the Dragons and Phoenixes.”

Die Yue looked at the blood around her. “The Witch World Lord has to take responsibility for this blood debt.

The Martial Dao Prime Body asked, “What’s the Witch World Lord’s motive for doing this?”

If the Witch World Lord could already influence the Dragon race through the Psychosis Curse and even control the entire Dragon World and Parasol Tree World, why did he let the two super worlds collide and cause such a tragic world war?

What benefits could the Witch World and Poison World obtain from this?

“This is indeed a little strange.”

Die Yue said in a deep voice, “If there’s anyone to benefit from the Battle of the

Dragons and Phoenixes, it should be the Tomb World.”

Su Zimo nodded.

Originally, the Tomb World was only a greater world.

However, through the battle outside Illumination Dragon Star, one could see that the strength and foundation of the Tomb World were unfathomable and far exceeded that of a greater world!

This battle lasted for thousands of years, meaning that the Tomb World could obtain an endless supply of corpses!

The more experts died, the stronger the Tomb World would become.

“Apart from the Tomb World, the Blood World should be one of them as well.” The Martial Dao Prime Body pointed at the surrounding blood color. “The blood color here is lighter than when we descended previously.”

This meant that the Blood Vine race was using the blood of the experts in the battle to cultivate!

“It still doesn’t make sense.”

Die Yue said, “The Witch World and Poison World instigated the Battle of the Dragons and Phoenixes just to strengthen the Blood World and Tomb World? Why do they trust each other so much to this extent?

“It’s indeed strange.”

The Martial Dao Prime Body was deep in thought.

A moment later, Die Yue said, “Although you’re extremely famous in the battle of the Great Wilderness, it’s probably not easy to force the experts of hundreds of worlds to retreat.”

“Furthermore, who knows how many of these Emperor experts have been controlled by the Psychosis Curse and lost their minds?”

Under such circumstances, these Emperor experts were not afraid of the ferocious reputation of the Martial Dao Prime Body at all. In fact, they might even fight to the death!

If the Martial Dao Prime Body attacked with all his might without holding back, Die Yue would not be worried.

However, the Martial Dao Prime Body was wary of the Heavenly Court and would not use the Martial Universe.

Under such circumstances, if he were to go against a hundred-odd Emperor experts, it was hard to say who would win.

Furthermore, Die Yue knew in her heart that the Martial Dao Prime Body was not truly afraid of the Heavenly Court.

He was only worried that he would threaten her safety after attracting the attention of the Heavenly Court. After all, she had yet to recover from her injuries and could not unleash much combat strength.

“Why don’t we call Nine Tails and the others over?”

Die Yue asked.

The Martial Dao Prime Body smiled and patted Die Yue’s palm gently. “Don’t worry. In a few days, no one in this medium chiliocosm will be able to hurt me.”

Ten days later.

Zhong Yue City was originally a Dragon City in one of the five Dragon Domains, the Horned Dragon Domain.

At that moment, it was already occupied by the army of the Parasol Tree World. On this day, the Parasol Tree World Lord was in a hall discussing with ten-odd Emperor experts under him when to launch the final battle and take down Dragon Island in one go.

Suddenly, a void fluctuation sounded from outside the hall!

The ten-odd Emperors of the Parasol Tree World looked over and saw the space at the entrance of the hall split open. Two figures arrived together, a man and a woman.

The man had black hair and a purple robe. He wore a silver mask and had a burning gaze.

The woman wore a blood-colored robe and had an indifferent expression, looking beautiful and flawless.

The two of them exuded the aura of sovereigns.

They walked side by side hand in hand, giving off the feeling that they could roam this vast world anywhere they wanted and nobody could stand in their path!

“Demon Empress Blood Butterfly!”

When the Parasol Tree World Lord saw Die Yue, he stood up with a grim expression.

Back then, Demon Empress Blood Butterfly had once gone to the Parasol Tree World and fought against Emperor experts of the Divine Huang and Divine Feng races before leaving in victory.

Although he did not appear that day, he had a deep impression of this matter. Of course, what truly made his expression change was not what happened back then.

Instead, it was the battle in the Great Wilderness not long ago!

In that battle, Demon Empress Blood Butterfly displayed extremely powerful combat strength. Even against more than a hundred Emperor experts, she could still kill several of them!

What was even more terrifying was the rumor that Demon Empress Blood Butterfly had someone called Emperor Desolate Martial by her side.

He killed more than a hundred Emperor experts singlehandedly and left them in disarray!

It was rumored that Emperor Desolate Martial was Demon Empress Blood Butterfly’s Dao Companion.

Now that they saw Demon Empress Blood Butterfly coming hand in hand with a man, the ten-odd Emperor experts in the hall guessed the identity of the Martial Dao Prime Body immediately!


Before long, the Parasol Tree World Lord calmed down and burst into laughter. He cupped his fists and said, “I believe this must be the legendary Emperor Desolate Martial. Congratulations on becoming Dao Companions.”

Die Yue did not say anything and merely nodded coldly as a form of greeting.

If not for his congratulations, Die Yue might not have bothered with him.

“So it’s Emperor Desolate Martial. It’s an honor to meet you. “Demon Empress Blood Butterfly, how have you been?” The surrounding Emperor experts of the Parasol Tree World stood up one after another.

These two were no ordinary people!

In the current medium chiliocosm, no Emperor expert dared to be negligent and disrespectful when they saw the two of them.

The Martial Dao Prime Body nodded slightly and went straight to the point without exchanging pleasantries. “Gather the Emperors on your side. We have something to discuss.”

The smile on the Parasol Tree World Lord’s face froze.

Desolate Martial made it sound nice saying that they had something to discuss. However, his tone did not have the slightest intention that he was going to negotiate with anyone.

On the contrary, his tone sounded more like an order!

As a World Lord of a super large world, someone actually spoke to him like that! The other Emperor experts of the Parasol Tree World frowned as well and exchanged glances in silence.

The Parasol Tree World Lord smiled. “I wonder what’s the matter that’s worthy of your visit?”

“We’ll talk after you gather everyone.”

The Martial Dao Prime Body said indifferently, ignoring the Parasol Tree World Lord’s question.

A cold glint flashed through the Parasol Tree World Lord’s eyes. After a long silence, he took a deep breath and nodded and said, “Alright, I want to hear what’s so important that it’s worth mobilizing so many people.”

The Parasol Tree World Lord took out a messenger talisman and tore it casually, turning into a few streaks of light that entered the void and disappeared.

The Martial Dao Prime Body and Die Yue arrived at the side of the hall and found two seats before sitting down. They had calm expressions, as though they were in their own cave abodes.

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