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«Eternal Sacred King (Web Novel) - Chapter 3022: Ten Gates of Hell!

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Chapter 3022: Ten Gates of Hell!

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Translator: Legge

The 28 Mansions Formation enveloped down. The formation was filled with the Emperor blood of the 28 peak Mansions Emperors and emitted a shocking might!

The moment the formation descended, the six fire Dragons in the Martial Universe were clearly suppressed. The flames on their bodies became smaller and smaller, even showing signs of extinguishing.

The Martial Dao Prime Body had a calm expression. After sensing it carefully, he nodded. “This formation is indeed something.”

Die Yue was worried. However, when she heard the Martial Dao Prime Body speak nonchalantly, she could not help but turn around and ask, “You have a way to resolve it?”

“Under normal circumstances, this 28 Mansions Formation would indeed cause me a lot of trouble. But now…”

The Martial Dao Prime Body shook his head gently. “There’s a flaw in this formation.”

The two of them did not hide their voices while conversing and the surrounding Emperor experts heard it clearly.

When Emperor Azure Flame and the other three heard that, their expressions changed starkly!

Back in the Blessed Heaven World, Emperor Azure Flame had mentioned that Demon Emperor Chariot Mansion of the Seven Mansions of the South might become a weakness due to his lesser cultivation realm.

To think that Desolate Martial would see through it with a single glance!

“Protect Chariot Mansion!”

Emperor Azure Flame made a prompt decision and hollered.

Emperor Azure Flame, Emperor Bai Yu, Emperor Xuan Sen and Empress Yan Luo knew the importance of the 28 Mansions Formation.

Once the formation was destroyed, they would lose their greatest reliance.

The four of them had a tacit understanding and charged towards Demon Emperor Chariot Mansion at the same time, shielding him behind them.

The ordinary Emperors and supreme Emperors who had just escaped saw many experts of the Heavenly Court suppress the Martial Dao Prime Body once more and clearly had the upper hand. At that moment, they returned once more, prepared to take the opportunity to attack.

However, the moment everyone approached, they heard Emperor Azure Flame roar.

Emperor Azure Flame mentioned something about protecting Chariot Mansion before the four of them rushed to the latter’s side with nervous expressions.

The Emperors of the Blessed Heaven World were shocked by that scene and became nervous, hesitating if they should advance or retreat.

Before they could react, the Martial Dao Prime Body who was in his universe suddenly moved. He took a step forward and stomped the ground, opening his mouth to roar in all directions!


That roar contained the roars of Dragons, the cries of phoenixes, the screeches of cranes, the neighs of horses, the howls of wolves, the yells of apes, the roars of tigers and the barks of dogs…

The shouts of billions of living beings interweaved and gathered into a single point, condensing into a roar that reverberated through the starry skies and shook the Nine Heavens!

How lethal would the Myriad Beings Sound be now that the Martial Dao Prime Body released it again after advancing to the Emperor realm?

Among the 28 Mansions, Emperor Chariot Mansion had the weakest cultivation and was only an ordinary Emperor.

Although Emperor Azure Flame and the other three stood in front of him, he could not defend against the impact of the Myriad Beings Sound. His body was shattered and his Essence Spirit was destroyed as he died on the spot!

One of the 28 Mansions Emperors was killed by a single roar from the Martial Dao Prime Body!

The other Emperor experts shuddered as well and suffered an intense impact.

The nostrils, ears and mouths of some Mansions Demon Emperors began to bleed and they had frightening expressions like malevolent ghosts!

“Young Master, let’s retreat!”

Demon Emperor Horn Mansion shouted.

Although only one Mansions Demon Emperor died, the formation was shattered and the situation was reversed. If they continued fighting here, the casualties would probably be even greater.

Emperor Azure Flame and the others hesitated.

If they retreated just like that, they would really lose all their face!

Not only did they fail to kill the Blood Butterfly after mobilizing a large force to come to the Great Wilderness, they even suffered heavy losses and were forced to retreat thanks to the slaughter of this Desolate Martial—how could they feel alright about that?

The next moment, the four of them regretted it.

That was because they suddenly realized that even if they wanted to retreat, Desolate Martial might not agree!

The counterattack of the Martial Dao Prime Body had just begun!

Right after that roar, the Martial Dao Prime Body channeled his Essence Spirit and his spirit consciousness moved.


Suddenly, thick and gigantic gates appeared around him, shattering the starry skies with endless might!

Some gates were surrounded by fiend qi and Hellfire burned fiercely. A gigantic pitch-black vortex appeared around them, as though it wanted to devour everything.

Some gates were surrounded by ghostly shadows that were covered in frost.

Some gates were filled with sinister qi.

Some gates were shrouded in yellow fog…

Ten gigantic gates that emitted different auras enveloped the heads of the Emperor experts and suppressed the galaxy as they descended from the skies!

A large shadow descended and the temperature plummeted. In adrift, the Emperors felt as though they were in hell!


A Mansions Emperor could not dodge and was smashed by a gigantic gate. Although he had a perfected world to block the damage, he was not spared. Not only was the perfected world shattered, the Emperor’s body was smashed into a bloody pulp as well. His Essence Spirit was destroyed and he died on the spot!

After Demon Emperor Chariot Mansion died, it meant that the 28 Mansions Formation was broken.

Now that the Martial Dao Prime Body released his Dharmic Dao and descended with ten gigantic gates, the Emperor experts present could not defend against it at all!

The ten gates were Dharmic Daos that the Martial Dao Prime Body comprehended and cultivated in the Nether River with the help of the Nine Springs of Hell after entering the Emperor realm.

Apart from nine gates that corresponded to the Nine Springs of Hell, there was the actual Hell’s Gate and that was a total of ten gates!

Every single gate contained different Dharmic Dao powers that fused into the Martial Universe with shocking might.

Even the Mansions Emperors could not defend against the impact of the Hell Gates, let alone ordinary and supreme Emperors.

Once one was smashed by the descending gates, one would definitely die and have no chance of survival.

Even if one merely bumped into a gate, they would be shattered into pieces and explode into a blood mist.

Some Emperor experts were lucky enough to avoid being smashed by the gates. However, if they did not escape in time, they might end up being devoured by the gates and dragged in!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

When the Ten Gates of Hell descended, wails sounded from the starry skies battlefield at once. Emperor blood splattered and dyed the starry skies!

The Emperors fled in all directions in defeat.


Some Emperor experts at the end of the starry skies who were watching the battle were shocked and dumbfounded when they saw that.

The Blessed Heaven World had lost.

The mysterious faction that backed the Blessed Heaven World was defeated as well.

Furthermore, it was a crushing defeat!

A hundred Emperor experts with 30 peak Emperors among them were crushed by Desolate Martial singlehandedly!

Desolate Martial trampled on their reliances such as the 28 Mansions Formation, perfected worlds and taboo techniques and stomped them beneath his feet!

Even though they saw that with their own eyes, the Emperor experts could not believe it.

“The Blessed Heaven World was actually defeated?”

“What’s the background of Desolate Martial?”

“He overturned the Blessed Heaven World alone. Could it be that the world is really about to change…”

“That combat strength is probably comparable to a Great Emperor!”

In this generation, none of the Emperor experts had seen the methods of a Great Emperor with their own eyes and did not know how strong a Great Emperor was.

However, if they thought about it, it would probably be as such, wasn’t it?

With Desolate Martial and Die Yue in the Great Wilderness World, who in the medium chiliocosm could fight against them?!

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