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«Eternal Sacred King (Web Novel) - Chapter 3023: No Mercy

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Chapter 3023: No Mercy

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Translator: Legge

The starry skies battlefield was in a mess and chaotic.

It was not only the Emperor experts of the Blessed Heaven World. Even Emperor Azure Flame and Emperor Bai Yu were shocked as they turned to flee!

Although the taboo techniques of Emperor Xuan Sen and Empress Yan Luo were powerful, they could not withstand the attacks of the Ten Gates of Hell.

Accompanied by a series of loud bangs, the two taboo techniques were shattered and turned into nothingness!

Emperor Xuan Sen’s forte was defense. At that moment, he was beaten until he vomited blood repeatedly.

The turtle shell on his back was even stronger than any Emperor Weapon and was indeed indestructible. It could still remain intact under the suppression of the powerful gates.

However, the Martial Dao Prime Body’s attack smashed his turtle shell off his body!

The turtle shell was smashed!

When Emperor Xuan Sen saw Emperor Azure Flame and Emperor Bai Yu escape, he released his secret skill as well, Golden Cicada Shedding. He threw away the heavy turtle shell and turned to run.

If that was the case for Emperor Xuan Sen, it was even worse for Empress Yan Luo.

Thankfully, there were the remaining six Mansions Emperors of the Seven Mansions of the South who risked their lives to defend for a moment. Only then did Empress Yan Luo have a chance to catch her breath.

However, how could the six Mansions Emperors defend against the impact of the Ten Gates of Hell?

The ten gates swept over and in a few breaths, the six Mansions Emperors of the South died without a single one surviving!

They were either killed by the collision, smashed to death, or devoured by the Hell Gates…

When the Martial Dao Prime Body saw that the situation was set, he controlled the ten Hell Gates with a thought and tore through the air, suppressing the escaping Mansions Emperors.

Demon Empress Net Mansion of the West transformed into her true form, the Bi Fang. Her entire body burned with flames and she turned into a fiery light that sped into the distance.

Unexpectedly, her vision darkened.

A thick and powerful gigantic gate descended from the skies, shattering her perfected world and suppressing her body!


Empress Net Mansion let out a tragic cry and was smashed into two by the Hell Gate. Before her Essence Spirit could escape, it was devoured by the Hell Gate and blood splattered on the spot!

Emperor Legs Mansion of the West tensed up and fled with his wolf claws stepping on starlight.


Sensing a huge danger, his wolf fur stood on end and he stopped hurriedly.


A gigantic gate surrounded by fiend qi and burning with pitch-black flames descended and smashed a foot in front of him!

If he had not stopped in his tracks, he would have been smashed into a pile of meat paste earlier on!

However, before he could catch his breath, the gigantic gate surrounded by fiend qi suddenly emitted an unstoppable devouring power!

The surrounding fiend qi revolved and formed a gigantic vortex, as though an ancient behemoth had opened its bloody mouth to devour all living beings.

Emperor Legs Mansion propped up his perfected world and his wolf eyes widened. He let out low growls from the depths of his throat and resisted with all his might.

However, his perfected world was burned by the pitch-black flames and corroded by the fiend qi. It could no longer hold on and there was a creaking sound as a large number of cracks appeared, ready to collapse at any moment!


Emperor Legs Mansion roared and was still struggling on the verge of death, unwilling to submit.

Right then, countless pale and withered palms reached out from the gate and pulled Emperor Legs Mansion’s wolf body and limbs, pulling him into the abyss bit by bit!

This was the actual Hell’s Gate!

The pitch-black fiend qi was Avici fiend qi.

The pitch-black flames were Hellfire!

These countless pale ghost hands were the last straw that crushed Demon Emperor Legs Mansion.

Demon Emperor Legs Mansion’s mind and the perfected world he held up completely collapsed. Accompanied by a wolf howl, his huge body sank into the Hell’s Gate bit by bit and disappeared.

Be it Demon Emperor Legs Mansion or Demon Emperor Net Mansion, the two of them did not know why the Martial Dao Prime Body targeted them directly among the remaining Mansions Demon Emperors.

The true form of Demon Empress Heart Mansion was the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox and she was a natural beauty. Now that she was covered in injuries, her pitifulness only added to her beauty.

However, the Martial Dao Prime Body had no mercy for the fairer sex and did not even look at Demon Empress Heart Mansion. The Hell Gates descended and killed her mercilessly.

When she saw that, Demon Empress Nine Tails on the immortal boat outside the starry skies battlefield seemed to have thought of something and her heart skipped a beat.

She turned around and looked at the excited Tiger, Little Fox and the other two who were watching and discussing in the cabin, as though they had understood something.

“To think that at a time like this, that man still has his sworn siblings in mind.”

Demon Empress Nine Tails murmured softly.

Starry skies battlefield.

Emperor Azure Flame, Emperor Bai Yu and the others released a secret skill together and pointed towards the firmaments.

Suddenly, a gigantic crack opened above the starry skies and emitted endless might. Multicolored light filled the air and there were thousands of auspicious lights. In fact, immortal sounds could even be heard faintly from within!

Emperor Azure Flame, Emperor Bai Yu and the other two sped towards the crack.

“Trying to escape?”

The Martial Dao Prime Body controlled the ten Hell Gates to chase after the Mansions Emperors. As for himself, he held Die Yue’s hand and moved. With a single step, he crossed the endless starry skies and caught up to the four of them!

In the starry skies battlefield, space was chaotic and shattered, preventing teleportation.

As for the movement technique of the Martial Dao Prime Body, it had already surpassed the Emperor realm and touched the threshold of the Dao!

Although it was not teleportation, it surpassed teleportation and he arrived instantly!

Even the edge of the world was merely inches away from his feet!

The entrance to the Heavenly Court was right in front of them. However, Emperor Azure Flame and the other three suddenly felt their hearts palpitate, as though a calamity was about to descend the next moment!

The four of them could not help but turn around.

When they looked over, the four of them were almost scared out of their wits.

The purple-robed and silver-faced Desolate Martial held the palm of the Blood Butterfly and followed behind them. He was close and within reach!

The silver mask covered his face and the four of them could not see anything other than a pair of eyes that were as deep as the sea and burned with two purple flames. However, they were cold!


Emperor Bai Yu was flustered and wanted to berate loudly. However, when he saw those eyes, he was so frightened that he could not say a word.

“Desolate Martial, are you really going to show us no mercy?!”

Emperor Xuan Sen’s heart skipped a beat as he berated fiercely.

Emperor Azure Flame gritted his teeth as well. “Desolate Martial, if you dare to kill us, the two of you will have to die as well!”

As the four of them threatened, they condensed their spirit consciousnesses in secret.



After the four of them communicated with their spirit consciousnesses, they released their Essence Spirit secret skills at the same time and released them towards the Martial Dao Prime Body!

When the Essence Spirit secret skills of the four of them were combined, they could almost kill all peak Emperors.

However, the four of them were not confident against Desolate Martial.

It would be best if their Essence Spirit secret skills could kill Desolate Martial.

Even if they could not kill him, if they could injure him or delay him for a moment, the four of them would obtain a chance to escape back to the Heavenly Court!

Four Essence Spirit secret skills tore through the air. As though Desolate Martial could not defend in time, he did not do anything.

Suddenly, a glimmer of hope rose in the hearts of Emperor Azure Flame and the other three as their eyes shone.

It must be because Desolate Martial thought that victory was in his grasp and relaxed that he did not notice it.

Furthermore, they were too close.

Even if Desolate Martial was prepared, he would probably not be able to defend in time…

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