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«Complete Martial Arts Attributes (Web Novel) - Chapter 1849 Since We're Fighting, I Will Fight All Of You! (1)

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Chapter 1849 Since We're Fighting, I Will Fight All Of You! (1)

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“Disband the Constellation Society!”

The expressions of the members of the Constellation Society changed when they heard Shen Yanfeng’s words.

They had already developed a sense of belonging to the Constellation Society and had also tasted the benefits. There was no way they would agree to disband the Constellation Society now!

Yue Qiqiao, Wade, and the others stared at Shen Yanfeng and the others coldly. This was their plan. What a good plan!

Shen Yanfeng smirked as he looked at their angry faces. He ignored their furious glares completely.

The angrier they were, the more satisfied he felt.

The Constellation Society had gained too much prominence recently, and the Feng Yun Alliance they formed seemed insignificant in comparison. Hardly anyone paid attention to them.

Both were newly formed student factions but the gap was immense.

He didn’t feel good.

This was why they targeted the Constellation Society using dirty tactics. Only by suppressing the Constellation Society to the point where they couldn’t lift their heads would the Feng Yun Alliance have a chance to thrive.

Shen Yanfeng and Shi Tianyun were both ambitious individuals.

Although they had indeed borrowed the power of certain forces this time, their ultimate goal was to create their faction.

Ultimately, they aimed to make the Feng Yun Alliance an unshakable force, just like the established factions.

Thus, Shen Yanfeng felt a great sense of satisfaction when he saw the Constellation Society getting forced into a tight corner. A hint of triumph flashed past his eyes.



At this moment, a soft laughter was heard.

“Why are you laughing?” Shen Yanfeng stared at Wang Teng with a frown.

Wang Teng was the biggest variable and also the greatest reliance of the Constellation Society. They would only be able to disband the Constellation Society if they dealt with him.

However, Wang Teng often proved to be unpredictable, making it difficult for people to figure him out.

Thus, when he saw Wang Teng laughing, he felt anxious for some reason. He had a bad feeling.

Shi Tianyun felt the same way. He didn’t dare to underestimate Wang Teng either. He felt a sense of tension when he saw Wang Teng’s expression.

Yue Qiqiao and the others looked at Wang Teng in anticipation.

How would Wang Teng respond to this difficult situation?

“I’m laughing at you for overestimating yourselves.” Wang Teng looked at Shen Yanfeng and smiled. Suddenly, his expression turned cold and he said, “You want me to disband the Constellation Society? Is that your true intention? Tell me, who sent you here?”

“What are you saying? I don’t understand. The Constellation Society and our Feng Yun Alliance are both freshmen factions. There will be a battle sooner or later. It has nothing to do with anything else.” Shen Yanfeng squinted and forced himself to remain calm.

“The Feng Yun Alliance? I’m not looking down on you, but it’s impossible for you, a mere Feng Yun Alliance, to fight with the Constellation Society,” Wang Teng said disdainfully.

“You!” Shen Yanfeng was infuriated. He glared at Wang Teng with bloodshot eyes.

“Wang Teng, as the president, aren’t you a bit too arrogant? You seem to look down on the Feng Yun Alliance,” Shi Tianyun’s expression turned cold. Anger burned in his heart.

Wang Teng’s expression made it clear that he looked down on the Feng Yun Alliance. It was infuriating.

He had high hopes for the Feng Yun Alliance and hoped to use it to fulfill his ambitions. Thus, Wang Teng’s disdain for the Feng Yun Alliance felt like a direct insult to him.

“It looks like you’re not stupid. That’s right, I’m looking down on you.” Wang Teng nodded.

Shi Tianyun: …

“Wang Teng!” Shen Yanfeng gritted his teeth.

Even with Shi Tianyun’s temperament, he couldn’t help but feel his anger boiling inside. However, he managed to suppress his fury and stopped Shen Yanfeng. He addressed Wang Teng, “The freshmen had formed many new factions. It’s okay if you look down on my Feng Yun Alliance, but do you also look down on other factions?”

His words made quite a few people around them uneasy.

Just like Shi Tianyun said, many new factions formed by the new students had emerged. After all, many freshmen didn’t want to be left behind and saw forming their factions as the best option.

However, based on past precedents, most freshmen factions would likely end up being absorbed by others.

Occasionally, a black horse would appear in one or two cohorts, successfully enduring the challenges and assimilation attempts from the older factions to survive.

However, that was a story for another time.

Shi Tianyun’s words had essentially placed Wang Teng on the opposite side of all the factions.

It was a cunning and evil move. He wanted to use other new student factions to pressure Wang Teng.

This was the big move!

No matter how formidable Wang Teng was, could he really stand against the majority of the freshmen?

Yue Qiqiao and the others were shocked too. They hadn’t expected Shi Tianyun to go to such lengths. It was utterly shameless.

From the start, Yue Qiqiao felt that Shi Tianyun was harder to deal with than Shen Yanfeng. It looked like she was right.

This person was definitely not simple.

“Wang Teng!” She looked at Wang Teng worriedly.

However, Wang Teng acted as if nothing had happened. He didn’t take Shi Tianyun’s words to heart and looked at him calmly. Then, he glanced around him and said calmly, “I’m not looking down on anyone. If you have the confidence, then come and defeat my Constellation Society head-on. I’ll take you all on.”

“If you can only resort to underhanded tactics, that’s just despicable.”

Wang Teng gave the other party a meaningful look. A faint smirk played on his lips.

Everyone was flabbergasted when they heard Wang Teng’s words.

Wang Teng was incredibly confident!

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