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«Complete Martial Arts Attributes (Web Novel) - Chapter 2361 Your Unyieldingness Is Only Enough to Withstand Two Lightning Slaps! Molest! (2)

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Chapter 2361 Your Unyieldingness Is Only Enough to Withstand Two Lightning Slaps! Molest! (2)

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

They could tell that Wang Teng was able to defeat the fire-element universe-stage martial warrior mainly because he was dragged into the small world. However, victory is victory, and who could be sure that Wang Teng does not possess other stronger means?

To defeat a universe-stage martial warrior with cosmos-stage strength, regardless of reason or coincidence, demands attention.

But at this moment, as these universe-stage martial warriors gazed at Wang Teng in the distance, their eyebrows couldn’t help but raise slightly.

Only at this moment would they feel that Wang Teng was a young man.

Who hadn’t done something reckless when they were young? Though what Wang Teng did far surpasses their own folly by many times.

“Damn it!”

The universe-stage of the Black Skull Universe Pirates wore extremely unpleasant expressions at this moment, even tinged with a hint of fear. This Wang Teng actually dared to treat that esteemed figure in such a manner. He must be tired of living.

They wanted to go over and rescue the youth of the Heishan Royal Clan, but…

“Where do you think you’re going?” Hengzang Chuan and the others flashed their figures, directly blocking their path with a disdainful smirk.


The universe-stage martial warriors of the Black Skull Universe Pirates frowned and coldly rebuked.

“You guys stopped us just now. Don’t even think about going over now,” Hengzang Chuan said calmly.

“You…” The universe-stage martial warriors were furious but they ultimately restrained themselves. They communicated through voice transmission. “You should know who he is. Aren’t you afraid of causing big trouble by humiliating him like this?”

“He was beaten by Councilor Wang Teng, what does it have to do with us?” Hengzang Chuan adopted an indifferent demeanor.

“If anything happens to him, you won’t escape responsibility either,” a fire-element universe-stage martial warrior said, feeling extremely aggrieved.

“So what? You’ve long looked down upon us, and the situation has escalated. What’s the use of saying these things?” Yizang Bai sneered.


The universe-stage martial warriors hadn’t anticipated that the family heads of the Five Burial Stars would be so stubborn and unyielding at this moment. They even seemed prepared to confront the Heishan Royal Clan head-on, leaving the universe-stage martial warriors feeling utterly frustrated and speechless.

The current situation bore striking similarities to their previous interception of the opposing party, making it entirely impossible for them to allow passage now.

Yizang Bai was right. Since they had already shed all pretense of cordiality, there was no point in saying this now.

Hengzang Chuan and the others couldn’t help but smirk with satisfaction as they beheld the opposing side’s vexed countenances. Somehow, a sense of gratification welled up within them.

That Councilor Wang Teng had, in a way, vented their frustrations for them.

“You will pay for this,” the universe-stage martial warriors from the Black Skull Universe Pirates warned, their expressions dark and ominous. Unable to do anything else, they could only leave behind such menacing words.

Hengzang Chuan and the others’ gazes slightly hardened. They still dreaded the threat posed by the Hengzang Chuan, even though they had prepared themselves for a confrontation. They couldn’t help but feel a bit unsettled deep down.

Nevertheless, they had been pushed to this extent, and any further action seemed futile. Upon reflection, they seemed to have inadvertently become intertwined with Wang Teng.

Bang, bang, bang…

Boom, boom…

Wang Teng himself lost track of how long he had been beating him. It was only when his hands began to ache that he slowly ceased, exhaling a breath of relief. “Phew… that felt good!”

The youth from the Heishan Royal Clan swayed, his eyes so swollen he could barely open them. He glared at Wang Teng with resentment seeping through the narrow slits.

“What are you looking at? Haven’t had enough beating yet?” Wang Teng chuckled, raising the Lightning Slap in his hand, ready to continue the onslaught.

“No…” The young man’s heart skipped a beat. He wanted to say something but he was knocked back by Wang Teng’s Lightning Slap.

Bang, bang, bang…

Boom, boom…

The chilling sound of impact echoed incessantly through the void, causing discomfort to all who witnessed it, making it unbearable to watch.

How tragic!

How could this youth from the Black Skull Universe Pirates be so stubborn? Despite being beaten to such a state, he still dared to talk back. He was asking for trouble.

The onlookers didn’t hear the final agonizing scream from the Heishan Royal Clan youth. Otherwise, they might not have perceived him as so defiant.

