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«Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort (Web Novel) - Chapter 957 –Marvel, Di Beichen

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Chapter 957 -Marvel, Di Beichen

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Seeing Di Beichen’s anticipatory expression, Baili Hongzhuang directly presented a bottle of potion to him.

The pale blue liquid swayed slightly in the transparent glass bottle, beautifully resembling the sea and the stars.

Looking at the pale blue liquid in his hand, a hint of curiosity appeared in Di Beichen’s eyes. “Wife, what is this?”

Seeing Di Beichen finally showing a curious expression, the smile on Baili Hongzhuang’s lips widened. “This is a potion I formulated.”

“What does it do?”

Di Beichen’s gaze fell on the blue potion in his hand. If it made Baili Hongzhuang so proud, the potion must have some significant effects.

Most importantly, he had never seen such a potion before.

However, after spending such a long time with Hongzhuang, he was already accustomed to her having all sorts of novel things. Whether it was lost elixirs or other things, such surprising things were normal coming from Hongzhuang.

This potion seemed to be no simple thing.

“I found Snow Dragon Grass in that man’s Qiankun bag yesterday. Snow Dragon Grass can enhance the physical strength of cultivators and strengthen the skin’s hardness.

However, this kind of herb is used on the surface of the body, not internally, so its effect as an ingested elixir is not very good.

If its juice is directly applied to the surface of the body, the stimulation will be strong and difficult to balance. Therefore, I formulated it into a potion.

This way, as long as you pour this potion into the bath, it will take effect.”

Baili Hongzhuang’s lips curved in a beautiful smile. This was a method she often used to enhance physical strength in her previous life.

Compared to other methods, this one was undoubtedly the most suitable.

Listening to Baili Hongzhuang’s words, Di Beichen’s eyes also lit up. He had never heard of such a method to enhance physical strength before.

As everyone knew, among all martial arts, body-refining techniques were the most difficult to cultivate. But for cultivators with a certain background, their elders would always remind them of the importance of practicing body-refining techniques.

In order to improve his own strength, Di Beichen also realized the importance of cultivating body-refining techniques. Therefore, he had spent a lot of effort cultivating them.

However, cultivating body-refining techniques was not easy, and there were no other good methods. His cultivation method was almost a form of self-torture.

At this moment, hearing about the method described by Hongzhuang, he felt that this method was excellent.

“This is really a good method. I’ve never heard of it before.”

A touch of admiration appeared on his clear and handsome face. Perhaps, only Hongzhuang would know such a method.

After all, as the young master of Tiangang Sect, he had seen many cultivators, but he had never seen anyone cultivate body-refining techniques in this way.

Thinking of this, Di Beichen couldn’t help but think of the time when he went to Canglan Academy to see Hongzhuang when she was in danger during the onslaught of the demonic beasts.

At that time, Hongzhuang was also sitting in a bathtub.

It seemed that this should be a method commonly used by Hongzhuang for cultivation.

“This potion also has a significant effect on you. You can try it, but only pour a part of it each time.

The power of Snow Dragon Grass is strong, and it cannot be completely absorbed at once. Instead, it may damage the skin.” Baili Hongzhuang explained. After all, cultivation was never a quick process, and while this method was good, it still required a certain amount of time.

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