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«Divine Emperor Of Death (Web Novel) - Chapter 3547 Becoming Soulless

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Chapter 3547 Becoming Soulless

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Gently sighing, Davis struck Myria's forehead with his own, causing Myria to tremble greatly as a tumultuous wave of reincarnation energy struck her Will and momentarily severed the karmic string she had formed over Fallen Heaven.

The backlash caused further damage, causing her eyes to roll back as she fainted, allowing Davis to hold her limp body that lay in his embrace. Tears spilled out of her eyes, causing Davis's heart to churn with pain, but he steeled himself, turning to look at the World Master with indifferent eyes.

"You're still up for it?"


The World Master stared at him with an indifferent gaze.

"One month."

"I understand…"

Davis couldn't help but reveal a wry smile.

Seems like he had only one month to bid farewell to his family, making him remember the promises he made to his other women. He couldn't marry them. He doubted they would want a marriage if they know he was going to be imprisoned in a mindless state for an indefinite amount of time.

Seems like he had only one month to bid farewell to his family, making him remember the promises he made to his other women. He couldn't marry them. He doubted they would want a marriage if they know he was going to be imprisoned in a mindless state for an indefinite amount of time.

That would be the least of their worries as they would try hard to convince him otherwise.

He guessed it was better to stay quiet about it. Only, he didn't know if Myria would keep quiet.

He returned his gaze to look at her pained expression.

Davis imagined that it was better to erase or seal her memories regarding this matter.

'Maybe I should also seal a message in her that she could open when she becomes a Peak Immortal Emperor. That probably could be done with Fallen Heaven…'

Such intricate usage might take one or two experiments, but he inwardly shrugged, knowing it was possible because his skill in using Fallen Heaven had reached a delicate level. However, he hadn't given up. If he ever got a chance to regain himself, he would do his very best to escape from the World Master's grasp.

He didn't need her universe. He didn't her support. He had his own path to take and he already started to see one vaguely, a path that would anger the heavens far more than the World Master did.

However, fate was cruel.

It stomped him and curbed his path before he could even rise.

Smiling brightly as he kissed Myria's forehead, he turned to look at the World Master.

"I don't blame you for this matter as I know this was coming sooner or later but as previously discussed, you would do everything in your power to protect my family. Do I have your word on that?"

Davis asked with a stern gaze.

The World Master still stared at him as though trying to see through him for a few seconds before she opened her mouth.

"One month, no more, no less."

"I heard." Davis nodded, "However, I require you to honor our previous agreement. On top of it, you will also take my two sons as disciples, teach them-"

"No, you didn't because that's the time you will stay here and then get kicked out. No more second chances. Take you and your Divergent group away from here."


For a moment, Davis couldn't process the World Master's response.

He felt like he didn't hear it right as he looked at her in a confused manner.

However, the World Master continued while walking past him, "The Candidacy will also begin in nine days and end in a month, so everyone who doesn't belong in my universe and doesn't want to be will be sent out."

"What-"Davis's expression churned, feeling like he wasn't following even though he finally understood her words, turning shocked, "What does the Candidacy has to do with us?"

"The Celestial Transcendent has closed in."

The World Master turned back to look at him, perhaps even curling her lips into a smile behind her veil.

"It wouldn't take much time before he tracks me down again, so my only choice is to reduce the karmic burden heavily so that he doesn't find me through sheer luck. I have faith in my concealment skills, but not for long if people like you and the Candidacy remain."

"Besides, I don't think bindings will work on you two anymore, so realistically speaking, I can't do anything about enslaving you. The same goes with Myria. Perhaps I can forcefully suppress the reincarnation cycle and, consequently, your Wills, but having a vulnerability in myself doesn't suit my cultivation path. Even if I made you swear on yourselves, it would only seek to limit your growth vainly, so let's see if you two could come back to me, heal me of your own volition."


Davis stared at the World Master with an absentminded expression.

She was… letting them leave without any binding or repercussions…?

The World Master turned to look ahead, her gaze going far beyond the horizon as though she was looking at a certain person.

"As for the Celestial Transcendent, I'll continue to play tag with senior for a while, even giving you enough time to hide in the true immortal world after I kick you all out. When it is time, let's see if you will coldly backstab me by abandoning me or keep your words of healing me when you finally create and master the powers of the reincarnation cycle- without using the Grimoire of Fate."

The World Master raised her hand, snapping her fingers.

It caused Davis and Myria to disappear, leaving her all alone in this universe she had created by her own. A wry smile appeared on her face as she mumbled.

"What am I even doing… sending out my only hope to live on a road of death…?"

She shook her head, knowing the Three-Layered Universe wasn't as forgiving as hers yet at the same time, she knew if she kept him here locked up and controlled which she felt she could, he would never grow into unleashing his full potential, which shouldn't be her problem yet she saw more in them.

A unique path that gave birth to a reincarnation cycle, something that almost stands on equal ground to the universe and the only Dimension that was outside heaven's jurisdiction as far as she could tell!

Abruptly, she felt a tear- no, not a tear but a dimensional shift in the First Haven World which garnered her utmost attention and what she saw made her eyes squint heavily.

It was a long flying ship, about three kilometers in length. It was obsidian and radiated the aura of death heavily as it shifted inside her universe as though appearing from nowhere.

"Oh… we have guests from the Reincarnation Dimension…?"

The World Master trembled, not knowing how long it had been since she last met them. She took a step forward, moving to intercept them!

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