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«Complete Martial Arts Attributes (Web Novel) - Chapter 1850 Since We're Fighting, I Will Fight All Of You! (2)

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Chapter 1850 Since We're Fighting, I Will Fight All Of You! (2)

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Was he prepared to face the attacks from all the other factions?

Wasn’t he afraid of being overwhelmed by a collective assault?

The members of the Constellation Society were alarmed and excited.

They were alarmed because they worried that the Constellation Society might be attacked collectively and pushed into a dire situation.

They were excited because of Wang Teng’s overwhelming confidence. It ignited a sense of pride within them. Their Constellation Society wasn’t afraid of anyone or any challenges.

This kind of mentality was the true foundation for a faction to thrive.

Yue Qiqiao’s beautiful eyes shimmered as she looked at Wang Teng’s back view. She had never felt so much admiration and respect for Wang Teng.

Shi Tianyun’s expression turned ugly. He didn’t expect Wang Teng to dare to confront all the factions. This was beyond his expectations.

Wang Teng’s confident stance destroyed his plan.

Even if Wang Teng said such things, there were likely very few people who would dare to openly oppose the Constellation Society.

He wouldn’t be able to incite these factions to deal with the Constellation Society with a few words.

However, it wasn’t entirely ineffective.

Wang Teng’s high-profile and dominant attitude would undoubtedly make some people uncomfortable. Even if they didn’t openly challenge the Constellation Society, there would likely be hidden resentment.

This resentment could create obstacles for the society.


Was Wang Teng afraid?

He wasn’t. This matter might not affect him much.

This fellow was too powerful!

It was hard to shake his status.

Even as Wang Teng’s enemy, Shi Yuntian had to admit this.

“Didn’t you say that you want to challenge the Constellation Society? I can agree to it, but the conditions will have to change,” Wang Teng said calmly as he looked at Shi Tianyun. He had seized the initiative.

“What conditions?” Shi Tianyun took a deep breath and asked with a black face.

He knew that Wang Teng had ulterior motives but at this point, they had no choice but to go along with Wang Teng’s prepared plan.

“First, if you lose, disband the Feng Yun Alliance,” Wang Teng said slowly.

Shi Tianyun and Shen Yanfeng’s faces turned as black as ink.

But, they couldn’t refute it. Wang Teng had used their condition against them. If they argued, it would be like slapping themselves in the face.


The two of them exchanged glances with each other. Shi Tianyun said in a low voice, “We can agree to this condition, but you must agree to ours too.”

“Sorry, but right now, I’m the one negotiating conditions with you, not the other way around. We can continue to drag this out if you’d like,” Wang Teng replied nonchalantly.

Damn it! The two of them wanted to vomit blood.

This guy was being unreasonable.

“The second condition is that the two of you must be my Constellation Society’s lackeys for ten years. Within these ten years, if anything happens to society, you must assist the Constellation Society,” Wang Teng continued, laying out his terms.

“Ten years! Lackeys?” Shen Yanfeng was infuriated. “In your dreams!”

“I’ve said it before, whether you agree or not is up to you,” Wang Teng replied.

“Ten years is impossible. Three years at most!” Shi Tianyun spoke up.

“Weren’t you very confident? Why are you afraid now? Do you believe you’ll lose?” Wang Teng taunted, looking at them mockingly.

Shi Tianyun didn’t know what to say.

Was this a matter of confidence? If he lost, it was equivalent to signing a ten-year indenture contract. No one was willing to take this risk.

Wang Teng was asking for too much. He wanted to force them into a corner.

“As for the third condition,” Wang Teng continued.

“Another condition? Why don’t you just go die,” Shen Yanfeng was on the brink of exploding in anger.

They had only proposed two conditions, and now Wang Teng was introducing a third one. Could there be anyone more shameless?

Yue Qiqiao and the others couldn’t help but smile. These people had come in such an imposing manner but they couldn’t do anything to Wang Teng.

Seeing this scene, the members of the Constellation Society burst into laughter.

“Don’t worry. The third condition is very simple.” Wang Teng chuckled.

“Go ahead,” Shi Tianyun took a deep breath and said.

Wang Teng’s lips moved slightly, but he didn’t speak aloud. Instead, he used voice transmission to transmit his cold voice into their ears. “The third condition is to reveal the person behind you.”

“What person? We’ve already said that there’s no one commanding us,” Shi Tianyun replied with a stiff expression.

“Is that so?” Wang Teng looked at them with a meaningful gaze. “I’ve given you the conditions. Whether you agree or not is up to you.”

Shen Yanfeng and Shi Tianyun felt exasperated. They kept quiet for some time and conversed secretly. Finally, Shi Tianyun opened his mouth.

“Wang Teng, besides the third condition, we can agree to the first two conditions. If you find them insufficient, then it’s regrettable. We can only continue this standoff, and we’ll see who holds out the longest,” Shi Tianyun said, pausing for a moment. “But one thing I can assure you is that even if we can’t hold out in the end, your Constellation Society won’t benefit from it. We’ll both suffer losses.”

Wang Teng frowned. He had to admit that the other party was right. Both parties would have to fight to decide the winner.

From the looks of it, they were not going to reveal the identity of the person behind them.

They might be afraid of something so they didn’t dare to reveal it.

This made him certain that there were other individuals manipulating things from behind the scenes.

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