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«Circle of Inevitability (Web Novel) - Chapter 857 Inklings of That Individual

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Chapter 857 Inklings of That Individual

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“The translation you asked for has arrived.” Madam Magician tossed the stack of papers onto the table in front of The Star, then pulled up a chair and sat down.

Mr. Star didn’t change his posture, merely extending his hand forward.

The stack of papers floated up, held by an invisible force, and landed in The Star’s hand.

The Star began to read through the pages with focused eyes, the soft sound of pages turning filling the quiet room.

After a while, he looked up at The Magician across the desk. “What do you think of their speculation?”

Madam Magician replied with a smile, “From a writer’s perspective, there’s no better speculation than this. Of course, I actually believe it’s likely true. What about you, Mr. Pallez?”

Mr. Star’s eyes darkened, and an aged voice emerged from his mouth. “Back then, we only sensed that Alista Tudor was doing something very dangerous in Trier, but we didn’t know the specifics.

“If this is true, one question remains: where did Alista Tudor acquire the knowledge to undertake these actions?”

The Magician had long considered this question. “One possibility is that the Uniqueness of the Red Priest, already somewhat tainted, combined with Alista Tudor’s forceful switch to a non-adjacent pathway, ascending at the cost of madness, caused Him to sense the situation over there when He became a god, resulting in a wondrous resonance and acquisition of relevant knowledge.

“Another possibility is that it was given to him by you know who through some method.”

At this point, The Magician, following her spiritual intuition, asked, “Are you saying that there are inklings of that individual in this matter?”

The aged voice responded from The Star once more, “Hasn’t He always been interfering in history, steering it toward His envisioned direction?

“Of course, this might not be predestined history but rather an experiment of His.

“I never fully understood why He would help Alista Tudor forcibly ascend to Red Priest, stabilizing him to prevent immediate loss of control. Now, I have some idea: “At that time, He was only a King of Angels, making it difficult to influence and arrange events involving true gods. But what if the true god was already in a poor state, acting on instinct most of the time? It would be much easier.

“With the participation of the mad Blood Emperor Alista Tudor, the Primordial Demoness might indeed be drawn into this matter.

“In the end, He likely confirmed His hypothesis, gaining valuable experience, though it led to the unexpected eruption of the War of the Four Emperors.”

The Star’s voice suddenly reverted to its usual slightly magnetic tone. “How many years passed from Alista Tudor’s ascension to Red Priest to the outbreak of the War of the Four Emperors?”

He immediately answered his own question with an aged voice, “Five hundred and thirty-seven years.”

“Enough to verify some things.” The Star remarked with a magnetic tone.

The Magician nodded slightly and said, “If this is the truth, He must be very aware of the latent issues in the special mirror world.

“Ha, if Mr. Fool were awake now, He would definitely go to the Forsaken Land of the Gods, grab Him by the collar, and demand to know what’s hidden in the depths of the special mirror world!”

The Star subconsciously sighed. ‘”He-Mr. Fool-isn’t so violent and crude.”

Madam Magician chuckled. “Do you know what fantasy means?

“You have to distinguish between fantasy, truth, lies, the real emotions behind lies, and the deep-seated feelings, tendencies, impulses, and conflicts expressed through the most impossible scenarios imagined in fantasies. Also, what’s said as truth, thought as truth, and even actions taken don’t necessarily represent the true attitude.

“Once you distinguish these…” She glanced at the papers and pens on the desk, laughing softly. “You’ll have a preliminary grasp of the art of poetry.”

Mr. Star was silent for a few seconds.

“The knowledge gained this time pertains to the Hunter and Demoness pathways, also arranged by Him?”

“I think it’s more likely done by the Celestial Master,” The Magician pondered.

“We don’t know the current state of the Celestial Master, but judging by Underworld Daoist, even if He couldn’t prevent the Moses Ascetic Order’s Kmerolo from being corrupted, He could deeply influence the knowledge comprising the corruption. In the Hostel incident, He noticed the Seven of Wands.”

Mr. Star nodded.

“Is it His arrangement that the Hunter and Demoness among your Minor Arcana card holders got entangled? Trying to replicate the findings from the Blood Emperor and Primordial Demoness with them?”

Madam Magician chuckled and responded, “It’s more than just entanglement. Though I haven’t witnessed it myself, my spiritual intuition and writer’s sense tell me something must have happened.

“I pity them but can’t help being curious about the details…”

Clearing her throat, she shifted the topic back.

“The current development is the inevitable result of their fate entanglement, emotional interactions, personal character, and inner growth, likely unrelated to Him.


Madam Magician emphasized the word “but.”

