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«Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1189 Benladra And Kate's New Friends

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Chapter 1189 Benladra And Kate's New Friends

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Aylen grew desperate, but it only took a wave of my hand.

"Calm down, I got this."


I controlled the wind inside of her body and quickly sent a tiny jolt of electricity into her heart, which quickly began beating again.

"Ahhh… Phew…" Elise sighed, as I quickly healed her exhaustion with another wave of my hands, as magic did its job.

"Are you feeling better?" I asked.

"You okay grandma?!" Miranda wondered.

"You just had a seizure… That's very dangerous, have you treated your heart disease? Is there no apothecary in here either?" Sighed Benladann.

"Don't call me grandma…!" Muttered Elise. "And thanks for that, lad… You used lightning magic quite masterfully there."

"I don't even have affinity for it, but I've heard lightning magic is a cousin of wind magic, so I tried something out. Sorry about it." I sighed. "You're feeling better?"

"I do… And no young lady, we don't have any apothecaries here, sadly. The Queendom got them all for themselves. Each time there's a talented one living in the suburbs, he's immediately given a job and taken away from us. We've lacked a local doctor in ages. I used to take a special potion yearly for this disease, but since everything started with that damn Queen, I've had to simply forget about medicine altogether." Sighed Elise.

She was an old dwarf, probably at the end of her lifespan, almost three hundred years, which is what mortal dwarves usually live for… She's a hard-working grandma, that's for sure. She reminds me of Draugann, who decided to stay back home.

"I see… Well, seems easy enough, for starters drink this one potion." I said, quickly giving her a Dragon Blood Potion of the lesser category, adequate for any mortal in any rank. "Once you drink this, make sure to rest well, your body should feel well once you wake up from your night sleep."

"O-Oh, thank you…" Sighed Elise, feeling slightly relieved. "R-Right! Sorry about all of this, but do you have a place to stay? Our orphanage is small and humble but… we could make some room for you all."

"Don't you worry about it." I said. "Before distributing more food and money, and all of that, we need to do a small remodeling of the place. Good thing I am rather proficient at nature and earth magic. Just stand still."

I touched the wall with my right hand, gathering mana and activating Earth and Nature magic together.





Benladra couldn't feel happier, since she was born in this world that she had craved for adventure and meeting new people and making new friends. Perhaps it was the only remaining memory of her previous life, a desire to make friends and adventure through everywhere which she was unable to do before.

Her papa and her mama had always taken care of her since she was born, but she always wanted to do as she wanted, perhaps due to her childish mentality. Although she loved them, she often felt they were too overprotective, because of this, exploring new places and meeting new people always excited her.

Kate, her little sister, was mostly curious about everything, having not lived a previous life like her though, she lacked that "memory" of wanting these things, though she always followed her big sister whenever she went.

And today Benladra really wanted to make new friends, getting bored of her princess-like life in the palace where her parents lived, seeing new faces and new places made her feel even slightly relieved.

"Rose! Hi!" Benladra rushed towards Rose who was resting over a chair after having eaten as much as she could.

The pink haired mermaid girl felt surprised to see her once more. Her eyes, unlike anybody else here, were able to see through the illusions put over her body, giving her the ability to see she had scales, a tail, tiny wings, and big dragon horns.

"Benladra… Oh right, you're mister Drake's daughter… Ahh, I ate so much I am getting slightly dizzy…" Rose sighed, as she greeted Benladra while simply deciding to pretend she didn't saw her hidden features.

"Let's be frens!" Benladra cut the chase right away and immediately went to the point, much like her father, she was a girl that often said what was in her mind without thinking it twice.

"E-Eh? Are you sure? Friends with someone like me? But… We are so different…" Rose felt perplexed by Benladra's intentions. They were good ones, though, her heart was shining brightly and innocently.

"Frens…" Kate appeared at the side of her big sister, clearly smaller than Benladra. She was also hiding some of her features with special accessories, and it only made Rose feel more pressured by the mystery behind their hidden features.

"Why not?" Benladra asked, her eyes seemed slightly sad.

"I… Well, I am poor…" Sighed Rose. "And I… you're so different, doesn't it feel weird to you?"

"No!" Benladra angrily said.

"Way wei…?" Said Kate, trying to say "why weird?".

"Maybe I'm just surprised of everything that has happened today…" Rose sighed, smiling back at the two sisters. "But sure, if you really insist I don't mind! Whatever!"

"New friend get!" Benladra celebrated, hugging Rose out of the blue.

"Uwaah! W-Wait a second! Don't hug me… I am nasty!" Cried Rose.

"Nasty?" Benladra wondered. "[Clean]!"


Suddenly, a flash of light emerged from her tiny hands, covering Rose's entire body and cleaning anything nasty. Even more, her clothes were cleansed as if they were freshly washed, looking bright, even!

"Oooh… Y-You're really amazing with that magic! I've never seen something like that before…" Rose felt surprised.

"Heheheh… Clean Magic I learned to clean myself… So daddy doesn't get angy when I get nasty!" Benladra giggled adorably.

"Clean usheful… But… [Repair]!" And Kate also joined the fray, as she conjured a flash of silver light, covering the entire rugged clothes of the little Rose. In mere seconds, her dress looked like new, and even her boots! "Repair alsho usheful."


And just as the girls began to get along, the entire orphanage started trembling!


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