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«Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God (Web Novel) - Chapter 565: Chaotic Battle

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Chapter 565: Chaotic Battle

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Gu Nan appeared on the frontlines, and his first target was Beast God Bridges. However, Austin and the others were still in the Myriad Heavens and couldnt arrive in time, so other gods would have to help Bridges.

A lavender mist enshrouded the surroundings; the River Styx slowly extended out from behind Gu Nan; a violent storm churned over Gu Nans head, thunder and lightning intertwining; and before him was the phantom of a ferocious demon

The instant Gu Nan appeared, the Beast God retreated violently while the four greater gods behind him took simultaneous action to stop Gu Nan's advance.

Ruler of Nightmares Kenneth, Ruler of Styx August, Ruler of Tyrannical Storms Leyman, and Demon King Stanley.

They were the remaining four greater gods of the Dark Faction. Faced with Gu Nans sudden arrival, these four greater gods actually launched simultaneous attacks. The Unified Dao cultivators of the Myriad Heavens were definitely not this united.

For example, Austin had been wreaking havoc in God Emperor Heaven for a while now, but the number of Unified Dao existences who showed up to helpnot counting Yu Lian and Jiu Powas only two to three.

But this wasnt importantbecause Gu Nan, who was already Tier 13, did not care about the number of enemies at all.

No matter how many laws they gathered, all of it would still be destroyed in one punch!

With a single punch, the storm was blown apart, the dream realm collapsed, the River Styx flowed in reverse, and the demon retreated Then, under the Beast Gods incredulous stare, his divine body was shattered to pieces.

The battlefield instantly fell silent, and Myriad Laws Heavens Li Ci, who was originally fighting the Beast God, gave Gu Nan a strange look.

One punch broke through the combined attacks of four greater gods, then directly destroyed the Beast Gods divine body Li Ci suddenly felt that maybe the gods earlier warnings had some truth after all.

This person's growth speed wasnt normal at all. If he was allowed to continue developing, no one might be able to restrain him anymore.

Death God Baal was the first to arrive. Hed always had a good personal relationship with the Beast God, so a cold glint flashed through his eyes.

The greater gods relied on their Godheads to gather their laws. Although they wouldnt die on the spot if their divine body was destroyed, they would still suffer heavier losses than their Unified Dao counterparts. It was impossible to pretend this offense never happened.

The death scythe suddenly slashed out, but Gu Nan just raised his head calmly.

His body still contained the aura of four different laws. He twisted his head somewhat unnaturally, then punched the ice-cold scythe.

The power behind an attack with Baals full strength should not be underestimated. The scythe cut through most of Gu Nan's shoulder, revealing the ghastly white bones inside, but the wound was healing at a terrifying speed.

Gu Nan shattered the scythe with one punch, then shook his right hand. The injury caused by the scythe had already recovered.

He flashed Baal a cold smile as he suddenly vanished, having already switched his target to this Death God.

Austin and the other two also arrived just then. If the Evil God wasnt in the Myriad Heavens, then they wouldnt be foolish enough to fight on someone else's home turf. That would be tantamount to seeking death.

Baal had already become Gu Nan's target, so the Star Rulers of the three original realms also picked their own opponents.

Emperor Zhao was slightly weaker and did not let anger overtake his reasoning at this time. He faced off against Boswell, while Jiu Po approached Austin to continue their unfinished battle from last time.

Jiu Po fought Austin briefly back when he was hunting Valen.

That time, he underestimated "justice" and almost allowed Austin to escape, but Gu Nan made up for that misstep. This time, Jiu Po obviously would not make such a mistake again.

Yu Lian faced Dark Lady Daisy. This was also the only battle between the old and new generations.

Daisy was actually much older than Austin. Shed even met Yu Lians teacher before, while Yu Lian only inherited Void Grotto Heaven during this generation.

Besides these three groups, all greater gods from the World of Gods had already joined the fray.

The Dark Factions four greater godswhod already attacked earlierappeared together. Goddess of Nature Daphne and Ruler of War Eugene also arrived. Even the Beast God, whose divine body was already destroyed once, walked onto the battlefield again with a dark expression.

At this stage, the Myriad Heavens Unified Dao bigshots naturally couldnt hide any longer. The war between the two worlds had already reached the most critical stage.

On the contrary, the war among those below them paused. Because everyone knew that the final outcome of the war would be determined by this decisive battle taking place in the gap between the two worlds.

Everyone had already found their opponent, but one person was not so well-behaved, and that was Gu Nan.

Gu Nan threw a punch at Baal. The latter was already prepared and entered a state between life and death, while Gu Nan's punch went right through him, dealing zero damage.

Baal reversed his grip on the scythe and slashed down. Thick death energy seemed to rise up from the realm of the dead, trying to drag Gu Nan away from the world of the living.

Gu Nan grinned, and his body instantly melted into the shadows. The scythe also missed. Neither side gained an advantage in this exchange.

But Baal wasnt in a rush. As long as Gu Nan appeared from the shadows, it would be impossible to escape his lock-on.

He knew Gu Nan's regeneration ability was extremely strong, but as the Death God, he had a law for thatas long as enough death energy accumulated in Gu Nan's body, the final detonation would definitely cause huge damage.

The next second, Gu Nan suddenly appeared on the other side of the battlefield and punched someone hard.

Beast God Bridges!

Bridges almost coughed up blood. Why is this psycho targeting me again?

But no one could help him stall Gu Nan this time. All the greater gods were preoccupied with their own opponents. Only Baal was free, but Gu Nan didn't even spare him a glance, even as Baals scythe cut into him multiple times.

The Beast Gods divine body exploded again, and this poor greater god was once again blasted to smithereens, but the price was that Gu Nan was slashed by the death scythe yet again.

Moreover, Baal reacted extremely quickly. The same time he swung the scythe, he also attacked Bridges' enemy.

The person facing the Beast God was Gu Nan's acquaintance, Azure Sky Heavens Mu Qishuang. Mu Qishuang wasnt weak, but her laws were a bad matchup for the Death God, so she could barely block the scythe.

Baal originally only wanted to lessen the losses; he did not expect to have some unexpected gains.

So he immediately forgot about Gu Nanwho was more slippery than a loachand focused on dealing with Mu Qishuang.

In Baals view, if he fought Mu Qishuang, this womans laws would quickly be scattered and destroyed, so Gu Nan would be forced to come back and help her.

His idea was basically correct, but Why would Gu Nan care whether Mu Qishuang lived or died?

Gu Nans figure blurred again, this time appearing right next to Daphne and Zou Jiming. Thus, Daphne, who had no one to help her, was also downed by Gu Nan in three punches.

The vigilant Daphne dodged two punches, but in the end, it was impossible to avoid every single punch, so she was also smashed to pieces by Gu Nan's punch.

"Damn it!" Baals eyes exuded endless killing intent, but his thoughts were extremely clear.

He knew it would be very hard to catch Gu Nan, who held dominion over shadows, but he didn't expect Gu Nan to completely disregard his comrades lives. In that case

Baal forced Mu Qishuang away with one blow, then ignored all other Unified Dao cultivators and headed straight for the area the top three were in.

His target was Emperor Zhao!

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