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«Eternal Sacred King (Web Novel) - Chapter 2882: Buddha Dragon Elephant

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Chapter 2882: Buddha Dragon Elephant

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Translator: Legge

Cicadas could sense the autumn wind before it even blew.

Before the Yaksha Ghost Spirit attacked, Su Zimo could sense the hostility and killing intent from the side of the Evil Fiends and Sin Spirits.

He had long been on guard!

The Yaksha Ghost Spirit realized that just as Su Zhu of the Sword World turned around and looked at him calmly, he even conjured a complicated Dharmic art.

To be precise, Su Zhu’s face was not only calm, but also abnormally divine and dignified!

The next moment.

An incomparably terrifying divine power burst forth from that Dharmic art and was not inferior to his Astral Imprisonment!

Suddenly, a sky filled with Buddhas appeared in the imprisoned space. They stood or sat with lowered heads and dignified appearances. Lotus platforms

floated beneath them.

“Om… Ma… Ni… Pa… Mi… Hom!”

Suddenly, vast and solemn Sanskrit chanted from the mouths of the Buddhas that filled the skies. It reverberated through the world like a yellow bell and the aftershocks were endless.

As Sanskrit echoed, lotus flowers began to fall from the skies and even golden lotus flowers surged from the ground!

Heavenly Flower Fall and Earth Gushing Golden Lotus-the profundities of Buddhism had already reached their limits in this space!

Buddhist light spread and there was nowhere to hide for all evil beings!

Initially, the Yaksha Ghost Spirit was hidden in the void. However, he was forced to reveal himself under the envelopment of the Buddhist light!

This was not the end.



Right after Sanskrit, two deafening roars sounded in the world once more.

Divine Dragons appeared around the Buddhas that filled the skies and let out resounding Dragon Roars.

Above the large number of golden lotuses that appeared on the ground, gigantic Divine Elephants appeared one after another. They raised their long trunks and reared their heads, letting out long cries!

The Dragon Roar, Elephant Cry and Sanskrit reverberated and collided in this world. However, there were no conflicts. Instead, they achieved a perfect resonance.

Surrounded by the Buddhas, Divine Dragons and Divine Elephants that filled the skies, Su Zimo seemed to be covered in a layer of golden light, making him look even more holy and inviolable!

That scene was way too shocking.

Many living beings inside and outside the Evil Fiend Battlefield were dumbfounded with shocked expressions!

“Is this Buddha Dragon Elephant?”

In the Blessed Heaven World Square, a King’s voice was filled with doubt and shock as he asked in disbelief, “Isn’t Buddha Dragon Elephant a supreme divine power? How can it be so powerful?”


Another eminent monk who was proficient in the Buddhist Dharmic Dao chanted a Buddhist proclamation softly. He looked at the figure on the battlefield and lamented deeply, saying in a deep voice, “If the Dharmic Dao of Buddha Dragon Elephant is comprehended to its limit, it’s indeed possible to raise that supreme divine power to the level of a peerless divine power.”

“However, it’s too difficult to do that. Way too difficult…

Compared to other peerless divine powers, Buddha Dragon Elephant was indeed more difficult to comprehend.

Throughout history, there had been countless talented monks of the Buddhist monasteries. However, very few of them could raise Buddha Dragon Elephant to the level of a peerless divine power.

That was because no matter how deep one’s comprehension of Buddhism was, if one did not understand the Dharmic Dao of the Dragon and Elephant races, they would not be able to unleash the true power of this divine power.

Although these eminent monks had deep attainments in Buddhism, it was extremely difficult for them to come into contact with the core Dharmic Daos of the Dragon and Elephant races.

“Buddha Dragon Elephant… This should be his seventh peerless divine power, right…”

“Seven peerless divine powers at the Hollow Nether realm. It’s truly unimaginable.”

“Even at this point of the battle, he still has a trump card and can release another peerless divine power…”

Unlike the huge commotion that broke out previously, the discussions in the Blessed Heaven World Square gradually died down when they saw that.

It was as though many Kings present were enveloped by an invisible pressure!

