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«Demon’s Diary (Web Novel) - Chapter 983: Strange Golden Egg

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Chapter 983: Strange Golden Egg

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After flying out of the underground world, Liu Ming stood in front of the 2 green stone pillars and put the jade slip left by the young man surnamed Li on his forehead.

He didn’t take it to heart at the time, but now the young man surnamed Li and the Demon Mystic Sect’s disciple had both died, and he spent much more time than expected due to forge the Mountain River Pearl. Instead of regrouping with the Taiqing Sect’s disciples, he might as well adventure on his own.

Since the young man surnamed Li thought that 3 Pseudo Pellet State cultivators could enter this place, the risk of coming here should not be too great. Now he also had Mountain River Pearl, as long as he was more cautious, it should not be a problem.

After thinking about this, Liu Ming packed up his things without hesitation. After retrieving Fei’er and Xie’er, he went toward the location recorded on the jade slip.

Tens of thousands of miles away from the snowland was a huge dense forest.

If one looked down from the air, the whole dense forest was dark green, but if he entered the dense forest, it was another scene.

Among the mottled dots, blood-colored vines hugged the sturdy tree trunk. The tree trunk was also covered with golden bugs the size of fingernails. Fist-sized fruits were also hanging on the branches like lanterns.

These fruits also faintly exuded a soft aura, which illuminated the entire dense forest.

A purple escape light went past the dense forest. Above the purple flying sword, Liu Ming was looking around vigilantly.

Since he left the ruin, he followed the location marked in the jade slip of the young man surnamed Li and came all the way here.

According to his estimation, after crossing this dense forest, he could reach the destination directly.

As for the situation in the forest, he had already released Divine Thought from afar to investigate. Those spiritual insects were just the most common low rank spiritual insects. The lantern-like fruits could be used as low rank feed for spiritual pets. For Fei’er and Xie’er of the Crystallization Period, they were almost useless.

However, the vastness of this dense forest was far beyond Liu Ming’s expectations. He had been flying on sword for more than 2 hours, but he had yet to see the end of the dense forest.

At this moment, there was a fluctuation from the front. The spirit was somewhat different from the usual.

Liu Ming made a gesture and stopped the Bitter Wheel Sword.

He released Divine Thought forward, and he found that somewhere more than a hundred miles away, there was a large cave in. A large amount of spirit was constantly flowing out.

After Liu Ming pondered for a while, he kept away Bitter Wheel Sword and flew toward the center of the spirit fluctuation.

The distance of a few hundred miles was just an instant for him. He discovered that a towering giant tree with a diameter of tens of meters was in the middle of the cave in that had apparently just collapsed for a while.

At the root of the giant tree, there was a huge hole. There seemed to be traces of enchantment being destroyed. It seemed that someone had come before him.

This should be the ruin that the cultivator surnamed Li mentioned, but it seemed that someone had already been here. There was even a hole that broke out from the underground, which showed that the other party had left.

The golden insects on the ground were now lining up to climb into the tree hole as if something inside was attracting them.

Liu Ming’s face turned solemn. Since he was here, he was unwilling to leave empty-handed. After a moment, he immediately landed at the bottom of the giant tree.

After confirming that there was nothing abnormal in the surroundings, he flickered into the tree hole.

As he entered the tree hole, he was surprised to find that there was a huge hall inside.

The hall was very wide. Tables, chairs, and cabinets were carved from trees. Behind the hall, there were 2 paths that spiraled up and down respectively.

Liu Ming subconsciously released Divine Thought to detect, but his Divine Thought was bounced back after extending 30 meters into both paths.

In desperation, he had to go the path to above first.

After some searching, he found a dozen rooms inside the trees.

Every door of the rooms had long been destroyed, but there was a small isolation enchantment at the door. No wonder his Divine Thought couldn’t search inside.

After thinking for a while, Liu Ming returned to the door of the first room and stepped in.

This was a room about the size of an acre, and there were also small dark rooms separated from it. The large and small insect eggs and feed were scattered all over the place. This should be the place to raise spiritual insects.

From the layout, at least dozens of spiritual insects had been raised, but now it was a mess. The dark rooms had long been looted, and there were discarded insect bags and beast rings everywhere. The golden insects from outside were gathering here to feed on the remaining dead eggs and feed with relish.

