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«Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1656 The Dragon King's Monsters

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Chapter 1656 The Dragon King's Monsters

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"That's a human?!"

Pandemonium almost vomited blood out of utter disbelief, rage, and frustration.

"W-What is… happening?"

For a moment within his insane mind, Pandemonium felt… shocked.

He, a being that overcome everything with overwhelming prowess, killed even Ancient Gods, and was only taken down by their first ever creation.

"That light reminds me of… Tch! Dammit…" Pandemonium grabbed his head, feeling a piercing pain through his entire existence. "Oblivion! Is this your doing?! OBLIVION!!!"

He roared with such fury that his presence distorted space and time around him, his castle trembling, barely holding on.

As Hector took care of a section of the incoming demonic army, the rest of the party quickly got to work. Rakasha rushed forwards after seeing Hector kill over fifty demons. He summoned his Divine Blacksmith Hammer, as it suddenly grew over ten times its original size.

And his size also increased, although not as much as true Titans, thanks to Drake's draconic bloodline flowing through his body, his size increased up to thirty meters, enough for him to fly with draconic wings.

His Vampiric Powers fusing with his blazing flame attribute, and the frost of his ice dragon bloodline and his origins as an ice giant made for an incredible combination.

"I have not been just creating items this entire time…!"




Greeting him there were a dozen Demonic Beast from all shapes and sizes, some resembled aberrant chimeras made out of the head and limbs of countless creatures. Others were like lions made entirely out of flesh and covered with eyes, and some were ape-like, covered with metallic armor.

As their claws, fangs, and magic reached closer, Rakasha fused the three elements flowing through his body, his different and contrasting Divinities melding together perfectly after he trained with the Venerables to both reinforce his soul and enhance his divinity to their very limits.

"This is how far I've come…"

He remembered his family, his friends, and the long life he had gone through. His wife, his daughter, all those he loved and the he lost.

As a tear fell from his eyes after remembering those that made his entire world, which were no longer with him, Ruby and her mother quickly came to his mind.

Although he had lost the most precious people in his entire life, he continued moving on, and once more, he created unbreakable bonds.

"I don't fight for myself, but for those I love!" he roared.

His Aura exploded, crimson blood flames erupting endlessly, filling his entire body and his surroundings into a sea of blood fire. And then, everything froze, the blood fire became blood ice, freezing all the demonic beasts below him solid!

And his blazing hammer slammed down with incredible force, an eruption of frost, fire, and blood energies exploded.


And everything shattered into pieces.

The demons were frozen completely, and once shattered into countless of tiny pieces, they exploded once more. Every tiny piece became a huge explosion, which Rakasha send against the incoming wave of demons.

They were engulfed on Blood Flames which then froze solid into Blood Ice, and then quickly weakened or shattered, taking away big pieces out of their own bodies.

"W-What is this?!"


"L-Lord Pandemonium!"

The Demons screamed in agony, incapable of being able to respond against such a bizarre, yet absolute power! Rakasha kept burning, freezing, and tearing them all to shreds.

"The World is my Smithy."

His Domain kept expanding, his hammer kept smashing down, crushing everything before his sight.

"With each strike from my hammer, I shape the World!"



Rakasha alone finished off over sixty demons and demonic beasts, their bodies were not even left, as only pieces of crimson ice piled over the sand.

At this point, Drake had to admit it.

He was shocked!

"T-Those women… Just how strong did they made my allies?" he laughed. "I had not checked on their growth at all… T-This is incredible… Both Hector and Rakasha!"

Drake suddenly realized he had been thinking things wrong. This entire time he was simulating ways for him to defeat Pandemonium alone.

That he had to do it alone.

That his friends and family were strong, but that they wouldn't be able to survive, only he could fight him.


He felt like an idiot.

"Hahah…" he smiled. "Right, I've never been alone."

All his current strategies were scratched, as he quickly decided to create new ones, including his friends in them.

And as he did, he continued watching.

After Hector and Rakasha entered the battlefield, then there was Larzak and Kraxka.

And once more, he couldn't help but feel hype!

"What is this sensation? Why do I feel so hyped over my friends? Aren't they kind of…" he thought, his eyes widening. "Yeah, they're awesome."

The two lizardmen descended from the skies with their draconic wings, both unleashing their divine powers. Larzak conjured the powers of his Darkness and Light Magic, fusing them into Eclipse Magic. His unique Ki flowed through his body, as his body grew into an enormous size of a hundred meters, resembling a humanoid dragon with black and white scales.

"Back then, I had fully believed I reached my limits… I thought there was nothing else I could achieve, compared to Lord Drake and his family, I was simply a weakling…" the lizardman smiled. "However, I was wrong…"

He recalled the Venerables and their speeches.

"There is nobody here that has reached their limits. If anything, you have yet to tap into your full potential! Yes, Drake and his family are incredibly strong, they were born with immense power! However… As long as energy exists, as long as divinity exists, and as long as you possess a soul… Anybody can grow, anybody can keep breaking their limits, and anybody can reach even higher ceilings! The only thing you're lacking is conviction! And I will make sure to engrave that conviction into your very souls!"

The Frost Queen and the Dream Fox words resonated through Larzak's heart, his claws gathering tremendous amounts of energy, as he found himself surrounded with over twenty giant demons, most of the Onis or Ogres with multiple arms and heads.


They roared furiously, rushing towards him, giants that could split mountains and destroy whole kingdoms in mere hours.

Larzak's eyes glowed with black and golden light.


His Domain expanded across the entire area, suddenly, the Demons found themselves trapped inside an endlessly eclipsing sky.

Shadows and light flowed endlessly through it all, shaping into furious dragons.

"W-What is this?!"

"Impossible! How come a divine domain can trap us inside?!"


As the demons screamed, Larzak appeared above them, his massive fists rushing down like meteors, the energies of his domain complimenting his blows.

The giant demons attacked back, but each one of their blows were easily evaded or blocked, they felt utterly overwhelmed by Larzak's Martial Arts and incredibly fine-tuned senses and movements.

"This is the new me, demons!" roared Larzak. "I'll show you that the people of Yggdrasil are not weaklings! {Divine Eclipsing Fist Arts}: {Abyssal Star Fists}!"


Countless holes appeared across the bodies of the demons, whose bodies were so tough even a divine dragon would struggle to get through!




Over twenty bodies from giant demons fell into the sands, covering them with their acidic blood.

The rest of the demon army watched in utter disbelief.

Larzak killed the giant demons with his bare fists!

And Pandemonium was losing his mind.

Everything that was happening now defied his common sense!

"W-What kind of monsters have you raised, you fucking lizard?!"


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