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«Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort (Web Novel) - Chapter 958 – Understand, Baili Hongzhuang

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Chapter 958 - Understand, Baili Hongzhuang

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Di Beichen nodded slightly. If Hongzhuang said it’s effective, then it must be very effective.

He had heard of the Snow Dragon Grass before, but he hadn’t expected to find it in the bags they confiscated this time. Thinking about it, Di Beichen couldn’t help but smile. His wife’s knack for finding valuable things was indeed rewarding.

“Wife, do you have this potion?” Di Beichen inquired.

Hongzhuang took out a bottle of the exact same potion from the bag and waved it in front of Di Beichen, her smile becoming even more charming.

“That guy was quite valuable. With two Snow Dragon Grass, I made two doses of this potion!” Hongzhuang’s mood was quite good; after all, medicinal ingredients that could enhance strength were always welcome.

Thinking about it, having more troublemakers like that guy around might not be a bad thing. After all, it also fattened their pockets.

Seeing this, Di Beichen’s smile widened a bit. “My wife is truly amazing.”

“Of course,” Hongzhuang raised her eyebrows and said with a smile.

“Beichen, there’s an auction in Yuanwu City tomorrow. Shall we go and see?” Hongzhuang handed the promotional flyer for the auction to Di Beichen. Originally, they planned to stay in Yuanwu City for two days and then leave, but it seemed they would stay one more day now.

“Sure,” Di Beichen agreed without hesitation. He never refused anything Hongzhuang wanted to do.

However, knowing Hongzhuang’s temperament, if she didn’t find anything interesting at the auction, they probably wouldn’t linger in Yuanwu City for too long.

Thinking about this, Di Beichen also took a look at the promotional flyer to see what caught Hongzhuang’s eye.

Seeing Di Beichen’s actions, Hongzhuang couldn’t help but chuckle. “Guess what I’m interested in?”

At these words, Di Beichen glanced at Hongzhuang, then carefully examined the promotional flyer. After a thorough look, he found that although the items listed were valuable, there was probably nothing Hongzhuang urgently needed at the moment.

Seeing Di Beichen’s deepening contemplation, the curve of Hongzhuang’s lips expanded a bit.

Thinking about it, it was indeed difficult to guess what she might be interested in.

“Can’t guess, huh?” Hongzhuang smiled cunningly. Di Beichen usually had a confident air; it was rare for him to be uncertain.

Just as Hongzhuang was about to reveal her thoughts, Di Beichen’s finger stopped at the location of the parchment scroll.

“What you’re interested in… is it this?” His voice, deep and alluring, exuded confidence and certainty. Di Beichen looked at Hongzhuang with a light smile, as if he had long confirmed the answer.

Seeing that Di Beichen had once again guessed her thoughts correctly, Hongzhuang couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment. “How did you know?”

In theory, it should have been challenging to guess.

Seeing Hongzhuang affirming his guess, Di Beichen’s smile deepened. “I know you well.”

Since the items on the list were not what Hongzhuang lacked, and it was too obvious if it was medicinal ingredients, Hongzhuang wouldn’t have been so confident in letting him guess. After carefully inspecting all the auction items, Di Beichen was sure of the result.

Except for this parchment scroll, there was nothing else.

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