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«Circle of Inevitability (Web Novel) - Chapter 858 Taking the Initiative

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Chapter 858 Taking the Initiative

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Lumian stroked Jenna’s hair once more. “Actually, Franca going home might not be a bad thing. If their world doesn’t face an apocalypse or dangerous situations like ours, I could help you knock your brother out so you could take him and Franca there together.”

Jenna gazed at Lumian with her clear blue eyes. “What about you?”

Lumian fell silent for a moment before responding, “I’ll see how things go.”

Jenna opened her mouth as if to say something but then closed it again.

After a few seconds, she didn’t press for details. Instead, she spoke seriously, “On the one hand, I want to keep her here. On the other hand, I’m afraid that the bigger Franca’s hope, the bigger her disappointment will be. If she finally confirms that returning home is impossible, she’ll definitely break down. For a Beyonder, that’s very dangerous, especially the higher the Sequence.

“She mentioned, or maybe it was Emperor Roselle who said it, that a person is the sum of their social relationships. Anthony also talked to me about the importance of social relationships for a person. I know he saw that I still had some psychological issues and wanted to help me through this. When you sought treatment from Madam Susie and Madam Justice, didn’t they also emphasize the importance of rebuilding social relationships? For Franca, the most important relationships are with you and me. The closer we are now, the more it will help stabilize her in the future. Just me alone might not be enough.”

Lumian withdrew his hand, looking at Jenna for a few seconds.

“Since finding out Franca’s true origins, you’ve been thinking a lot, haven’t you?

“Why do you think she might not be able to go back home?”

Jenna’s eyes flickered, and she said provocatively, “Franca later told me that Emperor Roselle and she came from the same world and the same country. I was thinking-the Emperor was at least an Angel, maybe even close to becoming a true god, and he couldn’t go back.

“Don’t you think that means it’s either hopeless or impossible?”

Lumian sighed with a smile. “But Franca and the others believe that either the Emperor didn’t have time to find a way back before something unexpected happened, or he faked his death and already transmigrated back.”

Jenna shook her head. “It’s definitely not the latter. If it were, the Emperor would have destroyed parts of his diary before crossing back.”

“You’re quite sharp,” Lumian remarked thoughtfully. “From the Emperor’s diary that Franca shared, it’s clear he encountered something terrifying in his later years. But what confuses me is that during that period, he never seemed to consider going back. Also, he valued his eldest daughter highly, and Queen Mystic Bernadette is still active in our world. These are the reasons I think Franca’s hopes are slim. They probably have similar thoughts but just don’t want to believe it.”

Lumian’s voice suddenly grew somber. “People need hope to live…”

Jenna chuckled, tracing circles on Lumian’s bare chest. “You’re doing much better too, being able to say something like that.”

Before Lumian could respond, she lifted her head and looked at him. “Go see Franca this morning, okay?”

“Is this something I can do alone?” Lumian smiled. “If she doesn’t want to, I can’t force her, can I?”

Jenna couldn’t help but laugh. “She’s inclined to agree deep down. She’s just feeling a bit awkward after the initial emotions have calmed. Especially since she has to face you, her friend’s brother who knows her true state.”

“You know Franca,” Lumian teased. “When she’s impulsive, she’ll try anything, but when she calms down, she might turn into an ostrich.”

“Take the initiative. Maybe she’s just waiting for you to make the first move,” Jenna suggested, feeling a mix of jealousy and anticipation.

Lumian spread his hands. “How do I take the initiative? I’ve never been the one to make the first move in such matters. I can’t just go up to Franca and say I’m here to fulfill our agreement, right?”

Jenna’s eyes sparkled as she thought for a moment.

“Show your guilt in front of her, help her out as much as you can, and then ask if she needs a massage for her head, shoulders, and back. If she doesn’t object and there’s physical contact, you can gradually… gradually…” Jenna trailed off, quickly concluding, “Got it?”

“You seem quite experienced,” Lumian said, amused.

Jenna reminisced. “When I was a Showy Diva, I saw some things. Also, the dancers under Franca liked to read novels about love and interactions between men and women. A single book could be passed around by dozens to hundreds of people. Thanks to Emperor Roselle and some remaining compulsory education, some of them could understand simple stories, and those who couldn’t would listen to others. It was one of the few bright spots in their lives.

“I read a few as well and learned how those playboys and Dandyists behaved.”

Lumian laughed, moving closer to Jenna and placing his hands on her smooth, bare shoulders. “Like this?”

“Yes.” Jenna rolled her eyes. “Now you think of giving me a massage? I’m nearly falling apart because of you. You start reluctantly and then…”

As Jenna teased him, her words caught in her throat.

Lumian leaned in with a teasing smile. “It’s six in the morning…”

Jenna swiftly pulled the covers over herself and nimbly jumped out of bed like a deer.

Wrapped in the blanket, she looked at Lumian and laughed softly.

“Go find Franca now and use your Conspirer skills.”

Before Lumian could respond, Jenna grabbed her Traveler’s Bag and disappeared into the shadows of the room.

