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«Eternal Reverence (Web Novel) - Chapter 900: Flower of Spirit

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Chapter 900: Flower of Spirit

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Translator: jinzeffect

The number and strength of the spirits increased when getting deeper into the Ancient Stone City.

In the sky above the slightly bigger streets, there were waves of spirits rushing towards the sail ship.

Only a minority of the spirits here were mid-level saints. Most of them were high-level saints or even peak level saints.

When dealing with mid-level spirits, everyone could destroy them with a single attack. But when dealing with high-level spirits, they would need to attack at full strength. As for peak level spirits, even a pinnacle saint lord would need at least ten attacks to destroy it.

Boom Boom Boom…

With the sail ship, the team was temporarily not in danger. At most, they would be exhausting a little energy.

But it wasn’t as comfortable for the other saints that entered. Li Fuchen personally witnessed several saints getting killed by the spirits. During the next opening of the Ancient Stone City, these dead saints would probably become the new spirits to attack the outsiders.

After almost a month, the sail ship arrived beside a long river.

The Night Devil Saint Lord kept the sail ship and said, “The Ancient Stone City is split into three segments. The outer city, inner city, and city lord residence. Right now, we are at the border of inner city and outer city. The inner city has an air restriction array, therefore, we can only walk the rest of the way.

In fact, regular universe cities also had air restriction arrays in the outer city, but the Ancient Stone City’s outer city array had been corroded, therefore, only the inner city array was still functioning.

There was a large bridge above the river and after crossing the bridge, the team arrived in the inner city.

Once inside the inner city, everyone felt immense pressure. It was probably 100 times more difficult to fight in here as compared to the outer city and was 10,000 times more difficult to fight in here than outside the Ancient Stone City.

Different from others, the spirits were able to fly in both the outer city and inner city. Furthermore, they had extreme speed and once the team entered the inner city, the spirits were attacking the team in groups.

“The weakest spirit in the inner city is also a high-level saint. It is getting increasingly troublesome.”

Vivian made a beautiful frown. She joined the Night Devil Team during the recent 10,000 years, therefore, she never entered the Ancient Stone City before.

“As long as it isn’t a saint lord-class spirit, we can deal with them without problem. I’m just afraid there will be a huge group of saint lord-class spirits.” The Stone Ax Saint Lord was rather concerned.

The Stone Ax Saint Lord would need over ten full-powered attacks to kill a peak level spirit. If it was a saint lord-class spirit, he could even kill one alone.

With extremely bad fortune, as soon as the Stone Ax Saint Lord finished his statement, another group of spirits attacked.

In this group of spirits, there was actually a saint lord-class spirit.

“Let me try its strength.”

There were strong and weak saint lord-class spirits. Even the weaker saint lord-class spirits were hard to kill, but their attack power wasn’t high. But the stronger saint lord-class spirits were basically immortal.

The Gray Stone Saint Lord brandished his fist at the saint lord spirit.


There was a qi force explosion and the saint lord-class spirit was sent flying backwards. On the contrary, the Gray Stone Saint Lord only staggered a little.

“It is an elite saint lord-class.” Li Fuchen was able to determine the strength of this saint lord-class spirit.

“Gray Stone Saint Lord, let me assist you.”

Seven members of the Night Devil Team rushed over to deal with the saint lord-class spirit. Among them, there were three pinnacle saint lords. As for the others, they were dealing with high-level spirits and peak level spirits.

“A saint lord-class spirit is indeed hard to kill.”

As Li Fuchen slashed the spirits that attacked, he was observing the battle between the saint lord-class spirit and the others.

The saint lord-class spirit was being suppressed, but it looked as though it was fine. The only thing was a slightly weakened qi presence.

Once the rest of the spirits were killed, Gulisha said, “Attack together.”

A saint lord-class spirit was too difficult to kill. If they didn’t attack together, it would waste too much time.

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

With attacks from all members of the Night Devil Team, the saint lord-class spirit’s qi presence was weakening with extreme speed. Its body was gradually becoming more illusory.

“It is truly hard to kill.”

If Li Fuchen had to receive attacks from so many pinnacle saint lords, even he wouldn’t be able to digest it.


Finally, the saint lord-class spirit exploded and there was a spatial ring floating there.

With a suction force, Gulisha pulled the spatial ring over and smiled after looking inside, “This saint lord-class spirit is really wealthy. The total wealth inside is at least 30,000 peak-grade spirit stones.”

As of now, the Night Devil Team’s accumulated loot was only worth 80,000 peak-grade spirit stones. Those mid-level spirits and high-level spirits would have the wealth of a few dozen peak-grade spirit stones. The peak level spirits would have a few hundred or a thousand peak-grade spirit stones. However, not every spirit would have a spatial ring. In normal situations, one out of three spirits would have a spatial ring. After over a month, everyone collected 50,000 peak-grade spirit stones. They were only 20,000 peak-grade spirit stones wealthier than a single saint lord-class spirit.

Of course, the further the team went, the faster the accumulation of wealth. After all, the spirits would also grow stronger as they went deeper.

As the Night Devil Team was roaming the Ancient Stone City, the Blood Print Team was also exploring the Ancient Stone City.

As compared to the Night Devil Team, the Blood Print Team was exploring much faster and was already deep into the inner city.



The Blood Print Team was in a frenzy. In their eyes, the spirits were all wealth and killing each one would allow them to profit more.

Unknowingly, the Blood Print Team arrived outside a large manor.

“From the huge size of the manor, there must be shocking wealth within.” A member of the Blood Print Team licked his lips.

To have such a huge manor in the inner city meant that it was the home of a saint lord and the wealth would be imaginably immense.

Apart from that, the Ancient Stone City had two kinds of opportunities. One was from the spirits while the other was from the Ancient Stone City itself.

Inside the huge manor, a Flower of Spirit might be condensed. A single Flower of Spirit was worth at least 500,000 peak-grade spirit stones.

The so-called Flower of Spirit was a unique product of the Ancient Stone City. It was normally grown in bigger structures and had a particular effect. As long as a trace of the spirit soul power was blended in, even if you die one day, the Flower of Spirit could gather the spirit soul that was scattered in the universe. It would form the spirit soul body and if someone could help you, you would be able to possess a new body and live a second life.

In the Time Sand City, the price of the Flower of Spirit had always been high and 500,000 peak-grade spirit stones could only be considered a bottom price. If it was put on an auction instead, it was possible for it to sell at a price of 1 million peak-grade spirit stones.


Inside the manor, the members of the Blood Print Team were all sent flying and were vomiting blood.

The saint lord-class spirit in this manor was even stronger than the Blood Shadow Demon Liege and it was near-immortal. All attacks were ineffective against them.

A few days later, the Night Devil Team had also arrived outside of a large manor.

“Everyone has to be careful after entering. The saint lord-class spirit in the manor is extremely powerful and is near-immortal. We need to fight at full strength in order to kill it.” The Night Devil Saint Lord had a serious expression.

Gulisha added, “But manors like this normally provide the best rewards too. If we can find the Flower of Spirit, it will be a jackpot.”

For a team of elite and pinnacle saint lords like the Night Devil Team, it was difficult for them to encounter any grave danger. But entering the large manor was an extreme danger, they might possibly perish within.

“Let’s go!” The vice leader, Iron Flow led the way as he stepped into the manor.

The rest followed behind…

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