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«Endless Path: Infinite Cosmos EPIC (Web Novel) - Chapter 2246: The Hand That Feeds

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Chapter 2246: The Hand That Feeds

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"Though your enthusiasm is laudable, I'm afraid our planet is no longer accepting guests. Please leave."

Hearing a voice echo in his ears, Ryouma practically leaped out of his skin, shouting, "Eros's perky tits!" in a surprisingly shrill voice.

A stark contrast to Ryouma, Cheshire immediately manifested her paw-shaped hammer out of thin air, yelling, "Battle formations!" as she attempted to strike one of the blue-skinned women that had appeared a few meters away.

"My, my, how violent~."

Tapping her Angel's Attendant Staff against the air, Marcarita created a column of gravity so intense it may as well have been a physical mass impacting Cheshire's body. The diminutive Dwarfette did her best to endure but the only thing she managed to accomplish was getting hammered, feet first, into the ground.


Reacting even before Ryouma, another exceptionally petite girl, this one possessing fox-like ears and four tails that were split between black and white, charged forward with a pair of bladed fans. At the same time, an eyepatch-wearing girl with inordinately long pigtails and a gothic lolita dress pulled out a massive, mana-powered Gatling Gun, shouting, "Heavy Rain…!"

Instead of firing at the trio of Marcarita, Vados, and Kusu, the petite lolita pointed her gun skyward. When the projectiles reached a few hundred meters above the ground, they exploded into a series of pitch-black magic circles. From within, equally black rain began to pour in a heavy deluge as the vulpine loli from before attempted to slice Marcarita to ribbons with an endless combo of vacuum blades.

Though she could feel her body getting heavier with each raindrop that hit her body, Marcarita just smiled as she effortlessly dodged each of the girl's attacks. As an Angel, her strength was very near infinite. Even if her weight increased a million times over, it wouldn't have much of an impact on her mobility.

As that thought crossed her mind, one of the few women Marcarita was genuinely concerned about raised her right hand. She had untamed black and white hair that extended well past her waist but the traits that earned Marcarita's attention were her curved horns, pointed ears, red eyes, and pale, ashen-purple skin. Simply put, the woman was a Demon.

From a cut in the demonic woman's index finger, a single drop of violet blood flowed against the direction of gravity. After moving ten centimeters, a tremendous amount of pure, dark elemental energy began to surge forward from the void before condensing around the drop of blood to form a grapefruit-sized ball of pulsating, purple-black energy.

With a voice as emotionless as her expression, the demonic beauty met Marcarita's gaze, muttering, "Darkness Hydra…" in a cold monotone.

Clearly responding to the woman's words, the sphere of pulsating darkness split into eight distinct beams of homing energy. Instead of curving towards their opponent, however, they could change direction at angles in excess of 90 degrees. Four would target and pursue the enemy directly while the other four attempted to cut off their path of retreat. Against a normal opponent, such an attack was basically a death sentence, but, against someone like Marcarita, even the pitch black rain wasn't particularly difficult to dodge. It was simply unnecessary.

Waving her Angel's Attendant Staff, Marcarita shattered the four beams attempting to pierce her shoulders and the upper part of her thighs, musing, "You're a lot weaker than the Demons back in my world. I'm honestly a little disappointed."

Furrowing her brows, the dichromatic demoness spread her arms with the intent to produce ten more spheres of darkness. Before she could, however, Ryouma finally came back to his senses, shouting, "C-Chotto matteeeee! Stop fighting-!"

Though the demoness ceased her attack due to the slave crest that compelled her obedience, the fox girl with the fans was too focused on avenging her friend to listen to reason. She had retreated when the Darkness Hydra was launched, but, the moment it was broken, she immediately charged forward with the intent of bifurcating Marcarita at the waist.

"Mana-chan!? St-"

Before Ryouma could call out a second time, Marcarita used her staff to smack the petite fox girl on top of her head, saying, "Bad girl." in a disapproving tone. There was absolutely no force behind the blow, but, thanks to her exceptional control, Marcarita was able to directly affect the part of Mana's brain that allowed her to remain conscious. It was a little trick she had picked up from Vahn and it was incredibly useful.

Demonstrating that he wasn't completely incompetent, Ryouma vaulted forward before Mana could collapse face-first against the ground. Upon confirming that she was simply unconscious, a sigh of considerable relief escaped his throat. Immediately thereafter, however, he glared toward Marcarita with an indignant expression on his face, asking, "Was that really necessary? I had already called to stop the fight. With your power, you could have easily evaded until I stepped in to intervene."

Raising her left brow, a hint of incredulity blended into Marcarita's amused expression as she asked, "Are you an idiot? All of my attacks were reactionary. Rather than blaming the victim, shouldn't you be apologizing? Not that I particularly care."

Pretending to ignore Marcarita's remark, Ryouma lifted Mana's body before carrying her over to one of the more mature members of his party, a remarkably buxom woman wearing attire that blended elements of the clergy with an incredibly inappropriate wedding gown.