Lumian stood still for a moment, sighing. “Couldn’t you at least leave the blanket?”

After a while, the blanket was thrown from the shadows, landing on Lumian.

Lumian shook his head with a smile, mimicking Franca’s voice in his mind.

Ascetic, activate!

Inside Apartment 702 at 9 Rue Orosai.

Franca opened the door and saw Lumian. She instantly felt uncomfortable and wished she could slam the door in his face.

As she turned to walk to the armchair, she asked, “Jenna didn’t come with you?”

“She went back to rest,” Lumian said thoughtfully.

Franca suddenly understood, her expression turning complicated.

She stood by the armchair, momentarily forgetting to sit down.

Lumian glanced at her and asked intentionally, “Did you digest more of your Affliction potion?”

“Dammit!” Franca gritted her teeth, conjuring several crystalline ice spikes and hurling them at Lumian.

Lumian dodged easily and moved to the sofa area, looking back at the fuming Franca.

See, now we can forget the awkwardness and talk properly.

But Franca’s reaction was a bit too strong. We need to make that agreement a reality soon, or she might get tangled up again…

Lumian put on a placating smile and said to Franca, “It’s a habitual taunt. You know how Hunters are.”

Franca snorted and sat in the recliner.

Today, she wore a fitted white shirt with ruffled cuffs and a lace flower at the neck, paired with cream-colored trousers and her usual fluffy slippers.

Following Miss Celia Bello’s guidance, Lumian feigned guilt and asked, “How’s your Affliction potion digestion going?”

Franca puffed up her cheeks. “About a third.”

“Hmm, you’ve got the self-inflicted pain down, but you’re still lacking in causing pain to others,” Lumian said cautiously.

Then, he proactively poured her a glass of water and asked with a smile, “Want a shoulder and leg massage? You must be tired after running around for clues on Harrison these days.”

“Massage?” Franca was stunned, then wary, eyeing Lumian suspiciously.

After a few moments, she took the glass of water and drank. “No need.”

Eh… Great theorist of male-female interaction, master of theory Miss Celia Bello, your method doesn’t work… I have to rely on my own improvisation as a Conspirer… Lumian quickly sat down on the single sofa.

He opened his mouth as if to say something, then closed it, taking out the Black Tear headpiece from his Traveler’s Bag.

Franca realized Lumian was checking if the Demoness of Black was observing through the mirror.

Well, perfect timing… Franca was about to mention the potion formula and ingredients for Amandina when she saw Lumian quickly put away the Black Tear and give her a look.

Wh- The Demoness of Black is watching… Franca swallowed her words.

The next second, she saw Lumian get up, walk over to her, and squeeze into the armchair with a smile.

Hey… Hey, hey! Franca was stunned.

Her first reaction was to teach this space-invader a lesson, but then she realized Lumian’s purpose.

In the Demoness of Black’s eyes, we’re lovers. If we don’t show any intimacy, it’ll be suspicious…

Okay, let’s put on a show…

Franca felt Lumian’s arm wrap around her waist.

Her body stiffened before she forced herself to relax.

Then, Lumian turned her around, and she found herself looking into his deep blue eyes and chiseled face.

“I’m here to fulfill my promise,” Lumian said, giving her another look.

He chuckled softly and slowly lowered his head.

Franca’s eyes widened.

Hey! Are you doing it for real?

She instinctively wanted to break free but remembered the Demoness of Black was watching and Lumian’s hint to cooperate.

You little brat, are you taking advantage of me? Franca thought angrily. Then she remembered the previous agreement and sighed inwardly. Fine, it was bound to happen anyway…

Her long eyelashes fluttered, and her eyes slowly closed as her body softened.

Then, she felt Lumian’s lips, warm and firm, breaking through her defenses.

In a daze, Franca thought, No, no! The Demoness of Black is still watching! How shameful!

Almost simultaneously, she heard Lumian’s husky voice in her ear. “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

You’re quite considerate… Once we’re in the bedroom, covered by the blanket, the Demoness of Black can’t see… It’ll also solidify our relationship… Franca vaguely nodded, feeling herself lifted into the air.

In the warm and intimate bedroom.

With a lingering blush on her cheeks, Franca turned to Lumian and said, “I just remembered something I need to tell you…”

She asked with her eyes if the Demoness of Black was still watching.

Lumian chuckled. “The Demoness of Black left a while ago.”

Franca was stunned for a moment, her foggy mind realizing something was off.

“You didn’t check… How do you know?”

Lumian looked sincere. “The Demoness of Black didn’t come today.”

“…?” Franca was speechless.

She quickly understood, and in a fit of embarrassment and anger, she pounced on Lumian, hitting him.

“You tricked me! You tricked me!”


“You can’t use something like this to deceive teammates, understand?”

“I understand.”

“This makes it hard for me to trust your hints in the future. What if next time I think you’re lying, but the Demoness of Black really shows up?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Alright, I’ll trust you one more time, but don’t let it happen again! Don’t let it happen again!”


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