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«Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1187 A Sight Out Of Their Wildest Dreams!

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Chapter 1187 A Sight Out Of Their Wildest Dreams!

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"Hey kids, come to the kitchen for a bit, everyone's enjoying a feast over there! Can't you smell the meals?" The Red Slime asked, jumping back to the kitchen.

Rose and Coral glanced at one another while raising their eyebrows in confusion, but ultimately, and rather frightenedly, followed the slime inside.

And what they saw was… something completely out of their minds.

The smell of boiled rice, of freshly grilled fish, of baked potatoes, and of stew!

And the smiles of children sitting around a long table as everyone ate to their heart's contents, filling their stomachs!

Something that they only could dream in their wildest of dreams… a feast, a legendary feast!

"W-What is this?" Coral wondered.

"What's going on…?" Rose felt just as taken aback.

The enormous amount of delicious smells awakened their hunger, as they began drooling while their colorful eyes shone brightly, filled with emotion.

Not only the food awakened their appetite, but their eyes opened wide in shock as they saw an incredible sight! Countless of tiny creatures resembling cooking utensils were floating everywhere.

And they were all cooking for them, from fish, rice, potatoes, everything! There were pan-shaped creatures, fire-shaped little guys, and even a big boiling pot filled with ingredients.

They were like mystical fairies of legend, even though their true identity were spirits!

"Rose, Coral! It's a miracle!"

Aylen called the two children, as she quickly showed them two big plates filled to the brim with rice, clams, and shrimps, alongside a big slice of fish meat freshly fried on butter, deliciously spiced with salt, pepper, and oregano. To the side, she put some baked potatoes with even more butter, and a two big cups with freshly squeezed orange juice.

"M-Miracle?" Rose wondered.

"It's insane… But that red slime, he's a good slime! He… He brought all this food, and he even summoned those little pixies, and they're cooking for all of us…" Aylen said. "I-I… don't know if this is a dream or its reality but… We have to enjoy it without questioning this… eat, eat to your fill! Even if this is a dream, enjoy it while it lasts!"

"Food… So much food!!!" Coral sat down immediately and began eating everything. "Uoooh! This is delicious! So many flavors… I've never… I've never tasted something so good before!!!"

"Coral…?" Rose was left flabbergasted.

"Come on already! Come join us and eat!" Said Coral, waving his hand. "What are you waiting for?!"

The Red Slime showed up at Rose's side.

"I just wanted to give you kids some food, you didn't had to kill me twice before that, geez…" He sighed.

"Why? Why did you- Who are you anyways?!" Rose asked.

"Who am I? Well, it could be said I am… the Familiar of that Ice Giant man you meet just recently." The Red Slime said, sitting over the table. "I came here following you kids because he wanted to know where you live- don't worry, he's not a bad guy."

"So it was him? This is… I…" Rose felt so confused yet moved.

Why would someone, anybody… go to such lengths to feed a bunch of brats he didn't even knew about? Which he didn't even knew existed before coming here? What drove a person to give so much without expecting anything in exchange?

"Just eat already! Enjoy." Said the Red Slime.

Rose slowly sat down at Coral's side, beginning to eat the food slowly, bit by bit, the delicious taste made her taste buds wake up once more, as she started to eat desperately, everything was so good she couldn't stop, almost getting chocked once more, drinking the orange juice, which was refreshing only made things even more incredible.

But aside from the food and the taste… eating with everyone else at her side was something truly incredible. Seeing everyone enjoying themselves and being happy together… was this what eating good truly meant? Was this what food could do with people?

As Rose began crying without realizing, in the other side of town, Drake smiled as he calmly made his way to the orphanage, going around the entire suburbs which were like a labyrinth by themselves was quite the difficult task, even more without wanting to bring too much attention to himself, although his appearance alone had done so already.

"So? How did it went? Did you fed the kids?" Asked Benladann.

"Yeah, how did it went?" Miranda asked as well.

"Not hungy anymor?" Asked Benladra as she was sitting over her mother's back.

"Hungy no mor?" Kate asked innocently while sitting over his shoulders.

"Yeah, yeah, the slime feed them well. Used Spirit Creation to make them some Cooking Spirits. Everyone's enjoying themselves right now, so all is well." Drake said with a calm smile. "Oh, we're there already…"

It only took them a few minutes after memorizing the correct route. Although they had to evade a few thugs getting too close to them, the suburbs were not a safe place, but it wasn't as if a group of gods ever felt threatened by thugs. A simple glare from them would easily intimidate anybody bold enough to attempt to rob them.

A simple knock in the orphanage's door was all it took for the Nuns to greet them all, their eyes opening wide at the size of their visitors. Ice Giants were in average three meters tall, and so was Drake and company, compared to the mermen who were at most almost two meters tall, it was a big size difference!

"T-The Red Slime said a group of Ice Giants were coming but… I never expected them to be this rich-looking!" Said the dwarven nun.

"Mother Elise don't say that in front of them!!" Aylen tried to calm her fellow nun. "W-Welcome! A-Ahem… Are you the owners of that Red Slime that can speak?"

"Indeed!" Drake said pridefully. "I am Drake, and these are my two wives Benladann and Miranda, and my two kids, Benladra and Kate. It is nice to meet you." Drake presented his family as they all greeted the nuns.

"We are interested in supporting the orphanage financially, if that's okay with you." Benladann said.


The two nuns almost dropped dead in shock!


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