Wang Teng struck him several dozen times more before slowly halting his actions, inquiring, “Do you have any more requests? Speak up, and I’ll do my best to fulfill them.”

“Stop… please stop…” The Heishan Royal Clan youth’s voice was hoarse, barely audible through his swollen lips.

The corners of his mouth throbbed with pain, rendering him unable to articulate clearly.

“What? Now you want me to stop?” Wang Teng seemed surprised, shaking his head in disappointment. “Weren’t you full of bravado? How come you’re backing down so quickly? Turns out, your bravado could only withstand two rounds of my Lightning Slap.”

The youth from the Heishan Royal Clan:…


What does “only withstand two rounds of Lightning Slap” mean?

Wasn’t two rounds enough?

His head was almost triple its normal size!

And what’s with that disappointed expression? He’s begging for mercy, and you’re not happy about it?

Everyone felt utterly speechless. They couldn’t help but feel that Wang Teng’s heart must be as dark as ink to utter such words.

“Sigh, I thought with your pride, you could last a few more rounds. You’ve truly disappointed me!” Wang Teng continued to shake his head.

“I’ve encountered many prodigies in the past. Some could withstand three to four rounds, even five. That’s real resilience. Now, thinking back, I do miss those times,” he added nostalgically.

The youth from the Heishan Royal Clan:…


All of a sudden, everyone became intensely curious about those who could endure five rounds of such punishment. What kind of pride and resilience did they possess? It was beyond imagination.

“Enough, since you’re unable to continue, I’ll spare you this time,” Wang Teng declared.

A glimmer of hope flickered in the eyes of the Heishan Royal Clan youth. Finally… Was he spared from further beating? It hurt so much…

“But…” Wang Teng rubbed his chin, then continued.

The heart of the Heishan Royal Clan youth sank at once. The glimmer of hope extinguished before his eyes.

This bastard must be doing it on purpose.

He must be toying with him, allowing a glimmer of hope only to crush it. It was outrageous. This jerk wasn’t human.

“Don’t worry. I just want some compensation,” Wang Teng surveyed the Heishan Royal Clan youth from head to toe, mindful of the various means the youth had employed in the Five Burial Ancestral Grounds — methods that could save his life, ones that couldn’t be wasted.

“You!” The Heishan Royal Clan youth saw the “greedy” look in Wang Teng’s eyes, and a sense of foreboding stirring within him.

Damn it, this jerk was going to rob him!

He used to do this to others. Now, it was happening to him.

Fortunes change, and today was his turn!

The young man from the Heishan Royal Clan felt unjust and wanted to vomit blood.

Wang Teng’s eyes suddenly gleamed as he spotted the ring on the Heishan Royal Clan youth’s hand. With his spatial sensitivity, it was easy for him to discern that the ring was a space one, with a rather capacious interior.

Without hesitation, he reached out and snatched the space ring from the youth’s hand.

“Don’t touch my things!” The Heishan Royal Clan youth couldn’t resist, only struggling futilely in Wang Teng’s grasp. His words slurred and it was barely coherent.

“Kid, it’s not your turn to speak. Is the lesson not enough for you?” Wang Teng said, raising the Lightning Slap in his hand once more.

The Heishan Royal Clan youth reluctantly closed his mouth, his eyes betraying a mixture of resentment, anger, and a hint of unwillingness, utterly complex. In the end… he dared not move.

Wang Teng nodded in satisfaction, then slowly scanned the Heishan Royal Clan youth, sending shivers down his spine.

“That’s it. Everything’s in the space ring. Don’t bother searching. There’s nothing left,” the Heishan Royal Clan youth hastily explained.

“Whether it’s there or not, your word doesn’t count. Only mine does,” Wang Teng sneered, his gaze falling on the youth’s waist belt.

He wasn’t wearing armor at the moment. Otherwise, Wang Teng wouldn’t have captured him so easily. His arrogance led him to believe that relying on the fire-element universe-stage martial warrior would suffice to deal with Wang Teng, eliminating any danger. The outcome naturally exceeded his expectations, even shaking his resolve, preventing him from immediately donning his armor.

Yet, even if he had worn it, it would have been futile. Wang Teng had ways to deal with him.

At this moment, the Heishan Royal Clan youth saw Wang Teng’s gaze and immediately changed his expression. However, a glimmer of hope still lingered in his heart, hoping he hadn’t been discovered until Wang Teng reached for his waist belt.

“Molest!” The Heishan Royal Clan youth finally couldn’t care less about his face anymore and cried out in a shrill voice…

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