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«Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1212 Demon King Seed

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Chapter 1212 Demon King Seed

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[Will you do something with them?]

The System asked me if I had any intentions of saving these guys.

They were punished for a reason though, and their intentions were sadly never good either.

They were quite the corrupt group of hooligans, and the more I think about them and see through their memories, the more I begin to think they deserve to die.

If it was just theft or minor crimes… it wouldn't be so bad. But the more I check their personal memory history, the more horrified I get!

Yeah, a Dragon King like me gets horrified!

Kidnaping women and raping them, and then killing them to not leave evidence.

Multiple assassinations to innocent homeless people in the suburbs.

Extortion of poor families for money.


At this point, I am going to just let that Witch kill them with her curse.


I gathered the Vampiric powers of my Soul and Body through the Slime, and then conjured a rather deadly spell.

"Magic Transfer: [Curse Amplification] x10"


Suddenly, several black flames emerged out of the red slime, flying into all the guards that were already half-dead. Their curses got ten times worse, and they began dying agonizingly.



"H-Heeee… heeeelp…! Grryyyyaagggh…!"

And even then, I don't even think this is enough for the sh*t these guys had done.

"Good riddance…"

My red slime quickly flew from the scene, as I sighed internally.

Uh, peeking at sick people's minds always gets me in a terrible mood.

To think there's bastards so fucking sick… they would go to such an extent.


[Your Demon King Seed has developed due to your merciless actions…]

[Current Development Growth: 42% -] 44%]

[Once your Development Growth reaches 50%, you will naturally develop one of the [Seven Primordial Sins]…]

Ugh, and this weird reminder I did something bad.

"Come on! They were terrible people! Shouldn't I be rewarded?"

[I do not supervise this Seed, I am merely reporting it to you, sorry…]

"Ah, well, don't worry… Just who handles this? Yggdrasil?"

[Not completely, but she does manage a part of this authority, the so-called [Authority of the World]. While Yggdrasil is the World Tree which supports it, there's another, wider and stronger will, which dictates the world's laws. It is closely related with [Fate], which it uses as its primary sustenance.]

"How did this will even formed? I should ask Yggdrasil this…"

[I doubt she'll answer, she seems very cryptic. But I theorize it was formed once the "new" world was formed, after the Gods and Titans perished. When the new world formed, mixing all the gods and titans' corpses together with the Realms which were being destroyed, this will, the amalgamation of all of this divine essence was formed. It is rooted with Yggdrasil and Fate, but certainly, it could be said it is its own entity.]


[The Demon King Seed is some sort of Curse that the [Authority of the World] conjures upon extremely evil beings it deems as unworthy of existing within their realm.]

"Why am I even seen as "extremely evil"?! I always try to be a nice person if I can… Ugh. Being merciless against assholes is not doing evil."

[…This curse makes it so these people become persecuted and treated as the enemy of all living things. However, as a side effect, because the curse is so powerful, Demon Kings develop a Primordial Sin, which is the manifestation of their strongest of sins.]

"I see… I do wonder what would be my Sin though, what do I sin the most for? I bet Pride, right? I am quite a prideful dragon after all."

[I would say you've got an even worse sin, but it seems you don't even recognize it as one…]

"Huh? Which one?"

[Oh, nothing. It is better to keep it a secret so its more fun when you find it out, fufu.]

"Hey! What the heck? You're being cryptic now!"

[Anyways, Greed seems already taken, as Sangre possesses that Sin. He seems to have already surpassed over 50% on his Demon King Seed's formation. Most likely, all evil-aligned Venerables were Demon Kings already, holding one of the Seven Deadly Sins. I would assume they cannot exist at the same time. To take a new sin would mean to kill he one that held it previously.]

"Huh… My brother is so greedy?" I sighed. "What does he desires so much?"

[Well, we are going a bit off-topic, for now, rest until tomorrow's journey to the Salty Swamps. I've ran several simulations and I can 100% predict its not going to be an easy trip, be prepared, Drake.]

"Yeah, I will. Don't worry. We'll tackle down this mystery and then I'll be having Deep One Takoyaki for dinner."

[As always, you're a bit too overconfident.]

"Being cheerful doesn't mean being overconfident… Cut me some slack, will you?"

[Heh, I suppose you're right.]

Hearing the System Voice growing more and more closer to me once more made me smile a bit.

"How do you feel? Are your memories less fuzzier?"

[A bit… It is taking its time, there's still several glitches inside of my internal synapsis, sadly.]

"Hmm… Is it urgent? I should hop there with Kate again."

[Oh no, don't worry. It is not urgent. Also Kate was very exhausted back then. I would recommend you let her grow a bit stronger before going there once more. I… appreciate your concern, Drake.]

"Well, you're right… She's already Rank 7 no? I think she might ascent to Rank 8 soon once she absorbs more Divine Power. Making potions for the girls and my wives is not near as enough, we need more divine monster meat and divine cores." I sighed. "I hope that dungeon got what we need."

[Based in the data I've gathered, that dungeon will not disappoint you in that regard, so be prepared… This island's history and the past behind these "Sacred Lands" seems… very mysterious and intriguing.]

"Yeah, I agree…"

Like that, I spent the rest of the day with my family and friends, we had a big dinner back in the orphanage, and then everyone went to sleep.

Just wait a little bit more, Deep One. I'll make sure to free this island from your accursed existence.


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