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«Divine Emperor Of Death (Web Novel) - Chapter 3267 Wiping It Clean

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Chapter 3267 Wiping It Clean

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Davis embraced Myria closely as he gave her a passionate kiss. Her body warmth was extremely soothing to him, and even his soul was shuddering in excitement because of the attraction Myria's soul physique exuded. In this range, he could also feel her soul shudder, resonating with his own.

His brain- no, his soul was experiencing euphoria.

He felt the lightness in his chest grow along with a weightless sensation spreading through his body as though he was floating in the air, a state of unbridled delight seemingly melting him away.

In fact, Myria felt the same; seemingly floating in this wonderful essence of life energy made her feel like she was in paradise.

It was not only healing them but also giving them insights.

A few minutes later, their lips separated before Myria gazed at him with a beautiful, mesmerizing pair of eyes. He gazed unto her, able to see the need but also the fear of repercussions, causing him to lean and kiss her forehead.

"This is like the perfect place to share our first time, but…"

Davis looked around, "A bandit's gotta do what a bandit's gotta do."

Myria's gaze shook before she looked away, secretly heaving a sigh of relief. She no longer cared what would happen to her physique during intimacy as she was willing to die, but she was scared, wondering what if they disgraced this place and the World Master threw them out because of it, they would end up naked back in the palace.

She wanted to avoid such a scene at all costs. It was worse than death.

Besides, they just avoided death, and she didn't feel it was right to treat the situation so lightly.

Fortunately, Davis seemed to understand her thoughts and let her go before they could not separate.

Myria quickly wrapped her arms around him, holding him dearly as she rested her head on his chest.

"Stay with me like this~"

She uttered in a soft voice, life energy bursting from her body as it engulfed the both of them. However, all that dense life energy condensed into a singular point, heading straight towards his soul.

Davis's gaze flickered as he recognized that this was a high-grade healing technique.

He could feel his soul heal even faster.

Heck, he didn't even know why the World Master bothered to throw him here and heal him as he could recover his soul essence with Fallen Heaven's life energy. Besides, even with his own life energy, it was possible to rejuvenate his soul essence to ninety-nine percent, albeit it might take a few weeks and a period of rest.

Therefore, with Myria aiding him, his soul essence was recovering at a faster rate.

He ran his fingers through her silky white hair, relishing the feeling of their embrace, although his eyes spotted a lily pad where he could actually use it as a waterbed and embrace her above it. He inwardly cried but also knew the consequences of being sent out naked.

He would have to kill any random man who saw them, so he wished they would return to the palace, but in reality, his people could be waiting for him anxiously, worried to death. He didn't want to worry them.

But more than that, if he infringed upon World Master's benevolence and incurred her wrath by acting debaucherous here, then all would be truly lost.

After all, this could be the World Master's favorite garden, and any gardener would throw rocks at a frivolous couple if they saw them doing shady things there!

After some time, he headed east, scouring all the treasures he could find before heading in the other three directions.

His knowledge was lacking, but his senses were tingling. His hands reached out to the left and reached to the right, his palm returning with something new every time before they disappeared into his spatial ring or life ring. Abiding by the World Master's words, he plundered the four lands and didn't leave a speck of treasure behind, even taking the worst spirit grass he could find in this place.

Returning to the pond, he even started extracting the life essence from this water.

It seemed to energize the entire ecosystem, but it was his now.


Myria stood on the edge of the pond. She already dried and was glowing like a moon fairy. However, she saw his action of stealing the life essence and felt her heart pound. However, she didn't say much as the World Master did indeed insinuate for him to plunder.

'It couldn't be that the World Master would be more shameless than him and kill him off for taking the treasures she told him to steal, right?'

Myria wondered but eventually decided that she was overthinking as she also felt that the World Master was a magnanimous and benevolent character. Otherwise, they wouldn't have even had the chance to explain themselves, and neither would the World Master have been so talkative as everything could be resolved with a snap of her fingers.

It wasn't long before Davis cleared out the entire pond and began healing himself with Fallen Heaven.

When he realized, he was already back in the palace right where he sat.

The background voice teeming with a loud voice full of worry suddenly came to a stop.


Someone finally reacted and threw themselves to him, holding him dear while Davis's eye rapidly searched for Myria. He didn't see her here but saw everyone else. Quickly, his soul sense pounded out of the mansion, and before it was even halfway to Myria's mansion, Myria's soul sense collided with his, giving him a sense of security that everything was fine.

"Where did you go? I- I was worried as I couldn't sense you… I thought you were playing by even concealing our connection, but even Myria went missing, and Lereza said that she couldn't also find you… It-it was abnormal…"

"Calm down…"

Davis gently held Evelynn as he forcefully influenced her with his heart intent, causing Evelynn to blink as she suddenly felt like her mind had cleared up. The emotions clouding her heart and making her feel immense pressure were suddenly lifted away just like that, causing her to cast a thankful gaze at him as she knew she had become too emotional, which was bad for the children in her womb.

It was only after forcefully calming her that Davis told her not to worry and that he was fine.

"How long was I gone…?" He asked as he panned his gaze at the others.

"About a minute…"

Lereza spoke, and the others couldn't help but nod with worried and confused expressions.

Davis just disappeared right in front of their gazes, causing them to be deeply worried. In fact, they were about to contact Saintess Lunaria now as they felt this situation was very bizarre. If not, only she could've taken him away.

After all, this was Saintess Lunaria's sect, and Davis had entered quite openly even though he had a temporary pass.

"I see…"

Davis knew he had only spent about one and half an hour in there collecting treasures and healing, so the temporal speeding must be ninety times higher in that garden for this time difference to be possible, causing him to be purely shaken. If that was a temporal formation, it was fine, but if that was the power of the World Master, then her cultivation that was supposed to be 'crippled' still shocked him even to this moment.

The recipient of his shock reappeared in the pagoda canopy and looked at the place with her senses as she came to know that her garden was plundered clean. She had only asked him to take one side, but it was fully scoured on all sides. Still, she didn't bat an eye until she saw what was supposed to be a pond full of Low-Level Empyrean Grade Life Essence Spirit Water gone.

"Lunaria's parting gift… he took it away…"

The World Master's lips lightly curled. Initially, she was worried that they might defile the pond as it was going to be a gift to Saintess Lunaria, who wanted to leave the First Haven World very soon, but they seemed to completely plunder it instead, making her feel like this one was on her head.

"I guess I'll have to arrange the other one later…"

The World Master shook her head, quietly disappearing from the silent world.

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