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«Complete Martial Arts Attributes (Web Novel) - Chapter 2362 Elder Hui! (1)

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Chapter 2362 Elder Hui! (1)

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations


Wang Teng was speechless. With so many beautiful women around, why would he molest a stinky man?



Swoop! Boom!

He raised the Lightning Slap, which he hadn’t put away yet, and delivered a blow to the Heishan Royal Clan youth.

“If you dare to shout again, be careful of my brick,” Wang Teng said fiercely.


Ignoring the odd looks from the crowd, Wang Teng kept his gaze fixed on the belt. In his perception, the space contained within the belt was even larger than that of the space ring.

This was definitely a treasure!

“Hand it over to me!” Wang Teng exclaimed with excitement, reaching out and yanking the belt from the Heishan Royal Clan youth.

The young man’s pants loosened, nearly sliding off.

The scene was indeed a bit unsightly.

Yizang Xinnuo, Guizang Zhu, and the other girls couldn’t bear to look and averted their gaze.

Why couldn’t this guy be decent?

On the other hand, Zuo Gu, Chi Yi, and others looked quite peculiar. Could it be that Wang Teng had some peculiar fetish? Perhaps they should keep their distance to avoid being targeted.

“How dare you!”

Just then, a voice, ancient and icy, reverberated through the starry sky.

To others, the voice was like a raging storm, causing their expressions to change drastically.

For Wang Teng, however, he felt as if he were at the epicenter of the sound, with thunderous waves crashing through his mind, shaking his spirit, and threatening to split his head open.

This voice carried a spiritual attack!

“Damn it!” Wang Teng’s expression darkened, and he shouted inwardly, “Nine Treasures Pagoda!”

Within his mini-universe, a nine-story pagoda radiating brilliant golden light surged forth from the center of the “black hole”.


Wave after wave of spiritual fluctuations swept out from the Nine Treasures Pagoda. Wang Teng, with his near-peak cosmos-stage spiritual power, instantly mobilized all his strength to withstand the onslaught of the voice. “Hmph!”

Wang Teng’s complexion turned pale, and he involuntarily stepped back, but he still held onto the Heishan Royal Clan youth without releasing him.

At that moment, the space above Wang Teng’s head suddenly fluctuated, and a terrifying giant palm print emerged, covering an area even larger than a planet, looming over the entire starry sky.

As it pressed down toward Wang Teng, the surrounding stars erupted, bursting into fragments.

Having just experienced the battle of universe-stage martial warriors, the space here was already in chaos, with magma flowing and meteorites drifting everywhere.

Now, under the pressure of this giant hand, it turned into complete ruins, with only the Five Burial Stars barely holding on under the protection of the protective array.

At the same time, five figures suddenly appeared on the array, and with a wave of their hands, they blocked the terrifying palm print.

Before Wang Teng could even breathe a sigh of relief.


A cold snort echoed from the void, and the giant hand pressed down again, causing continuous explosions.

“Isn’t it shameless to attack a junior?” A loud shout resounded.

The opponent completely disregarded the protest and continued to press down with the giant hand.

“Elder Hui, save me!” The youth shouted as if he had seen his savior. He ignored the pain on his face.

Wang Teng’s expression became extremely solemn. Despite facing a life-threatening crisis at the moment, the pause just now had given him an opportunity to act.

“Dark Shadow Sword!”

He disregarded the Heishan Royal Clan youth’s cry, and his spiritual power instantly transformed into a giant hand, reaching into his small universe to summon the Dark Shadow Sword.

This giant hand was too terrifying. If he wasn’t mistaken, it should be the action of an eternal-stage existence.

Damn it, do these strong ones have no shame?

A universe-stage presence wasn’t enough, and now, even an eternal-stage being had come. They had completely lost all sense of shame!

Wang Teng wanted to curse, but he didn’t have the luxury of time for hesitation or contemplation. He could only utilize his strongest methods.

“Hiss hiss!”

As Wang Teng’s spiritual power swept over, a shadowy serpent appeared atop the Dark Shadow Sword, emitting a hissing sound, appearing lazy and showing no intention of acting.

“You little thing, if you don’t act now, don’t expect me to feed you with Shadow Power in the future,” Wang Teng urged anxiously, grinding his teeth.

“Hiss…” The shadow serpent’s eyes flickered with intelligence as if contemplating.

“Hurry up, there’s no time!” Wang Teng was extremely impatient, wishing he could grab the shadow serpent and teach it a lesson.

Damn it, this snake!

Unfortunately, he couldn’t do anything about it.

This shadow serpent was the soul of a semi-divine artifact. He hadn’t fully subdued it yet, so he could only feed it shadow power and provide it with food and lodging, free of charge.

He had intended to use sincerity and love to move it, but it seemed to have no effect.

This shadow serpent was too cunning, always asking for food and drink but avoiding any real work.

“Hiss…” The shadow serpent hissed again, transmitting a thought.

“What? You want ten days’ worth of shadow power!” Wang Teng immediately understood, his eyes lighting up. He nodded immediately, saying, “Okay, okay, whatever you want, just help me through this crisis, and 1’11 make sure you’re well-fed.”

“Hiss hiss!”

The shadow serpent didn’t waste any time and immediately entered the Dark Shadow Sword. It then turned into a streak of light, bursting out of Wang Teng’s small universe at a speed even faster than his spiritual power.

And in the outside world, not even a second had passed.

“Great!” Wang Teng exclaimed in joy, reaching out and grasping the Dark Shadow Sword as it immediately fell into his hands…

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