“I now suspect that their initial meeting was arranged by Him, and then He let things develop naturally.

“Do you understand? A top-level writer sets the stage, constructs events, and lets the characters express, demonstrate, interact, and conflict on the stage to create the most wonderful story.”

The Star initially wanted to mock the writers but glanced at the paper and pen on the desk and remained silent.

The Magician sighed and then said, “We should be able to decrypt more of that information now.

“What about the payment? What’s the payment for the Two of Cups?”

As he took out one Beyonder ingredient after another from a silver box, The Star spoke.

“They have been prepared long ago.

“These are the potion formulas and ingredients from Sequence 9 Sleepless to Sequence 7 Nightmare.”

Madam Magician looked and smiled. “Not giving that gold coin?”

“Although the Two of Cups is our chosen guide for that dream, she can’t be given it too easily, even if she’s trustworthy and knowledgeable about the environment. I’ll give her another task and tell her that besides the Sequence 6 Soul Assurer potion formula and corresponding ingredients, she will receive a special reward.” The Star brushed his slightly messy hair and smiled.

The Magician nodded slightly, then asked another question, “I’ve always wanted to ask, Mr. Pallez, why do you remain with Mr. Star even after advancing to Sequence 1?”

The Star’s eyes darkened again, and the aged voice returned.

“When you get old, you desire stability and don’t want to change your accustomed environment.”

The Magician smiled in response. “I want to hear the truth.”

The Star sighed and said in an aged voice, “When you become a Sequence 1 Archangel, you’ll understand. You’ll feel the terrifying impact of Mr. Fool and the Celestial Worthy’s conflict, forcing me to stay within the Church of the Evernight Goddess for some protection.”

Madam Magician nodded, then gathered the potion formulas and ingredients from the table.

After a moment of thought, she asked Mr. Star, “Where did you obtain these ingredients?”

The Star smiled. “Sent an application to the Pope.”

Madam Magician pondered and asked further, “Her Holiness didn’t ask why and just gave them to you?”

“Yes, just given to me like that.” Mr. Star smiled calmly.

Madam Magician seemed to have an epiphany.

She then stood up, opened a starry door in the void, and left the wooden house.

The night was just receding, and dawn had not yet broken at Lumian’s rented apartment.

Jenna lay under the covers, her white shoulders exposed, leaning beside Lumian.

She stretched out her right hand, trying to pry open his eyelids.

“What are you doing?” Lumian asked, both amused and exasperated.

Jenna pouted. “You’re not looking at me with your eyes closed. I have to be proactive and help you open them.”

Reluctantly, Lumian opened his eyes, meeting her blue eyes, which sparkled with a hidden darkness.

After a few seconds of staring, Lumian remarked thoughtfully, “Your mental state seems much better than before.”

Jenna withdrew her hand, propping her chin up with a smile as she gazed at Lumian’s face and eyes. “Yeah, I felt much better after that talk with Franca.”

Lumian let out a scoff. “Who was it that said the worst-case scenario was Franca coming to kill me, and you’d agree? You knew Franca wouldn’t do such a thing.”

“That was just a fantasy, a projection of inner emotions, self-conflict, and self-destructive tendencies. Didn’t you catch that?” Jenna retorted.

Lumian chortled.”Of course I did. That’s why I said it was best to confront the issues between you early.”

He instinctively reached out to pat Jenna’s head but hesitated midway, his hand freezing.

Seeing this, Jenna’s gaze dimmed slightly. She pursed her lips and grabbed his hand, forcing it to the back of her head.

Lumian slowly started to pat her, transitioning from awkwardness to naturalness.

Jenna watched him with a smile. “What about yours?”

Lumian fell silent.

Jenna didn’t press further, instead asking cheerfully, “Did you and Franca…?”

Lumian sighed. “I try not to talk about my relationship with her in front of you.”

Jenna smiled. “Before my talk with Franca, it would have made me sad, conflicted, and miserable, even if I tried to hide it. Now, though I still have those emotions, I feel more hopeful and even relieved when you mention it. Do you understand this contradictory feeling?

“Many of my previous choices were also like that.”

Lumian nodded slowly. “You know Franca. Although she might have made up her mind, she still hesitates when it comes to the final step. Lately, I’ve noticed her being awkward whenever we see each other. Anthony probably noticed too but didn’t say anything.

“I can’t be the one to initiate, right?”

“Yes, you should. Go to her now, this morning!” Jenna said without hesitation.

Lumian looked deeply at her. “Are you trying to create stronger bonds to keep her in critical moments?”

Jenna grunted. “I will try to keep her, but I’ll also respect her final decision.”

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