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«Eternal Sacred King (Web Novel) - Chapter 3080 I'll Settle It

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Chapter 3080 I'll Settle It

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I’ll Settle It

Translator: Legge

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat when he heard that it was the Nether Calamity Poison.

When he heard the Dragon World Lord describe this matter earlier on and mentioned that there was an ancient poison that even Emperors could not resolve, he recalled what had happened in the Flower World immediately.


The poison that the Dragon World Lord was tainted with was the Nether Calamity Poison that had once spread in the Flower World!

In the past era, the Poison World relied on this poison to be ranked as one of the super large worlds and other worlds were unwilling to provoke them!

Back when they headed to the Land of Day and Night, they were ambushed by cultivators of the Tomb World, Blood World and Poison World.

On the way, Su Zimo saw traces of Witch race cultivators.

Similarly, this time round, it was the Witch race that was stirring up trouble behind the scenes.

The Tomb World, Blood World and Poison World were also part of the worlds that joined forces with the Parasol Tree World to attack the Dragon World… Could these be just coincidences?

If they were not coincidences, what was the relationship between those major worlds and the Witch World?

Or could it be that the Blood World, Tomb World and Poison World had already been controlled by the Witch World using the Psychosis Curse?

It was hard to say for the other worlds. However, the Dragon World Lord was infected with the Nether Calamity Poison and later on, the Witch World Lord used the antidote to plant the Psychosis Curse. Clearly, it was done by the Witch World and Poison World combined!

Be it the Nether Calamity Poison or the Psychosis Curse, they could be considered the greatest killing weapons of the Witch World and Poison World.

The only way a scheme against the Dragon World Lord could succeed was if the World Lords of those two worlds joined forces!

Of course, there were still some doubts.

Logically speaking, the Nether Calamity Poison and Psychosis Curse had long been lost. Why could they reappear in this generation?

Furthermore, Su Zimo did not believe that there were any Witch race secret skills that could resolve the Nether Calamity Poison.

If so, what did the Witch World Lord use to resolve the Nether Calamity Poison in his and the Dragon World Lord’s bodies?

There was such a huge problem with the Dragon race.

The Flower World was probably not spared with the spread of the Nether Calamity Poison as well.

In that case, were there no problems with the Parasol Tree World that had fought against the Dragon race for so many years?

The Battle of the Dragons and Phoenixes that swept through hundreds of worlds lasted for many years.

At the same time, a world war broke out between the Kun and Peng super large worlds as well.

These two battlefields alone involved nearly half of the worlds of the medium chiliocosm and countless living beings died because of it!

The Witch race was behind the Battle of the Dragons and Phoenixes.

Was the Witch race involved in the Battle of the Kuns and Pengs as well?

Back outside the Land of Day and Night, in order to save Carefree, he had once fought an expert of the Kun race.

At that time, there was a King of the Witch race together with the King of the Kun race!

Furthermore, based on Carefree’s description, things were not normal with the Kun race either.

Under normal circumstances, the most important thing to do when one discovered a Kun Peng bloodline like Carefree and showed signs of atavism was to protect it and nurture it with all their resources.

However, a King of the Kun race wanted to kill Carefree even though the success rate of a blood transfusion and assimilation secret skill was very low.

Su Zimo could vaguely sense that there seemed to be a pair of invisible hands weaving a gigantic net in the dark that enveloped countless worlds!

All the worlds and living beings on the gigantic net were only prey for the hands.

The internal worries of the Dragon race had been resolved.

However, there was an even greater danger for the Dragon race!

The armies of the Parasol Tree World and hundreds of other worlds had already occupied more than half of the Dragon World and could start another battle at any moment!

At that time, the Dragon race might even be exterminated!

There were only eight Emperor experts of the Dragon race left.

Among them, four were severely injured in the previous Emperor Battle and their worlds were shattered.

Among the remaining four, three Dragon Emperors, including the Dragon World Lord, had just escaped the Psychosis Curse and their Essence Spirits were severely injured, causing their combat strength to decrease greatly.

Once an Emperor Battle broke out, the Dragon race would not be able to hold on for long even with the Dragon Souls of Dragon Island.

“Emperor Desolate Martial.”

The Dragon World Lord arrived in front of the Martial Dao Prime Body with a grim expression. He gritted his teeth and knelt down right away!

“World Lord!”

That scene attracted the exclamations of countless Dragons.

Although Desolate Martial was invincible, he was only an Emperor expert after all.

As for the Dragon World Lord, he was also an Emperor and a World Lord at that. His actions were indeed unexpected and shocking.

“I’m no longer worthy of being the Dragon World Lord. As for my dignity, I’ve been manipulated by the Witch World Lord for so long. What dignity do I have?”

Dragon Emperor Dao Hai laughed bitterly. “Emperor Desolate Martial, I no longer have the face to survive in this world. I’ll guard Dragon Island in battle until I die.”

“However, these clansmen of the Dragon race are innocent. Emperor Desolate Martial, I hope that you can help us bring my clansmen away and leave some hope for the Dragon race…”

“Senior Desolate Martial, please help.”

Long Li ran over with reddened eyes as well, kneeling down as she said that.

“There’s no need for that.”

The Martial Dao Prime Body waved his robes and helped the two of them up.

As though Long Li was aware that she was a nobody and was not well acquainted with Desolate Martial, she looked at Long Ran who was not far away instinctively.

Long Li’s expression was dark and pitiful as a pleading look appeared in her beautiful eyes.

Long Ran could not take it anymore and coughed gently. He went forward and said, “Lil1 Desolate, say, could you… Of course, it’s understandable if it’s indeed difficult.”

“It’s nothing much.”

The Martial Dao Prime Body waved it off. “There’s no need to go through so much trouble. Rest well on Dragon Island. I’ll settle this matter personally.”


Dragon Emperor Dao Hai, Long Li and many other Dragons were stunned, not understanding what the Martial Dao Prime Body meant.

“Too many living beings died in the Battle of the Dragons and Phoenixes. It’s time for it to end.”

The Martial Dao Prime Body said indifferently.

Although those words were said in an ordinary manner, everyone felt an unquestionable power when they heard them!

Long Li could not believe her ears.

Even Dragon Emperor Dao Hai did not dare to hope that the Martial Dao Prime Body would appear and settle this battle that had lasted for many years.

Initially, he only hoped that the Martial Dao Prime Body could save some clansmen so that he could die without regrets.

He could not believe that anyone had the ability to completely resolve the Battle of the Dragons and Phoenixes!

“Fellow Daoist Desolate Martial, please allow me to say something else.”

Dragon Emperor Dao Hai pondered for a moment. “There are hundreds of worlds of various sizes including the Parasol Tree World, Blood World, Tomb World and so on. There are more than a hundred Emperor experts in total!”

“Furthermore, they’re menacing and have a large army. I’m afraid they won’t stop fighting easily.”

“Fellow Daoist Desolate Martial, there are only two of you here. Against an army of hundreds of worlds and countless living beings, I’m afraid…”

Dragon Emperor Dao Hai could tell that Die Yue was injured.

Although Desolate Martial had a glorious battle record, there were even more Emperor experts on the other side this time round and the formation was even greater.

It was probably only Great Emperors who could suppress the power of hundreds of worlds singlehandedly.

“We’re enough.”

The Martial Dao Prime Body glanced at Die Yue before saying, “Furthermore, it’s not up to them to decide whether we fight or make peace.”

The Dragons were shocked when they heard that!

“What Battle of the Dragons and Phoenixes…”

The Martial Dao Prime Body said meaningfully, “This is more like the Tribulation of the Dragons and Phoenixes.”

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