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«Divine Emperor Of Death (Web Novel) - Chapter 3748 Final Encounter With The World Master?

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Chapter 3748 Final Encounter With The World Master?

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The World Master turned to look at Davis and Myria, the latter trembling over the fact that she and Davis were once closely related, a fabric of her soul essence that had bloomed into an explosive yang instead of a flowery yin.

"What you are with her doesn't matter to me, and relations of the soul cannot be viewed from the standards of a mortal. Soul lifeforms like spirits and even seraphs engage in intimate familial relations because there aren't enough of them but even if there are many, some of them still engage in such behavior that we humans look down upon."

"I say this as my intent is not to separate you two but to make it more harmonious for my benefit. After all, I still need your powers in the future."


Davis raised his hand and rubbed his head, appearing a bit awkward as he was still shocked over what he had seen through Fallen Heaven.

"I take it that you are finally willing to let me go and leave things in my hand to cure you of divine lightning in the future? Are you sure you can believe me?"

"I don't believe you." The World Master's voice calmly echoed, "Even if you are living, you won't necessarily be in a good position to help me. However, everything I found about you makes so much sense that I no longer feel animosity towards you. Therefore, you can rest assured."


Davis didn't know what to say to World Master's genuine words of relief.

It seemed like she had more trust in his origin than himself.

He was still wondering how that yang soul essence could just shatter and reform into a new one without going through the reincarnation wheel first. However, he wasn't an expert at knowing the workings of the reincarnation cycle's working, so it also made him wonder if it was quite normal for souls not to die in the reincarnation cycle.

Myria also heaved a sigh amidst the confusing situation.

To have Davis freed from the clutches of the World Master made her feel immense relief. She turned to look at him as she carefully surveyed his face.

He didn't look related to her in any way, and of course, that was because he was born from Claire Alstreim and Logan Loret. However, she could also see a semblance of herself in him as the way they did things was pretty much similar.

'If you are my son, an offshoot of my soul… then… I have to protect you more… protect you for all the incarnations that I couldn't save…'

Myria's gaze softened as she looked at him.

What she must do didn't change.


However, she didn't know how to interact with him anymore as her cheeks turned red lightly. Then again, she didn't know those feelings would soon be harmonized upon their exit and his relentless pursuit bent on seeing her as his wife.

Myria took a deep breath and controlled herself, standing up.

She bowed and cupped her hands, "World Master, I thank you for allowing us to learn the truth. This should help us understand our souls more and form plans to stop our souls from devouring each other. The Eternal Life Soul is a cursed physique. It is now obvious that it plans to devour its other half and ripen into a full-fledged reincarnation cycle. I finally understand why it is Anarchic Divergent's Physique, and by now, I have no doubt my physiques' anarchic nature is enough to bring twelve Paragon Magical Beasts down in my Immortal Emperor Tribulation."

"Mhm." The World Master nodded, "You should be able to cross your tribulation if you're by his side, but make no mistake when searching for a site to undergo your Immortal Emperor Tribulation. In order to go through a tribulation without any external interference, you must be at least nine hundred million kilometers away from any sort of power or entity that will hunt you down."

"If anyone recognizes the dark crimson clouds that extend as much as ninety million kilometers and the aura blaring further to ten times the distance, they could potentially invoke an army to subjugate or even report it to Heaven Warriors and have them chase you to no end."

The World Master's brows squinted as she cast her gaze on Davis.

"As for you… you should be more careful. Having 'him' descend to your tribulation is basically no different than exposing your location. That person will be onto you within an hour if he's in the upper layers and put you out of your misery. Even his avatar would be enough to end you, so if you decide to undergo your tribulation, it better be somewhere like the edge of the Primeval Universe Ruins or in another galaxy where he can't sense or get too quickly. Otherwise, you should only undergo your tribulation in a place that you're going to quickly abandon."


Davis shuddered.

He could be that easily located if the Celestial Transcendent was still in the upper realms? That didn't seem fair.

