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«Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1186 Don't Worry, I Am A Good Slime!

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Chapter 1186 Don't Worry, I Am A Good Slime!

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"G Y A A A A A H!"

Aylen, a beautiful half-mermaid lady with long blue hair and shiny golden eyes screamed in horror, throwing the whole soup into the floor as the Red Slime freed himself from the boiling pot.

"Get away, get away, get awaaaay!!!"

Aylen grew desperate, her Mana began flowing across her body as her Mana Core activated, several small spheres of water emerged one after another, as she shoot them down at the Red Slime desperately!

She was only Rank 1 Middle Stage, so her Mana capacity was very limited, but she knew a few spells to deal with sneaky monsters getting inside the kitchen, which happened more commonly than people could have imagined.


"Oof! Watch out! Hey, be careful with that! I am a good slime! Don't shoot me down!!!" The Red Slime began evading her Water Bullets while it tried to escape the kitchen, only finding someone with a broom at the other side of the kitchen's door, an old dwarf lady!

"Mother Elise, hit it hard!!!" Cried Aylen.

"Take this, you damn critter! My ultimate technique!!! [Broom Smash]!"


The old dwarf lady hit the Red Slime with all her strength, using her Earth Magic to boost her strength by a little bit, making her blow so strong the Red Slime's body once more splattered over the floor!




Mother Ayleen and Mother Elise glanced at one another, sighing in relief.

"I-It's dead… Thankfully it did lighted anything in fire… Red Slimes have caused fires before, they're very dangerous." Sighed Aylen.

"Y-Yeah… And its very rare too, the core it has could be sold for a few pennies…" Elise said with a greedy smile characteristic of dwarves. "Even if that soup was lost, we'll make enough money for tons of soup for over a month with it! Jackpot!"

"Yaaay…!" Aylen and Elise began celebrating, as the Red Slime was getting feed up with these people.

"God damn it! Shut up already! I'm not becoming anybody's priced materials!" The Red Slime revived out of the blue, both nuns were left shocked as they glanced at the talking slime. "Anyways, here! Gobble it up!"

Suddenly, his mouth opened as he entered Drake's inventory, taking out a whole three-meter-big fish, a sack of potatoes, carrots, and onions, and another sack filled with rice.

"Huh?! Eh?!"

"A-Am I hallucinating or did that slime just…"

"It just brought food out of its mouth?!"

…Meanwhile, inside the orphanage, Rose and Coral were greeted by the children. They often expected them to come back with something all the time, but today that wasn't the case.

"Rose, Coral! Did you bring something yummy today?!"


"Did you bring candy?"


The children were all younger than them, ranging from two years old to six years old.

"Sorry, we couldn't bring anything…" Rose apologized.

"Yeah, better luck next time." Coral said.




The cocky children all ran away once they were told the truth, without caring about them in the slightest… Well, children could be cold sometimes.

"Oi you brats, don't be so cocky!" Coral angrily said, his anger triggering the coral growths from his body to grow even more than before. "Ungh…"

"Calm down, don't get angry now." Sighed Rose. "They've always been like this."

"Fine… whatever." Coral sighed. "How's your Stigma?"

"It itches but its fine… My headache stopped and I feel quite… well, in fact. That ice giant girl… She healed me completely." Said Rose. "Well, was she even an ice giant? She had scales and a tail, and even horns, and tiny wings… I've never seen someone like that before."

"Huh? What did you said?! I don't remember her having any of that…" Said Coral, raising an eyebrow.

"Huh? But she did had-" Rose suddenly realized something wasn't right with Benladra. "Wait… My powers allow me to see through any Illusions. Was that girl… using illusion magic to hide her appearance? But why…"

"So you're saying she hid her tail horns and scales? And even wings? But why? This place's not the best but nobody cares what race you are." Coral sighed.

"Come to think of it, her papa wasn't hiding anything but he also seemed strange. Not in a bad way though, his heart was of gold… But he was hiding something, an immense amount of power." Rose said while thinking. "No… in fact, everyone there was hiding an incredible power."

"What? I didn't sensed a single thing from them…" Coral was completely clueless, as usual.

"Well you're just as clueless about everything as usual, Coral! Don't blame yourself I guess…" Sighed Rose, her Stigma suddenly began itching a bit, as she scratched it, the itch became a slight irritating pain. "Ungh… It has been itching a lot lately, why?"

"It's weird… Does something respond to it? Maybe the witch?!" Asked Coral.

"There's no witch Coral, stop talking about that dumb thing… I wish there was one though, maybe she could help us with her magic or something…" Rose sighed.

The two kids sighed, sitting over the stairs which led to the second floor of the orphanage.

Boing, boing, boing~

However, they suddenly heard the sound of something… jumping? Like a tiny, and bouncy thing.

"W-What is that sound?"


The two suddenly realized something red colored was peeking at them through the other side of the stairs, glancing at them with its eyeless and faceless body.

"Found ya!"


"T-The slime?!"

The two kids quickly stood up and put on a defensive stance, but the slime completely ignored their threatening auras, as he carefreely invited them to the kitchen.

"Hey kids, come to the kitchen for a bit, everyone's enjoying a feast over there! Can't you smell the meals?" The Red Slime asked, jumping back to the kitchen.

Rose and Coral glanced at one another while raising their eyebrows in confusion, but ultimately, and rather frightenedly, followed the slime inside.

And what they saw was… something completely out of their minds.

A feast!


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