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«Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God (Web Novel) - Chapter 564: Bait

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Chapter 564: Bait

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"Youre quite bold," Austin's voice came from behind Gu Nan as his figure emerged, glaring at Gu Nan coldly.

With the exception of the few who surrendered, all enemies who dared to step inside his Divine Kingdom closed their eyes forever.

Gu Nan turned around and just shot him a grin. Two words were clearly written in his grinunbridled arrogance.

Austin could see that this Evil Gods realm had increased again, almost to the point of making even himself wary. Clearly, this was the basis for the opponent's arrogance.

But Did he think just this was enough?

A holy sword suddenly crashed down. In the Holy Light Divine Kingdom, the power of this strike reached a fearsome level.

Gu Nan, whod long been able to tank the holy sword outside this Divine Kingdom and had even advanced to Tier 13, was still directly incinerated by this attack, leaving only a mass of shadows under his feet that was barely moving.

Austin's movements didnt pause at all as holy flames instantly swept over the ground, searing away the shadows, but Gu Nan's energy still did not dissipate.

Loud laughter came from the air. Gu Nan's figure reappeared and then quickly disappeared. He finished escape preparations a long time ago; the earlier Gu Nan was just a clone.

"You can't escape," Austin's voice was still cold and flat, but with a hint of certainty.

He could easily leave a mark on anyone who dared to enter the Holy Light Divine Kingdom, and the holy light would guide him in their direction.

Tracking techniques had never been a rarity, especially for people at Austin's level.

Long before he showed himself, Austin had already left a mark on Gu Nan with the help of the ever-present holy light in his Divine Kingdom.

Even though it was rushed, this mark would stay on Gu Nan for at least a few days, enough for Austin to track him down.

Although he didn't know why Gu Nan appeared in the Holy Light Divine Kingdom, since the opportunity was already in front of him, Austin had no reason not to seize it.

With a flash, he reappeared on the Dark Factions side.

"I left a mark on the Evil God. You guys cover for me while I enter the Myriad Heavens," Austin said to Dark Lady Daisy.

Daisy looked slightly taken aback, as if she was surprised the Evil God appeared again, then nodded. "Okay."

After Austin and Daisy agreed on a plan, the four top greater gods appeared on the two worlds battlefield and simultaneously rushed towards the Myriad Heavens.

After hearing about the Evil Gods trail, Baal and Boswell immediately joined this operation without hesitation.

However, this scene shocked the Unified Dao cultivators.

The four strongest existences among the greater gods all appeared at once, which was tantamount to completely giving up their frontline defense Was it time for a decisive battle?

Yu Lian and Jiu Po appeared immediately, and Emperor Zhao also appeared with them.

The Star Rulers of the three original astral worlds represented the strongest combat power of the Myriad Heavens. Emperor Zhao rarely participated in this war, but he had no choice but to show up this time.

Soon, he was thankful he arrived in time, because Austinunder the cover of the other three greater godsheaded straight for God Emperor Heaven!

The three Unified Dao powers who were held up by Daisy and the others were all startled. Emperor Zhao immediately forgot about Baal, the opponent before him, and turned to rush back to God Emperor Heaven.

But no one accused him of being selfish right now. Star Rulers could exert at least 120% of their power inside their own astral worlds. On the contrary, Yu Lian and Jiu Po were even trying their best to hold off the other enemies for him.

Emperor Zhao moved very quickly and appeared in front of Austin in the blink of an eye. The ancient bronze sword emerged from the sky and crashed down on Austin's head.

The Emperor Sword, the human paths divine weapon passed down from ancient times, faced off against the holy sword from the King of Gods!

Under normal circumstances, Austin might still be willing to fight, but now that he was in a hurry to track down the Evil God, how could he be in the mood?

So Austin used his holy sword to block the Emperor Sword, then pushed with his left hand. The golden scales appeared again and landed directly on Emperor Zhaos head.

Austin, who held two top-tier divine authorities, usually rarely used his "justice", but it could often produce astonishing results at critical times.

Emperor Zhao had fought against Austin before and did not fear this Greater God of Light.

Although his own realm only corresponded to Tier 13, the Emperor's special laws allowed him to fight against Austin.

But hed never seen Austin attack with "justice". When the scale fell down, Emperor Zhao subconsciously slashed it with his sword.

But he soon discovered that the Emperor Sword was motionless, suppressed by the golden scale, with Austin's holy sword placed on the other side of the scale.

Austin temporarily trapped Emperor Zhaos sword at the cost of his own holy sword!

The next second, Gu Nan voluntarily appeared, punching Austin hard from behind.

Of course Gu Nan wouldnt foolishly wait for the other party to find him. Instead, he took the initiative and pretended he was here to help Emperor Zhao.

Austin knew the Evil God was here, so he was naturally prepared. A ball of holy flames erupted from his right hand, and the terrifying shockwave slammed into Gu Nan.

Austin was a greater god who rose abruptly amidst the Divine Wars. He had extremely high combat instincts and quickly found a way to deal with Gu Nan.

Pure laws would be blasted away directly by Gu Nans enormous strength. Instead, converting the laws into physical force first could at least have a stalling effect.

But Gu Nan's Evil God physique was strengthened yet again, and the power behind his punch reached an unbelievable level. The holy flames were instantly blasted apart, but Gu Nan himself was also blown away by the shockwave.

Austin stuck to him like a shadow, immediately taking back his holy sword and striking Gu Nan directly, while the golden scale also bore down on Gu Nan's head.

But Gu Nan didnt intend to stay any longer and relied on the Evil God physique to tank Austin's sword while taking that opportunity to break free of the golden scales suppression, his figure disappearing in an instant.

Gu Nan wasnt like those Unified Dao cultivators; he was all too aware of how powerful the golden scale was in Austin's hands, so he had to escape its influence.

Thanks to this delay, Yu Lian, Jiu Po, and the Myriad Heavens other Unified Dao powers also arrived one after another, turning the scene chaotic for a while.

Baal stood next to Dark Lady Daisy. He narrowed his eyes. "We will stay behind as support. That Evil God has been marked by Austin and cannot escape."

Daisy and the Ruler of Ashen Cyan both nodded. With their strength, they did not fear being besieged by Unified Dao figures. They could always get a chance to escape.

But none of the three expected for Austin to return just a moment later.

"He ran away, Austin used three words to succinctly explain the meaning behind his reappearance.

"Where did he go?" Boswell, the Ruler of Ashen Cyan, couldn't help asking. He knew it was impossible for Gu Nan to escape Austin's surveillance.

"The frontlines, Austin answered flatly.

The other three suddenly turned. Sure enough, they saw Gu Nan standing behind the Beast God on the frontlines, while the latter was hurriedly avoiding Gu Nans attacks.

At this moment, they suddenly understood Gu Nan's intention.

He used himself as bait to completely ignite the war at the greater god level and he succeeded.

A chaotic battle was coming.

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