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«Campus Rebirth: The Strongest Female Agent (Published Novel) - Chapter 1071: The Wedding Ceremony—Serving The Humble Pie (6)

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Chapter 1071: The Wedding Ceremony—Serving The Humble Pie (6)

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ms. Lu had hated Yun Jian’s nonchalance toward her and she had already planned to ignore the latter but she had to suck up to the girl once again when she found out that she was New Cruise’s director.

After knowing that Hua Yun and Hu Chaoqun were actually much more successful than Yun Jian, the teacher switched team in an instant.

“You guys are amazing! A multinational company! Oh my goodness!” Ms. Lu went up to Hua Yun, extending a hand to touch the latter as she spoke in a gesture to initiate friendliness.

“Hello, nice to meet you. I’m a teacher in an exclusive primary school in Longmen City. If you don’t mind, can we be friends…” Ms. Lu approached Hua Yun without a hint of shame.

Before her hand could touch Hua Yun, however, the latter turned to her in contempt. “Stay away from me! Country bumpkin!”

When Ms. Lu extended her hand, she had felt like she was one of those wealthy women too. It was like she would become one of the rich wives that garnered envy as long as she became friends with Hua Yun.

Despite that, her half-stretched hand paused in the air from Hua Yun’s curt jeer.

There was always such type of people in this world who assumed themselves to be superior and were always confident to extend their hands to get acquainted with people who were at the peak of their domain. What they did not know was that they were as insignificant as the ants in the latter’s eyes.

For lack of better words, why should others acquaint themselves to someone of a lower status when said someone had never helped them?

Ms. Lu was exactly the type of person mentioned. She was very confident that Hua Yun would befriend her when she extended her hand, so it came as a surprise that Hua Yun did not even spare her much of a glance.

After what she told Ms. Lu, Hua Yun turned to Hu Chaoqun and threw him a flying kiss. A woman in her forties, she spoke to the man in a cutesy voice, “Hubby, uncle isn’t here yet?”

“Uncle is parking his car. He’ll be here in a moment. Let’s wait for a bit longer, baby. There’s no hurry,” Hu Chaoqun coaxed greasily with a pat on Hua Yun’s butt.

Just as he said that, the group saw a muscular, robust man coming through the door.

This man was most probably in his fifties, close to 60 years old even, but he did not look old at all, looking around the age of 40 at most. This was Hu Chaoqun’s uncle, Hu Batian.

Hu Batian was from Country Z too but had started his establishment overseas. He succeeded building a career for himself and had changed his citizenship to Country M.

Once Hu Batian walked in, Hu Chaoqun felt like he himself had risen in status as well.

His uncle was not among one of the top ten multinational companies but he was able to chart among the top 20. It was unfortunate that the ranking of multinational companies had only ten placings.

Even then, Hu Batian was still an outstanding businessman globally!

“Uncle!” Hu Chaoqun greeted confidently when he saw the man before he turned to look at Yun Jian with a lordly look and smugly told her, as well as everyone else, in introduction. “This is my uncle. My uncle’s company is within the top 20 multinational enterprises globally! This means that my uncle’s company is one of the top 20 companies in the world, understand?”

Hu Chaoqun emphasized again as if he was afraid that some people who were there could not understand him. His preening mien felt like he was scared that others did not know how brilliant his uncle was.

Hu Batian had just taken his place and stood over proudly when he espied three figures not too far away.

“Uh…” He had looked rather confident and proud just moments earlier but all that vanished during this instant.

Under Hu Chaoqun, Hua Yun and others’ curious gazes, Hu Batian went over to Diane, Phantom Flame and Spectral Refiner who were playing cards.

Yun Jian arched a brow wearing a small smile.

As Hu Batian came to the trio, his gaze at the group who was killing time by playing cards was in disbelief.

“Uncle, what’s the matter…” Hua Yun gave Hu Chaoqun a pinch, to which the man understood immediately and went over to ask Hu Batian with a smile.

He had just raised his question when he saw Hu Batian, their respected uncle, the uncle who they were so proud of, bowing at Diane and the other two people deferentially.

Right before everyone, Hu Batian looked at the trio a little meekly and asked in respect, “The three of you are the three executive heads of Gu Sha Mercenaries, right? May I know what brings you here?”


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