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«Eternal Sacred King (Web Novel) - Chapter 2883: Eight Arms Asura

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Chapter 2883: Eight Arms Asura

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Translator: Legge

Su Zimo indeed sympathized with the fates of the Evil Fiends and Sin Spirits. He could vaguely guess that there might be more to what happened back then. Therefore, he was unwilling to take the initiative to attack the Evil Fiends and Sin Spirits here.

However, that did not mean that he would be merciful and let the Evil Fiends and Sin Spirits off if they wanted to take advantage of the situation and attack him!

In a flash, Su Zimo had already charged towards the side of the Evil Fiends and Sin Spirits, sprinting towards Blood Eye.

When he saw that his peerless divine power was useless against Su Zimo, Blood Eye’s courage disappeared and he did not dare to fight Su Zimo head-on.

Su Zimo had already killed more than 20 Supreme Perfected Spirits and was covered in blood. In his Four Heads Eight Arms state, his aura was torrential and he was filled with killing intent. Anyone who saw him would feel fear!

“Fiendcelestial, save me!”

Blood Eye looked at a mountain-like figure at the side and shouted for help. The face of the figure looked rather similar to that of a human. However, it had a pair of horns on its head that were slightly curved and sharp.

The horns were engraved with complicated spiral patterns, as though they contained a mysterious power.


The figure called Fiendcelestial suddenly stood up and shook off countless dust from his body.

Earlier on, he was only squatting on the ground. Now that he stood up, he revealed a gigantic and burly body that was hundreds of feet tall. He was indomitable and was surrounded by black qi. Indeed, he was like a Fiendcelestial of the world and was insufferably arrogant!


Fiendcelestial’s bell-like eyes glared fixedly at Su Zimo who was approaching from afar and let out an earthshaking roar!

When he roared, the veins on his body appeared like anacondas that coiled around his body in an extremely terrifying manner!

Compared to him, Su Zimo’s figure was as insignificant as dust.

Su Zimo paused for a moment against the roar and focused his gaze.

Upon closer inspection, he realized that there was a second head behind the living being’s head as well as four arms!

“Asura race!”

A thought flashed through Su Zimo’s mind.

Back when the Martial Dao Prime Body headed to Avici, he encountered an

Asura in the Asura Monastery on Great Tie Wei Mountain.

After the Asura race advanced to the Perfected One realm, they would grow an additional head and two arms.

At the Grotto-heaven realm, they would have three heads and six arms.

Legend has it that Emperor realm Asuras were ten thousand feet tall. Although their heads no longer increased and there were only three of them, they had eight arms and were also known as the Eight Arms Asura!

The divine power of Three Heads Six Arms was inherited from the Asura race.

However, even Emperor realm Asuras only had three heads and eight arms.

That was the reason why many Kings were shocked and in disbelief when they saw Su Zimo release Four Heads Eight Arms.

“Lowly human, scram!”

Fiendcelestial hollered at Su Zimo who was not far away, his eyes filled with killing intent and hostility.

Even Emperor realm experts of their race only had three heads and eight arms. The human before him actually had four heads and eight arms—that made him extremely displeased!

Su Zimo sneered and charged forward once more.


Fiendcelestial roared and the spiral patterns on the two horns on his head shone with a dark light, as though endless power was injected into his body.


The blood qi in Fiendcelestial’s body surged like a tide.

The next moment, a figure that was ten thousand feet tall appeared behind Fiendcelestial. It was an Asura with three heads and eight arms!

The Bloodline Phenomenon of the Asura race, the Eight Arms Asura! Fiendcelestial had yet to comprehend a peerless divine power. However, with that Bloodline Phenomenon, he was enough to fight any other Evil Fiend head-on!

When the Asura with three heads and eight arms appeared and saw Su Zimo with Four Heads Eight Arms, he was stunned as well, as though he was puzzled.

However, before long, there was only killing intent in his eyes!

A spear, a saber, a sword, a halberd, an axe, an ono, a hook and a fork. The Eight Arms Asura wielded eight weapons and waved his eight arms, wanting to clash against Su Zimo.

That scene resembled a speck of dust colliding against an ancient star.


The two of them collided with a loud bang!

In his Four Heads Eight Arms state, Su Zimo had the Trinity Auspicious Jade, Primordial Unity Horsetail Whip, Nine Tails Phoenix Feather Fan and even the peerless Duckweed Sword. His divine might was overwhelming and invincible. Although the Eight Arms Asura had many weapons in his hands, they could not cause much damage to Su Zimo when they struck him.

There was a layer of yellow sand surrounding Su Zimo the entire time.

The Nine Heavens Living Soil!

At that moment, the defensive utmost treasure derived from the Creation

Green Lotus was extremely useful.

With the Nine Heavens Living Soil blocking more than half of the damage, the remaining power was used on the Green Lotus True Body. Although it left some injuries, it did not affect Su Zimo much.

Relying on the powerful self-healing power of the Grade 12 Creation Green Lotus, these minor injuries healed rapidly during the battle and returned to normal.

On the contrary, be it the Trinity Auspicious Jade or the Primordial Unity Horsetail Whip, they would deal a huge blow to the Eight Arms Asura when they struck him.

However, the Duckweed Sword dealt the greatest damage!

The two parties fought. In just a few breaths, four of the Eight Arms Asura’s arms were severed by Su Zimo and the fiend qi enveloping his body dimmed significantly.

The true body of Fiendcelestial wanted to charge forward several times and attack together with his Eight Arms Asura Bloodline Phenomenon.

Su Zimo’s expression was unchanged as he waved the Nine Tails Phoenix Feather Fan.

When he underwent the Perfected One Heavenly Tribulation, the Phoenix Feather Fan had already completely evolved into the Nine Tails Phoenix Feather Fan and its power increased exponentially!

Under Su Zimo’s full-powered circulation, the Nine Tails Phoenix Feather Fan was already burning and burst forth with flames.

In the flames, a living being that emitted a terrifying aura was born. It had a Dragon head and Phoenix tail that resembled a Dragon and a Phoenix. Its claws and teeth were sharp and its horns were towering, lifelike as it pounced towards Fiendcelestial!

Taboo Dragon Phoenix!

Initially, the Phoenix Feather Fan could only release the phantom of a Divine Huang at most.

However, Su Zimo’s Green Lotus Essence Spirit was synthesized with the Dragon Phoenix Essence Spirit.

Under the activation of his Dragon Phoenix aura, the Taboo Dragon Phoenix was born from the flames!

Fiendcelestial could not touch Su Zimo at all and was entangled by the Taboo Dragon Phoenix, unable to escape.

On the other side.

When Blood Eye saw Su Zimo fighting with Fiendcelestial, he made up his mind and channeled his Essence Spirit crazily, releasing an Essence Spirit secret skill!

Sensing the spirit consciousness fluctuations around him, Su Zimo did not look and quickly realized that someone had released an Essence Spirit secret skill on him.

As he fought the Eight Arms Asura, he used a free hand to touch his glabella gently.

Suddenly, a Dragon scale flew out from his glabella and exuded a shuddering aura, charging towards the Essence Spirit secret skill.

“Reverse Scale!”

When Dragon Queen Hornless saw that in the Blessed Heaven World Square, her expression changed and she recognized the origin of the Essence Spirit secret skill instantly.

The Reverse Scale was the core Essence Spirit secret skill of the Dragon race. To think that this secret skill would be mastered by a human…

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