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«Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1181 Teaching A Lesson

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Chapter 1181 Teaching A Lesson

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Armored mermen rushed towards our position the moment they spotted the children getting close to us. However, I saw them stopping the moment I talked with them only for them rush to us right after that, as if they were somehow waiting for something to happen.

"You damn brats, stop pestering the passing people! Go back to the slums!" A man holding a spear pointed his weapon at the little Rose, who lose her balance out of shock and fell into the ground.

"Gyaaah! S-Sorry! Sorry!" She began crying, crawling away.

"Maybe I should get you a little reminder that you shouldn't pester the tourists, you damn rats!" One of the guards, with the face of an ugly angler fish angrily said, as he pointed his sword made out of sharp sea monster bones, attempting to hurt Rose.

C L A A A S H!

"Hah, that's what you get for- Huh?!"

However, he seemed too dumb to realize I had no intentions of letting him harm any children, even less in front of me. My claws moved faster than anybody else as I caught his feeble bone sword with my fingers.

"People that dare hurt little children are worse than trash. Now give me a reason why I shouldn't kill you right now." I said with an angered frown, his sword suddenly gaining cracks and then shattering into pieces.

C r a c k… c r a c k… C R A S H!

"E-Eh?! T-That presence… R-Rank 6?!" The angler fish-faced bastard stepped back in horror as he felt my enormous yet contained aura. Pretending to be a mortal realm expert was more passable than revealing I had divine power.

"Y-You dumbass, kneel!" The other two guards that accompanied him quickly threw him into the ground, all three kneeling before me. They were all Rank 2 Middle Stage, so it was natural they would be afraid.

"Hmph, how easy they change their attitude once you reveal you're strong…" Sighed Benladann.

"Oi, answer him now! Why are you hurting little kids? They were just hungry and asking for food! What's wrong with that?!" Miranda angrily said, kicking the head of the angler fish-faced guard.

"Ugh! Agh! P-Please spare me! T-These are orders from the higher ups! The poor children annoy our visitors and tourists! T-They even steal products and food from passing merchants! We always have complains about them! Gyeeeh! Please don't hurt me! It hurtsss…!" He asked for mercy. Miranda was holding back tremendously, but her kicks had already broken a few of his sharp teeth and his entire face was even more swollen than it was originally, covered on blood.

"T-They're the reason so many profitable merchants don't visit our town nowadays… They're a real pest!" Said the second guard.

"Don't let them fool you, esteemed grand master, your empathy is wasted in these thieving brats- Ah, they're running away again!" The third guard said, as the children began running away from us.

"Catch them! Don't let them run away!" The angler fish-headed bastard spoke, but Miranda gave him another kick with her heels and then he dropped unconscious.

B A A M!

"G Y E E H…!"

"Don't go frens!" Benladra said, as she ran following the kids, at a surprising speed at that! Kate as well flew at her side and… both ended rushing after them.

"Wait, girls!" I said, quickly manipulating wind magic and catching them both in midair, bringing them back to me. I sent some slimes after the kids instead. "There's no way I'm letting you two wander off on your own!"

"Muuh! But frens…" Sighed Benladra.

"They hungy…" Kate said.

"Sigh you two are really nice girls, but calm down for a bit and wait until we're done here." Benladann told the two.

"Oops, I think he fell unconscious. He's not dead right?" Miranda wondered, looking down at the man she had just knocked out of his sh*t.

"Who cares." Yuki shrugged.

"Hey, it's wrong to just kill people…" I sighed, quickly waving my hand and healing a bit of his injuries- well, all of them. I cannot really hold back healing spells as much as I would like, even the smallest one healed him completely because he's so weak.

"You're saying that after threatening to kill him though…" Ruby pointed out.

"Agh, whatever, you two bring your friend wherever you came from and fuck off." I said, kicking the other two guards. "If I see you again threatening little kids I'm going to beat you to death."

My eyes glowed with a draconic gaze, the two guards carried their unconscious friend and ran away in horror after my words.

"We a p o l o g i z e e e e!"

"G y a a a a a h!"

Ah, did I overdid it? I just wanted to make sure they don't get in my way.

I might have followed my instincts more than my mind this time around… But they really got me pissed off, pointing a weapon at a little child is fucked up!

"Did you really had to intimidate them though? We could had gotten some info from them." Yuki said.

"No, detaining these guard guys would make it harder for us, we could become a target by the government or something." I said.

"Huh?! But what we did wouldn't already do that?" Benladann asked.

"…Maybe, but I am more worried about the kids. So I prefer to ask them instead of these guys." I looked into the old town's streets using my Dragon Eyes, seeing the kids running around the streets, it seems they lived around those areas of the city.

"I am worried too, let's go check on them!" Benladann said.

"Alright, let's go. Can you guys stay here and find more info about the city for me by asking the locals?" I asked my friends.

"Leave it to us Lord Drake!" Hector said happily.

"We shall see what we can find." Kraxka nodded.

"Rest assured." Larzak said.


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