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«Campus Rebirth: The Strongest Female Agent (Published Novel) - Chapter 1310 Her Last Wish-Take Her Home

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Chapter 1310 Her Last Wish-Take Her Home

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Yun Jian who sat up straight shook her head at the question from the fisherman’s wife and told her, “No, nothing.”

She looked absolutely precious like this and Si Yi felt a tingle watching her. He felt like he should wrap his Xiao Jian in his embrace so no one would see how delightful she was because all that of hers belonged to him-and could only belong to him!

“It’s probably the fish kissing in the river being in their mating season! There are all sorts of fish here in this river and it’s summer now, so they’ve all come out to mate!” The fisherman explained with a laugh and continued to row the boat.

There was no end to this river but it was already the end to where the fisherman and his wife usually fished in their boat. If they went farther, they would not know if there would be any danger there, so they did not plan to keep rowing

“You young ones, enjoy your life and each other!”

The fisherman and his wife snuggled against each other lovingly as they watched Yun Jian and Si Yi, waving at them, when they bid them farewell. It was the wife of the fisherman who spoke to them very kindly. The fisherman and his wife had insisted not to take a penny from Yun Jian and Si Yi for the boat ride and claimed that they had just brought them along their way.

Yun Jian and Si Yi thanked the fisherman husband and wife. When they were about to leave, the fisherman’s wife made an attempt to ask them to stay with a grin. “Are you sure you two don’t need to stay the night at our place? Our place is the best in soundproofing within ten miles of the neighborhood.”

What she said made Yun Jian blush instantly again while Si Yi rejected the offer naturally. It was only then they went on their way back.

Since Yun Jian and Si Yi left around noon, they had spent about the whole afternoon going from the top of the river to the end. When they returned to the banquet hall again, it was already time for dinner. Despite that, they did not plan to have dinner there, going back to Longmen City in Country Z directly instead.

This time, Si Yi had gotten a helicopter to return to Country Z straight with Yun Jian.

Snow Eagle, Snake.Lizard, Berserk Dragon, and the others were still staying here, only going back the next day when the tea party ended.

Before they left, Yun Jian met up with Duoya and Charlotte.

Duoya and Charlotte had covered Maena’s body with a plain white cloth and did their best to reattach the parts for her. What Mira had damaged, however, was no longer salvageable.

When Yun Jian went to meet them, both of them were kneeling silently before Maena who was covered with a white cloth.

Yun Jian placed her hands on Duoya and Charlotte’s shoulders respectively as she went to them. After a momentary silence, she said, “Only when you become strong can you protect those you want to.”

Hearing Yun Jian’s voice, Duoya turned to look at her, recognizing the slight grief in her voice. She asked Yun Jian instead, “You’re so strong yet you have times when you can’t protect those you want to?”

Yun Jian clenched her fists suddenly at Duoya’s question. The deaths of the little girl and Yun Jian’s own younger brother in her previous life were vivid in her mind. She loosened her grip shortly, not a change of expression on her face. She was as quiet as death.

Just when Duoya thought that Yun Jian would not reply, she heard her saying grimly, “Yes.”

Yun Jian was strong but she was no god. She was not an omnipotent presence. She, Slaying God, had her misses too!

“I heard that you’re going to Country M first before reporting to the mercenaries?” Yun Jian broke the silence.

It was Charlotte who replied this time. With an empty gaze and pale lips, she seemed like she was reminiscing. “Country M is Na’s hometown. She was abducted by the assassin organization when she was 15.”

“We knew each other in the organization too and she told me a long time ago that she had family. It’s just that she didn’t want her identity as an assassin to burden her family. She once said that if she dies before she gets to become so strong that she could openly go home, she wants me to bring her back home.”

“This is her… last wish, so… I’m taking her home this time!”


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