After thinking for a while, Liu Ming kept the insert eggs and searched the other rooms one by one.

After a dozen minutes, in the hall of the cave house, Liu Ming looked at the pile of corpses of the spiritual insects and beasts and smiled bitterly.

This man who came before him had looted everything. Except for some unseen corpses of spiritual insects and beasts, there were some dead eggs. There was almost nothing too valuable.

Even the 2 rooms at the top of the giant tree, which should be the bedroom and the practice room, were also empty. Not even a single spiritual herb was seen.

Liu Ming, who gained nothing, had to collect the corpses of spiritual insects, spiritual beasts and the dead eggs, hoping that these corpses and dead eggs would also be valuable. He planned to submit them to the sect or sell them for spirit stones, so as not to enter this place empty-handed.

After he sorted everything into the Sumeru Ring, he walked toward the path that spiraled down.

As expected, there were also 5 rooms below, and the situation was roughly the same as the rooms above.

However, just as Liu Ming walked into the last room and was about to collect the dead eggs scattered all over the floor, Xie’er’s voice suddenly came from the soul-recovering bag.

“Master, wait a minute… The aura here is not right. As soon as you entered this place, I couldn’t help but tremble. It seems to be my nemesis who can restrain me.”

Xie’er’s words were filled with deep fear.

“Your nemesis?” Liu Ming’s expression changed slightly when he heard the words.

“Master, I also feel a strange aura in this place. Although it is a little weak, it still makes me feel very uncomfortable.” In the other soul-recovering bag, Fei’er was also slightly afraid.


He knew Xie’er’s treasure-hunting supernatural power for a long time and now even Fei’er said the same, which made Liu Ming feel a little strange. He hurriedly released Divine Thought again.

In this spiritual beast house, there was a large area of ​​light golden beast eggs scattered all over the place. As far as he knew, these eggs were from the three crown chicken beastkins. They had almost no aura, and their appearance looked like dead eggs.

The three crown golden chicken was a relatively common fire-type spiritual beast. Although it was seldom seen in the Middle Sky Continent, it was not rare. The general spiritual beast trading market would have this egg for sale. Several hundred thousand spirit stones could buy 1.

After being carefully nurtured, it might reach the Condensation Period when it was an adult. It had an unusually fierce personality. It was usually acquired by a family or a sect to let their Condensation Period disciples accumulate experience. It was impossible to cast fear in Xie’er and Fei’er, who had already advanced to the Crystallization Period.

Liu Ming used Divine Thought to carefully scan the insect eggs one by one, but he didn’t find any egg with a powerful aura.

So he patted the soul-recovering bags around his waist. Fei’er and Xie’er flew out from it.

“Since you 2 can sense its existence, find it out.” Liu Ming instructed directly.

“Yes, master.” Fei’er and Xie’er answered in unison.

Next, the 2 spiritual pets began to lean down and carefully examine the eggs one by one in the house.

After a while, Fei’er suddenly ran toward Liu Ming with a shining golden egg.

“Master, this is it!”

Seeing this, Xie’er hurriedly threw the dead egg in her hand and came to Fei’er. After looking at the golden egg, she stepped back in fear

“Yes, master, it is this egg.”

Liu Ming moved his fingers and picked up the egg from Fei’er’s hand to check it carefully.

This egg was slightly smaller than the chicken egg, and it was pale golden. There were some faint white patterns on the egg, but its aura was almost non-existent. It was similar to the holy beast’s egg he obtained from the Sea Creature Clan.

This egg was just a little large than the ordinary three crown golden chicken egg. It was common for eggs to be different in size, so it was impossible to judge whether it was a mutated egg.

Liu Ming scanned the egg with Divine Thought. There was chaos inside, and there was nothing unusual about it.

But since Fei’er and Xie’er both felt a little strange about him, he naturally didn’t dare to ignore it.

In the following time, he tried various methods such as injecting spiritual power into it or using a special talisman to identify it, but he did not get any clear results.

After 10 minutes, Liu Ming shook his head helplessly.

“Master, we don’t know what’s going on, but this beast egg is indeed…” Fei’er scratched his head with a puzzled face.

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