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«Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1190 Remaking A Whole House Is No Big Deal

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Chapter 1190 Remaking A Whole House Is No Big Deal

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The entire orphanage started trembling and changing! In mere seconds, Drake utilized the power of his Nature and Earth Magic to shape the entire building's wood and stone, and even the metallic nails were not spared. And without hurting anybody either, in just ten seconds, the entire building had grown as big as three times its original size.

The broken and cracked walls were now completely repaired, the wooden floor looked lustrous and beautiful, the ceiling was finely decorated with glowing stones that gave out a faint yet warm light, and there were even now bathrooms and baths working through special magic-imbued stones Drake created easily through Earth Magic and a tiny bit of divine power mixed into it.

Kitchen and baths working with Water Spirit Stones and Fire Spirit Stones, which both produced fire and also water to cook, generate warm water to bath, and more. There were even toilets that led to the sewers underground. Not even a Rank 6 expert could had ever done what Drake had made, this was surely the work of a god-like being.

But because these people lacked the knowledge of what a Rank 6 could truly be capable of doing, they thought it was just as awesome as Rank 6 could be! And thankfully, now that it was already night, not many people noticed the changes in this dark area of the suburbs.

"A-Amazing, the entire house was remade…" Aylen felt flabbergasted.

"Is this the power of Rank 6 expert?!" The old dwarf lady Elise asked.

"More or less." Drake laughed, pretending that this was normal for a Rank 6 Magus. "Anyways, come with me, you should quickly get used to your new home."

Drake quickly led the nuns and most of the children around the house, including Rose, Coral, and his two daughters. Showing them the bath and kitchen and explaining them how they worked now.

"Y-You even connected it with the sewers?!" Aylen felt amazed.

"Wait, this is warm water! No way!" Elise felt happy she could now take warm baths whenever she wanted.

"Yeah those stones generate water and fire by absorbing Mana. Just a tiny bit is enough to take a bath, even a child could use them without problem." Drake explained.

And then he led them to the kitchen, showing they could easily cook now in the newly reconstructed areas. Cold and war water came out of the kitchen as well, and there were a bunch of new utensils.

"And here…" Drake quickly opened his inventory, bringing tons of food and more things, which he decided to leave in the newly created underground storage room. "This is a large room I made to store food and any other stuff, so make sure to take care of it and clean it whenever you can."

"S-Sure thing!" Aylen felt happy.

"Thanks a lot…" Elise as thankful.

"Well it is getting late already, how about we have dinner?" Wondered Benladann. "I can cook up something too!"

"I could also try to cook. I want to get better at it to one day make food for my kid." Miranda added.

"Alright then, let's cook!" Drake felt happy that everyone was willing to cook something.

Everyone had just eaten like an hour and a half ago, but for children that had starved for years it was pretty fine. They wanted to eat as much as they could anyways, even if their bellies were about to burst.

"Alright girls, take care of your new friends while we cook up something." Drake said with a gentle smile, petting Benladra and Kate. "Red, you watch over them."

He commanded the tiny Red Slime to take care of them, as he jumped above Rose's head.

"Sure captain!" Red said.

His new name was Red… How boringly fitting.

"Uwaah! B-But sir Drake, is this okay?! Why are you giving me your powerful Familiar?" Sighed Rose.

"It's fine, don't worry about it~" Drake said without a care on the world.

"U-Umm…" Rose felt slightly embarrassed that she was being treated so nicely by so many nice people, glowing redder.

"Oh right! Benladra how about you heal all the kids in the orphanage while you're at it? like you did with Rose back then!" Said Red, trying to calm down the mood.

"Shure!" Benladra happily replied, quickly beginning to conjure her healing magic, small sparks of light emerged one after the other, covering the bodies of all the children. The cold they were having, which was affecting their gills, was quickly healed. And they all felt even better now, less lethargic and constipated, and more energetic.

"Wow… I am all healed up?!"

"Thanks a lot big sis!"

"Your magic's awesome!"

"I've never seen someone with magic that could treat diseases…"

"My gills feel so clean now!"

Benladra and Kate quickly utilized Clean and Repair as well, so all children ended looking precious and adorable, as their ragged clothes were literally remade anew. However, this wasn't the only thing they wanted to do, Benladra and Kate wanted to know people more, and that also implied talking with them!

And Rose knew very well their true intentions, they were rather nice girls, but lacked the knowledge of things, and also, common sense. So she decided to thank them for that by being friendly.

"Coral, try to be nice with them alright?" Rose asked.

"Sure, sure…" Coral sighed.

"Anyways, how about we go to the terrace?" Wondered Rose. "You can see the whole city from there!"

"Ooh! Terrace!" Benladra agreed quickly. "Alright! Lead me thewe!"

"Muh!" Kate agreed while nodding adorably.

Although Coral felt flabbergasted of having two rich-looking girls at his side, he was in fact enchanted by their beauty and adorableness so much he was just frozen and could barely talk. He had been awfully silent this whole time.

"T-Then let me lead you two there as well. Nice to meet you… two. I am Coral, Rose's friend…"

Meanwhile, as Benladra and Kate made new friends, dark plans were brewing near the country's palace…


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