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«Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1657 Gathering Score Points

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Chapter 1657 Gathering Score Points

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The sound of Pandemonium's teeth gnashing against each other tightly reverberated across his Castle. The powerful Demons he had brought along as his bodyguards were looking at their Master and Creator with nervous expressions in their strange, chimeric faces.

How long has it been since they've seen their Creator and Master this furious? Pandemonium, the man with the Unique Skill that allowed him to not only create the entire Realm of Hell, but all Demons in existence.

A being whose entire existence could defy reality and distort space and time! A man who had killed dozens of Ancient Gods and caused their fall long ago.

The one that could only be stopped by the First Original, Oblivion.

He was furious, frustrated, and gritting his teeth!

At any moment, they thought their Creator's teeth would suddenly break, however, Pandemonium was so tough, which even included his teeth, so such a thing wouldn't happen.

Nevertheless, the pressure he exuded was tremendous. The three Generals and the rest of the strongest Demon Soldiers within the castle could all feel his rage.

They fell to the ground, kneeling before their eminence's unrestrained rage.

"How is it possible for those mere weaklings, to be able to kill you all so easily?!" Pandemonium screamed. "Aren't you the toughest beings alive?!"

"T-That's… Well, master…"

"We are not as strong as before…"

"If we could quickly recover the rest of your body parts, then…!"

"SHUT UP!" Pandemonium roared furiously. "More of my body parts?! With just one, it should've been enough! This is unacceptable, unconceivable! All three of you, over there, go with the soldiers and stop them at all costs!"

"What? But master, if we leave, your castle will be left defenseless!"

"We can't leave or the territory…!"

"You think the castle is defenseless when I am inside?! Hah!" laughed Pandemonium. "Do you have a death wish?"

"N-No, I apologize for even daring to say such a thing!"

"Lord Pandemonium's strength is eternal and indestructible!"

"Together with you, we shall bring the end to Yggdrasil!"

"Hmph…" Pandemonium glared down at them and sighed. "Then go already! What are you even waiting for?! MOVE!" Unlike other malefic beings or people Drake had fought before, Pandemonium had a terrible temperament, and was not calculative at all. If anything, his attitude was still similar to his previous life, a punk, rebellious, impatient, and ill-mannered man.

After being granted such immense powers, he thought he was invincible, and even after having been split into countless pieces and then sealed away by Oblivion, he still thought the same thing.

His Pride was endless, as the Creator of Hell, the Bringer of Destruction, and the Father of the Seven Demon King Seeds, he had no excuse to act humbly or be thoughtful.

With unparalleled power, what else is left to do than to trample on everything with brute strength? Strategies and all of that simply has no place within Pandemonium's reckless mind!

"Crush them all, until there's nothing left behind but their ashes…"

His Demon Gate trembled, growing larger as more Demonic Beasts poured out.

The three Demon Generals nodded, quickly rushing out with the Elite Demon Soldiers they had brought with themselves.

At the same time, an hour has passed since the Trial began, and the Monster Wave, that would happen every 1 hour, started.

"The Monster Wave is here. Prepare yourselves. This is both an opportunity to earn Score Points and also to crush your foes by taking advantage of it!"

The voice of the Flame Venerable reverberated across the skies of the Pseudo Divine Realm where the entire Territory War was happening.

Four blazing red-colored gates opened within space, fracturing the fabric of reality itself with ease, and from within, a myriad of Divine Monsters of all shapes and sizes surged.

Their elements were also of all kinds, fire, ice, wind, earth, nature, metal, and more!

They were a total of two million Divine Monsters, quickly dividing into armies of five hundred thousand attacking all four territories at once.

They rushed or flew across the Territories rapidly, Drake, who was attentively watching things happen, realized that they would reach each territory within five minutes.

"If we don't defeat them all quickly, more and more waves will keep accumulating, and we'll ultimately all die…" he sighed.

"So it feels like the trial lasting twenty-four hours is just a fa?ade? With the Monster Waves, it's impossible to last this long, isn't it?" Benladann commented at his side.

"Well, that would be the general common sense, yeah…" Miranda smiled, showing her sharp teeth.

"Unfortunately for the Venerable, things won't end as quickly as he wants them to end, after all…" Drake nodded. "All four Participants are Monsters of their own…"

Handling millions of Divine Beasts was honestly… not a problem for all four participants!

However, the true problem arose from the general chaos they would create in an already chaotic battlefield.

"Well, this should still be doable…" Drake's eyes shone. "Let's continue watching. Pandemonium seems to be making yet another move."

Drake's eyes glanced at the notifications made of blazing letters in front of him.

[You have slain an Enemy Unit, you gained +10 Score Points.]

[You have slain an Enemy Unit, you gained +10 Score Points.]

[You have slain an Enemy Unit, you gained +10 Score Points.]

[You have slain an Enemy Unit, you gained +10 Score Points.]

[You have slain an Enemy Unit, you gained +10 Score Points.]

[You have slain an Enemy Unit, you gained +10 Score Points.]

[You have slain an Enemy Unit, you gained +10 Score Points.]


[Total Score Points: 16.520]

"Despite how tough they are, those demons give very little Score Points… Why?" Miranda wondered…com

"I think I've figured out why…" Drake said. "Units we bring ourselves to battle will naturally yield less Score Points than those summoned using Score Points themselves."

Drake's draconic eyes expanded his vision across his Divine Domain outside of his castle.

Right in front of his walls, a trio of giant, chimeric Abyssal Creatures were rapidly approaching.

"Let's see how much I can earn killing those… My daughters, it's your turn."

Before the Abyssal Beasts could reach the walls, two blinding golden and silver lights surged from behind them.


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