But he understood that the Celestial Transcendent might not pay attention to anarchic tribulations that don't pull him, so it was possible that if he remained in the Immortal King Stage, there should be enough time for his people to become strong.

His Mira was a Level Seven Immortal Emperor Beast. As long as she could get to the peak of her cultivation base and begin her tribulation, her Emperor-Tier Blood should allow her to become a King-Tier Azure Dragon!

At that point, she would reign supremacy and possibly treat him like a sandbag, as she loved battling.

"What about entering the Primeval Universe Ruins?"

"Don't even think about entering it before you possess a strength equivalent to an Empyrean. However, even Empyreans die like flies there, so it isn't like it is going to make you any safer."


Davis's expression sank. That wasn't helpful at all!

And for approaching the Nether Dimension, he couldn't expose that place as it was his utmost escape card. However, he still wasn't sure if Nyoran would be capable of it, but by now, he guessed Nyoran must've become an Emperor-Tier Variant Ghostly Crow, so he held some hope.

Nonetheless, he cupped his hands and bowed respectfully.

"Many thanks, World Master. I don't know why you started advising us at the risk of stinky karmic burden, but I promise I will return the favor by meeting your expectations in the future."


The World Master turned back to look at the projection, her countenance turning silent again.

Davis glanced at Myria, wondering if she was okay before he looked at the World Master. His eyes reflected her wonderful back, but he could only see the loneliness that enveloped her.

He pursed his lips, wanting to ask, and a bit on it.

"World Master, can I know your name?"


The World Master sounded quite out of it as though she was recalling something that belonged to the far past.

'That's right… I was named Davina… a beloved child…'

A genuine smile appeared on her face as she remembered her father and mother's loving expressions. She couldn't believe she had not once recalled that name in all these years, as no one had remembered it or even addressed her as such for so long.

"You will know of it when you come back to heal me. However, I must say that after you leave, it won't be until ten thousand years that my universe will reopen."

"What?" Davis's brows raised in astonishment, "Then what about the people who will remain in your universe? Is there no way for them to leave or ascend?"

"That would be the case as I will close the universe to my utmost ability. However, those who want to leave can leave before I completely close the universe, so rest assured."


Davis nodded with a bit of relief.

There were many people whom he thought well of but couldn't take them with him.

His senior sister, Zora Luan, was one such person, and there were many others like his people back at the Loret Empire in the Grand Sea Continent and the Alstreim Family in the Grand Beginnings Continent.

They were all growing powerful with the comparatively measly resources he left them, so they would sooner or later become powerful enough to ascend to the true immortal world.

"Until reopening, you would have no way to contact me as I would be entering deep sleep after the Candidacy to protect myself from foreseeable attacks. It's a state where my universe would protect me while I sleep until the spatial nodes to my universe reopen, so I wouldn't know even if you were in danger. That's why you should be extremely careful for yourself and also on my behalf. Whether I live or die in ten thousand years depends on you."


Davis blinked. He wished the World Master would accompany him. Why wouldn't he want a powerful ally by his side?

Unfortunately, it seems that she deemed that working separately was the only path to salvation.

The World Master turned to look at him once again.

"This is probably the last time we would be meeting. I wish your wives wouldn't win the Candidacy to make this quite easier on ourselves, but fate is something hard to predict as it is fixed yet ever-changing."

She raised her hand, looking like she was about to snap him away with her fingers.

"Goodbye, Davis Loret. May you survive and heal me or make peace with your failure, for I have long made peace with mine."

"Did you just jinx me?"

Davis retorted, but the next thing he knew, he was sent back to his mansion, where he respawned near Dalila and Tina. He turned to look at Myria, instantly focusing on her before he made love with her in a garden.


Davis sighed after he patted Stella's head and looked at the desolate land.

Now that he thought about the World Master's words, it made him wonder if she predicted this would happen. Within three days, his world turned upside down, and he was now here in this unknown land.

'Damn it… I still haven't taken my petty petite revenge on her for making Myria cry many times, but she hits the bucket this soon…?'

Davis's expression turned somber.

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