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«Epic Of Caterpillar (Web Novel) - Chapter 2193 Entering The War Between Hell Layers

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Chapter 2193 Entering The War Between Hell Layers

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The camp was roughyl located right next to the barrier of the city, and only about a hundred kilometers from the battlefield. The other half of the army was in a constant clash against the Wrath Layer's Barbarians, which seemed to be coming endlessly from the Demon Gates that spawned out of nowhere.

Mammon explained to me that Satan managed to break through the boundaries between Layers using his sheer strength and Archdemon authority, using his real body to open a huge crack in space, or many, that led all his army here.

Of course, this is something that every Archdemon could do, but it usually costs a great deal of Infernal Essence, and that's not something they would like to waste, even less to waste their armies on pointless battles.

Because every time these fights occur, the Archdemons were so equal in power that it always ended in ties, for billions of years since Hell's creation. However, things were different now. Mammon had used a lot of his powers to help me both in here and in Genesis and was slightly weakened. To make it worse, Satan was receiving the support of the Outer Gods from the Outer Plane.

They probably wanted to target this first as it was an easy victory in their minds, and they knew it would enrage me to see my ally, Mammon, getting killed and having the entire layer taken away from him. Although Archdemons Souls are tied to their Layers, they can theoretically be killed by another Archdemon as long as they devour the other.

And I bet they're being fueled by the rage they felt after knowing I killed one of their top three dogs, Shub-Niggurath, and literally ate her. Too bad I'm here now, fuckers.

As we moved to the battlefield with my whole family and friends through the skies, the army ran right behind us. Mammon leading them while flying with his two demon-like wings.

"Kireina, we're getting closer, get ready." Mammon told me.

"Alright." I nodded.

In front of us, the battlefield slowly made itself clearer as we moved forwards. Through hundreds of kilometers, tens of thousands of demons clashed against one another. The Greed Demons were amazing magicians and demonic beast enslavers. They employed tens of thousands of demonic beasts to fight for them, making up for their smaller numbers.

However, their corpses littered the red wastelands, the Greed Demon army was already close to being completely annihilated again. The Wrath Demon Barbarians were all equipped with unfairly powerful armor, even stronger than the Demonic Armor Mammon, the best crafter of all the Archdemons could make.

I could see them from here, fighting frantically like damned beasts, using those armors to release powerful explosions of chaos and void, devastating everything. This armor could have only been mass produced by a very strong Outer God, most likely one of the big three, or well, one of the big two now that I killed one.

"Looks like we've arrived." I said. "Alright, let's divide into three large groups. The Vampires, with me. The dragons go all together with the Wyverns. Faylen, Yggdrantia, protect the demon army. Charlotte, Lilith, Altani, Gaby, Nephiana, Sakura, you all go together. I want you girls to do your best. The children, you may choose to go with your mothers or accompany me." I smiled.

"I'm going with mama obviously!" Said Scarlet, hugging me from behind.

"Me too!" Nirah also stuck with me happily.

"Then we'll cover mom's back." Aarae decided to go with Gaby.

"Of course!" Valentia nodded, also going to Gaby.

Alucard stayed next to Alice, and every other child stayed back inside my World Realm, I was taking care of them with a Doppelganger I left there, which was also the Realm's anchor to keep it with Lucifer instead of coming with me as I entered Hell.

"Then let's begin." I smiled, licking my lips. "Make sure to grab all the free EXP you can and protect the greed demons!" As I said that, I covered everyone with powerful Auras, sharing my Auras of Authority, Cosmic Energy, and further expanding my Domain of Chaotic Cosmic Mandala, circles of Mandala appearing everywhere around me, glowing with gold, purple, and black colors.

I flew down at lightning speed, leaving behind everyone else as I directed my eyes to the nearest mass of mobs. There were roughly thirty Wrath Demons Barbarians ganging on a group of three greed demons and their demonic beasts, which were slowly dying.

The greed demons were resisting, conjuring magic and barriers. Magic strong enough that it should deal a great deal of damage against the wrath demons. Yet the damned bastards, armed with incredible armor imbued with chaos and void elements, easily reflected magic, becoming almost immune to the greed demon's strongest talent.

"T-Those bastards!"

"Your damned armor, this is not fair at all!"

"Where did you buy that equipment?!"

"Hahaha! This is just the gift our Lord has bestowed upon us, his most beloved warriors!" Laughed one of the Wrath Demons. "Your filthy magic has no place over our almighty, indestructible bodies! Die, greed demons! You will pave the way for our King to conquer new land!"

The Wrath Demons rushed forward, rising their hammers, swords, and axes, and breaking through the Greed Demons multi-layered barrier magic with a few strikes, about to tear them to shreds.



As their attacks unleashed destructive techniques that would blow up the entire battlefield, something stopped them from spreading further. The three Greed Demons were left unscathed, as the cloud of smoke dissipated, revealing someone standing in front of the Wrath Demons.

And that someone was me.

"W-What the…?!"

"It's her?!"

"W-Why is she here?!"

The Wrath Demons panicked, some even showing fear on their eyes. It looks like I've gained myself some fame amongst them! All the better for me.

"You little sh*ts chose the wrong land to conquer."

Mammon's Ego transformed into a huge gauntlet, as a circle of golden, black, and purple charka, chaotic energy, essence, cosmic power, and all my Authorities fused together materialized in front of my fists.

"[Harmonized Chaos Mandala Arts]: [Harmonious Chaotic Wrath]"

My palm moved forwards, as a shockwave of chaos consumed everything.





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