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«Epic Of Caterpillar (Web Novel) - Chapter 2192 Arriving In The Middle Of A Demonic War

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Chapter 2192 Arriving In The Middle Of A Demonic War

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The moment we moved through the gates, we were greeted by the camp of the Greed Demon Army instead of Mammon's gold-made palace. I guess he decided to teleport us all here right away instead of going to the big city, which was most likely protected and far away from the dangerous of the invasion.

There were demons of all kinds of shapes here, some of them preparing to go to the battlefield, others being healed, a few… dead. Their bodies were being carried to another place, covered with clothes. I never thought Demons would be so humane when treating their kin. I mean, I remember the Wrath Demons not caring at all about their kind dying, maybe the Greed Demons are different.

"Unlike the barbarian tribes of the Wrath Layer, the demons of my Greed Layer are much more civilized and intelligent, we value bonds because it brings more profits." Mammon explained to me. "When one of us die, we mourn because they won't help us gain more. It might sound crude but compared to some of the other demons of the lower layers, we are quite kind, yes."

"Don't worry about anything now, honey. Your mistress here will take care of things~" I said, waving my hand. "First of all, let's heal everyone here… Hodhyl, Eshne, anybody that's good at healing, help me out. Channel your healing spells and skills into my body, and I'll spread them as a wave of Demonic Healing Light."

"Oh, sure thing!" Hodhyl nodded immediately.

"I can heal really well too, mom!" Aarae did so as well.

"I-I'll do my best!" Eshne nodded.

"Please, take all my strength then." Faylen smiled gently.

"Demons or not, let's heal them!" Yggdrantia nodded as well.

Their healing prowess flowed into my body like dozens of threads, as I infused it with Mammon's demonic energy and then transformed it into a brand new cosmic demonic spell.

"This should do it." I smiled; Mammon gasped as he saw what I did in a mere second. "[Demonic Cosmic Healing Flame]"


A wave of red flames engulfed the entire camp, without a missing a single demon. For a second they panicked, thinking they were attacked from the skies, only to quickly realize their bodies regained their energies, vitality, stamina, and any wound and status ailment was immediately healed.

"W-What happened?!"

"My body… I can move right away!"

"That wicked Wrathful Flames that were stopping my regeneration of limbs is gone!"

"I can see, my eyes are back!"

"Who did this?"

"What happened?!"

"Is that Lord Mammon?"

"Our King! You've arrived!"

The Demons finally noticed our presences once we healed them, there were roughly two thousand all around the camp. They saw Mammon's adorable self and instantly ran to greet him. Most of them bowing down.

"Sorry for taking so long, I am back. How are things going, Fourth General Hellsect?" He asked to the general in charge, a four-meter-tall insectoid demon with a hard red and black exoskeleton and the head of a bug, with sharp mandibles and a long pair of antennae.

"King Mammon, I bow to our great Archdemon." He first bowed down and then spoke while looking at the floor, he was still taller than Mammon, but Mammon's very presence overpowered everyone here naturally. It seems his true body was right here, while the Ego had gone back to his accessory form. "We've been holding back against the invading army, as you can see, we've lost over half our troops in these last two days. The Barbarians of the Wrath Layer have become increasingly more powerful. For some reason, they are imbued with strange powers that aren't the same they once wielded…"

"What? What powers?" Mammon asked. "Explain well."

"T-The thing is… Well, it seems they possess strange, black colored equipment imbued with purple jewels." The General spoke. "Aside from that, they possess enchanted weapons. And even in their bodies, weird stigmas in the shape of purple and black tattoos are spread through their bodies. Most have realized it allows them to wield the Element of Chaos and Void."

"What?!" Mammon gasped. "T-That's… How can Demons from the Wrath Layer even wield such complicated elements to begin with?! This is… That damn Satan! As he received help from the Usurpers of Destiny?"

"Chaos and Void Equipment… Not really, this feels more like something Outer Gods would make." I explained. "I believe they're trying to beat you while they think I am busy back on Abyss. That they're attacking you now might be completely my fault. After all, I provoked Satan after beating him, and then massacred his entire army…"

"That's…" Mammon remained silent, gritting his teeth. "Tch, that doesn't really matter! I already decided to become your ally, so we're on this together, Kireina. I won't blame you for this, I was also bold against Satan, and he's a damned warmonger, so I should have expected this much."

"L-Lord Mammon, who might these people be?" The General asked, the rest of the Demons looking at us with awe over our appearances, very different to their own.

"This is Kireina, my future wife, and also a powerful ally. I believe you've heard her name a lot already. And the rest are her family and friends, strong and powerful allies I've brought here to help us." Mammon smiled. "I recognize it is humiliating to ask for help to outsiders from our domain… But I can assure you that with them, I will bring you victory."


"Did Lord Mamon say Kireina?"

"I-Isn't that the Chaos Spawn from that one Universe, the one where our Hell is stuck at currently?"

"Yes, a formidable entity that has slain countless and powerful foes!"

"She's the Daughter of Chaos, the Primordial of that Universe!"

"Oh, I now remember she once came here too!"

"So she's strong?"

"Is she stronger than us though?"

Most of the demons here were within the World Devourer Realm already. Most were within Tier 1 to 3. The strongest, which were only a dozen including the general, from Tier 4 to 6. The general here was exceptionally strong though, and tough, he was at least Tier 7.

Any of these demons if sent into another lower world would easily devastate it with their powers and would be seen as Demon Kings, but in Hell, where everyone is the same, it seems they are struggling a lot.

"Don't you worry." I smiled. "I'll show you what I can do."




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