"Take care of her for me, okay? I'll take care of the rest on my own…"

Nodding her head in affirmation, the sisterly woman accepted Mana in her arms before the entire group, sans Cheshire, retreated a considerable distance. As for the latter, she may look like a mascot but she was also Ryouma's strongest companion. If he told her to retreat, she would pout for weeks on end about him thinking she was useless. Ryouma didn't particularly mind putting in the effort to cheer her up but he would be lying if he said it wasn't extremely tiresome.

Adjusting the band on his left ring finger, Ryouma's wedding ring rapidly cycled through more than a hundred different designs before settling on one that vaguely resembled a cat. Shortly thereafter, Cheshire appeared at his side with a hateful pout on her face. Her oversized helmet and the massive bells she usually wore in her hair were nowhere to be seen. Being smashed hundreds of meters into the ground by a gravitational hammer hadn't been a pleasant experience.

"You okay, kitten…?"

Nodding her head, Cheshire re-manifested her paw-like hammer before answering, "I'll feel better after I smash that bitch's face in…"

Laughing dryly in response to his diminutive companion's words, Ryouma promptly reconsidered trying to convince the trio of blue-skinned beauties to go on a date with him. His Ero God System had evaluated each of them as Ultimate Rarity Heroines. If he could add even a single one of them to his harem, he would gain 30% of their total parameters. He didn't know exactly how strong they were but they had to be powerful to smash Hellabelle's Darkness Hydra…

Shaking his head, Ryouma was about to abandon his usual approach when a dark blue flash of light appeared nearby. He recognized this as some kind of teleportation magic, but, instead of focusing on the peculiars of how she had arrived, Ryouma's mouth immediately became agape when he saw the feral-looking beauty that had emerged from within. She had wild and untamed hair reminiscent of the night sky, a pair of ruby-like eyes, an incredibly soft-looking tail, and, most importantly, a pair of large, wolf-like ears.

Forgetting the situation, Ryouma practically teleported over to the new arrival before falling to one knee and stating, "You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on. Will you marry me and become my Mofu-Mofu Goddess? I-"

Dodging the claw swipe directed at his head, Ryouma briefly admired the woman's furry paws and the bright pink pads present on their underside. The hair on the back of his neck was standing on end, but, ignoring the danger completely, he teleported behind the woman and said, "At least tell me your name…" as he attempted to fondle her tail.

Seeing the woman tense up before spontaneously relaxing, a smile developed across Ryouma's face before he noticed a hand grasping his wrist. By following the attached arm, he was able to discover a man beaming at him with a smile that didn't quite reach his vibrant golden eyes.

"Uh…I'm guessing you're Vahn? Ni-"

Faster than he could blink, Ryouma's eyes widened as he found himself barreling through space at several times the speed of light. Far more terrifying was the fact he couldn't arrest his momentum or use any of his skills. An invisible force had clamped around his body like a vice, and, though it prevented the surrounding vacuum from affecting him, it also prevented him from escaping as he drew progressively closer towards the star located at the center of the Game Board…


Though some people might call Vahn a hypocrite for reacting in such a way when he was known to casually pet women he had just met, they would immediately side with him upon learning the truth.

Part of Ryouma's Ero God System included a function that allowed him to tame monsters and other kinds of magical creatures. The world he had reincarnated into had a large variety of monster girls that appeared as common enemies. It was the type of world where the monsters drained humans of their life force as opposed to killing them.

As the Hero, Ryouma's 'essence' was even coveted by the Four Heavenly Generals that commanded the Demon Lord's Army. It was necessary for their evolution, so, after suffering numerous defeats at the hands of various monster girls, Ryouma had developed some rather…exotic tastes. This included a borderline obsession with women who possessed animal ears, fluffy tails, and, more importantly, feral natures.

During one of Ryouma's 'playthroughs', he ended up being captured by a tribe of warrior women with wolf-like traits. He panicked near the beginning, but, after being designated as the Chieftain's mate, his status within the tribe increased from a captive to a king. He could basically walk around and have sex whenever he wanted since his scent alone was enough to send the overly affectionate women into heat.

Though he had originally intended to conquer the Elven Queendom during that particular route, Ryouma ended up spending several years living among the tribe of wolfish women. In the process, he sired more than a hundred children, and, thanks to his 'essence' helping the girls increase their strength and evolve, it wasn't long before he had built an army that could blitz through the Demon Lord's Army with extreme ease.

When Ryouma laid eyes on Fenrir, he immediately activated the Max Level [Taming] skill. There was no chance of it working, but, just knowing the man was trying to claim Fenrir as his 'pet', Vahn had no choice but to step in. There were two reasons for this. First and foremost, he wanted to teach the man a lesson. This may sound like the most important reason but the truth of the matter was that Vahn had actually done Ryouma a favor. Had he grasped Fenrir's tail and attempted to tame her, he would have been lucky to respawn outside the Game Board with his head intact, much less either of his hands…

Simply put, if Vahn hadn't gotten rid of Ryouma, Fenrir would have permanently crippled or killed him. In that regard, Ryouma's quick yet fiery end was a mercy…a mercy that Vahn would not afford him a second time…


(A/N: Alternate Titles: 'The Aggroli Squad…','Angels OP…',I've never seen such an advanced display of death seeking o_o…')

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