The stronger the Dao Fruit, the stronger the Grotto-heaven condensed. There was no need to elaborate on how powerful a Dao Fruit that synthesized seven peerless divine powers was.

Once such a Dao Fruit shattered, what kind of Grotto-heaven would it create?

No one could or even dared to imagine it.

On the battlefield.

Although the Yaksha Ghost Spirit’s Astral Imprisonment was strong, it could not defend against the impact of Buddha Dragon Elephant!

Right in front of countless gazes, the Astral Imprisonment shattered instantly and the Buddhas, Divine Dragons and Divine Elephants broke free from their shackles.

The Buddhas slapped down with their palms, the Divine Dragons coiled and the Divine Elephants trampled…

The Void Yaksha who was one of the ten great Evil Fiends was reduced to dust by Buddha Dragon Elephant instantly. His Essence Spirit was destroyed and he died on the spot!

When they saw that, everyone knew that King Witch Blood’s accusation of Su Zhu of the Sword World had been dispelled.

There was no need for the Sword World to explain anything.

That was because Su Zhu of the Sword World killed the Void Yaksha in front of everyone!

This was the strongest evidence!

There were only nine of the ten great Evil Fiends left!

The battle was not over yet.

The moment the Void Yaksha died, another peerless divine power descended.

“Myriad Phenomenons!”

The person who attacked was another of the ten great Evil Fiends called Blood Eye by the living beings of the medium chiliocosm.

Blood Eye’s eyes were bloodshot and he exuded a sinister aura. He glared at Su Zimo in the distance and attacked brazenly!

He did not believe that Su Zhu of the Sword World could defend against his peerless divine power!

Myriad Phenomenons was not focused on killing. Instead, it pushed the Illusion Dao to its limits and would cause cultivators to lose themselves, producing countless illusions.

Su Zhu of the Sword World had expended a lot of energy after fighting consecutively. When he was exhausted, he would definitely not be able to defend against illusions targeting his Dao Heart and Essence Spirit.

Su Zimo stood in midair.

Indeed, he no longer had peerless divine powers to resolve the descent of Myriad Phenomenons.

However, that peerless divine power was targeted at the Dao Heart and Essence Spirit.

His Dao Heart was indestructible and had once condensed the tenth step of the Dao Heart Stairs.

Even the impact of the ninth step of the Dao Heart Stairs far surpassed Myriad Phenomenons, let alone the tenth step!

When Myriad Phenomenons descended, his Dao Heart was calm.

Indeed, the peerless divine power surged into his consciousness in waves, wanting to confuse his Essence Spirit and make him fall into an illusion.

Although Su Zimo did not possess the Mara Mask like the Martial Dao Prime Body, his Essence Spirit was also protected by the Grade 12 Creation Lotus


The moment the divine power of Myriad Phenomenons surged into his consciousness, the Grade 12 Creation Lotus Platform sensed danger and instantly spewed out green rays of light that surrounded and protected the Green Lotus Essence Spirit.

At the same time, the Green Lotus Essence Spirit chanted the Prajna Nirvana Sutra. Sanskrit echoed in his consciousness and a Buddhist light shone, expelling all external forces!

The Prajna Nirvana Sutra was not only a Taboo Mystic Classic, it was also the number one Mystic Classic of Essence Spirit refinement!

With the Grade 12 Creation Green Lotus and the protection of the Prajna Nirvana Sutra, the divine power of Myriad Phenomenons could not affect the Green Lotus Essence Spirit at all.

Therefore, there was no Myriad Phenomenons in front of Su Zimo.

In his clear gaze, there was only one person-Blood Eye, one of the ten great Evil Fiends!

Crossing countless spaces and passing through layers of figures, Su Zimo’s gaze and aura locked onto Blood Eye!


He was not affected at all?

Blood Eye’s pupils constricted violently.

Before he could step forward, he realized that he was already targeted by Su Zimo. Instantly, he gasped and his hair stood on end.

At that moment, he finally experienced the suffocating pressure that Wu Xing, Xia Yin and the others felt against Su Zimo previously!

It was as though a calamity was about to descend the next moment…

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