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«Divine Emperor Of Death (Web Novel) - Chapter 3266 A Reprieve?

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Chapter 3266 A Reprieve?

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Davis asked in a sincere tone, but at the end of the sentence, his voice became low as he felt like he was asking too much.

If he brought down his Immortal Emperor Tribulation, then it was probably over for the World Master, no? He felt he was full of himself for asking for such a reprieve.

He didn't know how much time she had left for her soul to collapse or to be struck by divine punishment lightning again, which makes it that the World Master was already benevolent enough not to reap her harvest that was planted millions of years ago.

Either that or she still had some plans for him.

After all, he initially thought Saintess Lunaria was being used by the World Master in order to use Grimoire of Fate so that she doesn't incur the karmic burden, so he threatened her with Saintess Lunaria's life, thinking that she was essential to her survival but it turned out that the World Master actually cared for Saintess Lunaria's life rather than wanting to use her.

Perhaps the World Master accepted her death already and wanted her creation, Saintess- no, her daughter who split from her ailing soul to live well in her stead.

'Wait… splitting would've weakened World Master's soul and caused her death to hasten, but she still looks alive and well… then… did she only use one percent of her soul essence to create Saintess Lunaria and her twin or something…?'

Davis couldn't help but wonder. If not, was it soul parthenogenesis?

Parthenogenesis meant the conception of life without the involvement of the opposite sex. He guessed that the Void Dust Empress was one capable entity because she was a tree, and Stella Voidfield particularly didn't mention she had a father. However, Myria's Eternal Life Soul Physique was unique in the way it works.

He couldn't tell if it was splitting or some other process that didn't harm or weaken the soul.

But if it didn't weaken, then it wouldn't be splitting but duplicating.

Either way, he didn't care as he felt like they could be called whatever they wanted, as conception through the soul couldn't be properly affixed unless another soul was also involved.

Now, he only saw World Master as a benevolent character as her universe, although strife with conflict as any world, was more tame and more peaceful than any other world he had seen. Surely, she wished to make a better world in her universe, and her soul that split from her; Saintess Lunaria, also did the same.

In his eyes, they couldn't be much different, even though the World Master claimed otherwise.

Moreover, he didn't know what this pond was, but it sure was rejuvenating his soul essence rapidly, even alleviating the pain in his soul and the dizziness left. The efficacy was so strong that he couldn't stop it even if he wanted to. Besides, it was also comforting, but Myria staying close to his side was more than comforting.


Still, the glaring silence while the World Master stared at him only made it harder for him to think. He could only wait for her response.

"Accept a teleportation rune from me. The moment your cultivation exceeds the bottleneck, it will send you away, and the location would be unknown, so you could even fall into a Void Calamity."

The World Master finally replied after what seemed to be half a minute, causing Davis to heave a breath.

"If that's what it takes, then I accept."

The World Master narrowed her brows. She appeared to draw innumerable runes in the air, stacking them one after another as they glowed brightly. It wasn't long before they combined into a single entity and shot toward him, stopping before him.

Davis glanced at the inscription before him.

He couldn't believe that it was able to maintain itself in the air even without the World Master's control. It seemed to be waiting for him to accept it, causing him to reach out his hand and touch it.


The moment he touched it, the rune disappeared into his hand.

When he checked his hand, he saw that it was imprinted on the back of his left hand. The strange symbol was striking with two wings, but it seemed to disappear within the blink of an eye, no longer appearing to be present as he couldn't even sense it with his senses.

"The sooner you leave, the better the chances of survival in this universe."

The World Master turned around, appearing to summon a portal in front of her.

Davis had just heaved a sigh again before he blinked suddenly, "Wait… how do I go back?"

"After you healed, you'll automatically be sent out… Also, do your thing here…"


Davis turned to look at Myria, causing her to go speechless. When she saw Davis stare at her wet garments, closely hugging her curves, her ears went red, and she turned to glare at the World Master.

However, she saw that the World Master was looking elsewhere, which Davis also realized, his senses moving towards the horizon before he saw a bunch of treasures that shook his heart.

Judging by the aura alone, they were clearly at Peak-Level Immortal Emperor Grade.

Could it be that this was a garden? What type of garden this was was beyond him, but if World Master wanted him to plunder it-

Was she telling him to be… ungrateful…?

'Oh… she's trying to negate the karmic burden from our interaction and actions…'

Davis understood that she was healing him through the pond, so if he stole from her, that would be truly ungrateful, which meant negative karma.

When he turned to look back, wanting to thank the World Master but quickly stopped as that couldn't be mentioned, he saw that she already disappeared, leaving him behind with Myria.

"Bandit Emperor…"

Myria's voice echoed from behind, causing Davis to chuckle.

"Who was it that was willing to die with the Bandit Emperor?"


Myria fumed but inwardly became embarrassed as she recalled the stupidest actions she had taken in her life a while ago. Suddenly, her wrist was captured, and he pulled her closer to him, causing the pond to ripple.

"There's no one here…"

Davis held Myria close, looking into her eyes that were glaring at him.

"The World Master is omnipresent… it's her universe…"

"She's a woman, so I don't care…"

"We just survived from a-mhm~"

Myria gave excuse after excuse, but Davis didn't have it. He leaned and took her sweet lips, causing Myria to freeze, but this time, she felt his tongue pry her open as though it was cleaving her wall of shyness, causing her eyelids to quiver and close as she decided to relish this pleasure, her arms moving upwards as she held his head and began to partake in this fulfilling emotion called love.

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