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«Divine Emperor Of Death (Web Novel) - Chapter 3749 Aborignals Converge

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Chapter 3749 Aborignals Converge

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Davis's expression was somber.

The fact that every one of the denizens of the First Haven World was being teleported away, according to Mingzhi, must mean that something had happened to the World Master as she did something else than she said she would do.

There was no consent in the teleportation, which means the World Master must've been pushed to a position where she was forced to evict them all, and he couldn't think of anything else other than the possibility of her nearing her death.

That's why Myria also came to the conclusion that something untoward had happened to the World Master.

Davis had complicated feelings over this situation, feeling some sadness and frustration. With his Evelynn, Shirley and Isabella missing, it made him want to go mad and scour the lands to rescue them.

Everything went south, and he was helpless to do anything about it. More than anything, the fact that a unique cultivator like the World Master could fall when she was so powerful didn't give him any confidence to survive in this universe.

All he could have was an optimistic outlook and a relentless Will that wouldn't stop at anything. However, he knew who he was. If anything happened to his women, chances are that he would most likely abandon any sort of smarts to turn into a savage.

'I have done it once in a storybook that belongs to Tia… chances are I would probably do it again…'

He raised his hand and scratched his head, smiling wryly as he wondered if his ultimate destiny would ever change.

Soon, the people in the surrounding a thousand kilometers were all rescued, and every one of his wives and people made it back before he allowed them all to enter the Nine-Treasured Immortal Ordeal Palace.

Below the cliff, there was the entire Reaper Soul Legion standing in line, the three divisions controlled by the Captains while Threelotus and Yotan stood in the front.

Myria, Tanya, Lea, and Mira also returned from the respective directions they guarded. Since Myria was still an Immortal King like him, Eldia and Ellia accompanied her for extra safety.

The latter had reached Level Three Immortal Emperor Stage after spending a long time in the Immortal King Stage and biding her time as she collected energy from many resources and him in order to increase her cultivation as much as possible in one fell swoop. In other words, she maintained the same cultivation speed as Myria, although Myria was bottlenecked by her burdensome tribulation.

Ellia was successful in becoming a Level Three Immortal Emperor and possessed an extraordinary might. He wasn't sure how powerful she was but guessed it was at least enough to combat average Level Nine Immortal Emperor cultivators and above.

Looking at Mira, Lea, and Calypsea inside her and the others who possessed immense capability, Davis was reassured.

He panned his gaze at them.

"Did you gain any information?"

"Nothing… the entire area is desolate." Lea shook her head.

"There's no sign of big sisters nor other humans…" Eldia stretchered her body, appearing tired.

She had never stopped guarding the city, so she was feeling a bit sleepy. However, she remained vigilant as she was worried about them.

Davis nodded and looked at Myria, "What do you think?"

From his perspective, this place appeared to be quite abandoned, making it apt for Myria to undergo her Immortal Emperor Tribulation.

"It's possible we landed in a danger zone, considering our abysmal luck."

Myria sighed, shaking her head. It made the others inwardly grumble as they also felt it could be true.

"However, there's no way there isn't a sign of a human in the surrounding hundred and fifty million kilometers, which makes it possible this could be an unclaimed celestial body in some far corners of the third layer of the Three-Layered Universe. Then again, this celestial body is a bit bigger than the ones I have seen, so it's also possible that this is an undiscovered Minor Realm, which means if we could claim it, then it would belong to us…"

"Undiscovered Minor Realm…"

Davis's brows raised as he heard Myria's words, while the others also looked astonished.

If this really was an undiscovered Minor Realm in some region of the third layer, then they would be lucky.

Davis lowered his head and wondered if World Master randomly sent him away or affixed his teleportation site to this location to give him a head start. If it was the World Master, it was possible that she could've found this undiscovered Minor Realm without making the others notice and even hid it using some kind of technique.

For a being who created a universe, hiding a small realm should be doable.

However, were things that simple?

Davis wondered before he looked at Nyoran, whom he told to remain by his side as he needed to test if her powers worked. She was his- no, his entire family's card to escape if they found themselves utterly cornered.


"They're near…"

Davis returned his gaze to the distance while the others also looked ready to battle.

When he had used his soul sense over a wide margin spanning ninety million kilometers in radius, he alerted quite a number of entities. Stella's soul sense had also alerted them, so it was probable they couldn't ignore such a threat and came here all the way.

In the distance, a ridiculously giant golden ant with translucent wings flew over.

It appeared to be a queen ant but not a King-Tier Beast, with its size being bigger than that of the other ants in its buzzing fleet but lacking a kingly aura.

In another direction, the sand flailed as a strange jade-green sandworm made its way along with its worm group. In the opposite direction, a crimson scorpion rushed over alone as there was no one.

There were many more foes, the leaders appearing to be at the peak of the Immortal Emperor Stage as they kept their undulations blaring as though warning him not to be cocky.

Davis doubted they wanted to talk despite their sentience, but he found it intriguing that they were all insect-type beasts.

Just what was this place? Depending on how they would react to him, it was possible to know if there was a human settlement or an empire in this unknown land.

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