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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 424 A Lesson

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Chapter 424 A Lesson

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Standing in the passage, Li Yong opens his clairvoyant vision and sees that Wei Fangxia is sleeping in the room on the second floor next to his room. Feng Yumeng is sleeping in the room that is opposite his room. Wei Fangxia has fallen asleep, but Feng Yumeng is still opening her eyes. Apparently, she is sleepless.

Downstairs, Kuwasawa Amami has fallen asleep too, but Hongyu is practicing on the bed.

In the whole villa, except for the tossing and turning voice of Feng Yumeng, there is the sound of sleeping of the beauties.

Li Yong comes downstairs quietly and gently knocks at the door of Hongyu’s room.

The door is immediately opened and a red figure appears in front of Li Yong. Hongyu looks happy and looks at Li Yong excitedly. She asks gently, “Yong, should we take action?”

“It’s still two hours before the sky gets bright. I hope we can make it in time.”

Li Yong says faintly and turns to walk out. Hongyu is happy and follows him cheerfully. Hongyu has been waiting for this moment for a long time and can’t wait it any longer.

She needs to use Li Yong’s strength. She will not only save Jin Wei, but also take revenge on Heiling.

Coming out of the villa, Li Yong sees a cripple who is trying to climb over the fence.

He must be the suspicious man that Wei Fangxia mentioned. To Li Yong’s surprise, this cripple is Shouda Shikai. He was Feng Yumeng’s boyfriend that she picked in Japan who can do kung fu.

Last time, Shouda Shikai tried to rescue Feng Yumeng. Li Yong cut the rope and Shouda Shikai fell from the 32th floor. Although he didn’t die, he became a cripple and lost all his kung fu. He nearly became a disabled man.

At that time, Feng Yumeng chose him as her boyfriend just because he was good at doing kung fu.

Feng Yumeng wanted to use his kung fu and family to protect herself.

Now, Feng Yumeng won’t like him even if she has nothing left.

Therefore, even if he often comes to look for Feng Yumeng, Feng Yumeng won’t see him.

The fence is not tall, but Shouda Shikai is a cripple and has no kung fu now. He can’t climb over the fence.

Seeing that Shouda Shikai who could do ninjutsu in the past has become like this, Li Yong sighs.

When he is about to drive away, Hongyu says, “Shouda Shikai, why are you here?”

“Do you know this man?” Li Yong asks in surprise. He didn’t expect that Shouda Shikai is a little famous.

“He was a member of the Tiange Gang and Jin Wei is kidnapped by the Tiange Gang. We don’t know much about the Tiange Gang. Maybe he can help us,” Hongyu thinks and says.

Hearing Hongyu’s words, Li Yong immediately walks to Shouda Shikai.

This time, he takes a certain risk to rescue Jin Wei because he knows nothing about the enemy. Since he has a chance to know about the enemy, he can’t let it go.

He should know himself as well as the enemy. Then he can succeed. Knowing the enemy is very important.

After approaching him, Li Yong finds that Shouda Shikai is slim, weak and dirty. He is very light. Shouda Shikai was tall, strong and handsome in the past. Now he is not as good as ten percent of what he was.

At this moment, Li Yong sympathizes with her a little bit.

“Let go of me. What do you want to do? Let go of me.” Being grabbed by Li Yong, Shouda Shikai wants to shake him off, but he can’t. He even has no strength to talk. He is as weak as a dying man.

In order to save time, Li Yong throws Li Yong directly into the car and asks Hongyu to drive on the road. When the car runs quickly on the road, Li Yong says, “Mr. Shouda, are you coming to see the Huaxia girl whose name is Feng Yumeng?”

“How do you know it?” Shouda Shikai looks at Li Yong. His eyes are blank. Apparently, he doesn’t recognize Li Yong.

“Tell me about the Tiange Gang and I’ll take you to see her,” Li Yong says smilingly.

“What do you want to know?” Shouda Shikai asks dully, as if he has lost his soul.

“Where do they lock up the important people after they arrest them and before they kill them?” Li Yong tries to ask faintly and casually. He doesn’t want to draw Shouda Shikai’s attention.

“Who are you? What do you want to do?” Shouda Shikai becomes alert. He looks silly, but he is sober in the heart. His eyes become bright. He looks at Li Yong and says firmly, “I am not a member of the Tiange Gang, but you won’t get any information from me.”

“Don’t you want to see Feng Yumeng?” Li Yong asks smilingly and tries to be friendly and nice.

“She is just a woman. No matter how much I love her, I won’t betray my vow for a woman,” Shouda Shikai says firmly. He also clenches his fists to show his courage.

Li Yong knows this is the Japanese Samurai spirit. They would rather die in order to keep their promises. Shouda Shikai is slim and weak and suffering from malnutrition. He is not curable and will die soon.

But he is firm and resolute when saying this.

It’s touching at the first sight, but in Li Yong’s view, he is just an idiot.

“Since you said so, I’ll kill Feng Yumeng.” Li Yong looks cold and frightens him.

“Thank you. When Ms. Feng dies, I’ll kill myself. We can’t be together when we are alive. We can be together after we die!” Shouda Shikai looks happy. Even Li Yong admires him in the heart.

“Since you said so, I’ll let her go. You can’t be together when you are alive. I’ll stop you from being together after you die, unless you tell me where the Tiange Gang locks up the people they kidnap.” Li Yong won’t give up.

“I won’t tell you.” Shouda Shikai looks as if he would rather die than submit.

Hongyu drives very fast and they are going to arrive at the headquarters of the Tiange Gang soon. Time is running out and the day is getting bright. Li Yong gradually loses patience and says seriously, “Will you tell me or not?”

“I would rather die,” Shouda Shikai says resolutely.

“Then I won’t be polite,” Saying this, Li Yong takes out the silver needle and stabs Shouda Shikai’s body three times.

He stabs him at three acupoints on his chest. He does it with different pace and strength. Although his technique is very unique, it’s not used to save people.

Shouda Shikai immediately lets out miserable scream, as if he is bitten by thousands of poisonous insects. He feels that his flesh gradually festers. Even the blood is eaten by the insects. He feels extremely uncomfortable and even wants to die.

His body keeps cramping and a lot of red sweat flows out, as if his whole body is bleeding. It’s very horrible.

Shouda Shikai gives in within one minute.

“I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you everything…” At this moment, he forgets all the promises and vows.

After Li Yong asked him smilingly, he honestly tells everything Li Yong wants to know.

He is just an ordinary person now and can’t bear the torture of the Three Evil Needles.

This is the most cruel needle technique in Li Yong’s mind. It’s said that even god can’t stand it. The ancient divine doctors got a lot of secrets they wanted to know by using this technique.

As long as you use this needle technique, even the man who is sly and cunning can become honest and docile. He will tell you everything honestly in detail as long as you ask. He can be very cooperative.

This is the first time that Li Yong has used it. He is very satisfied with the effect.

After Li Yong got all the secrets from Shouda Shikai, he pricks on his body twice again, defusing the pain of the Three Evil Needles and curing the serious disease of Shouda Shikai.

Although he is not completely cured, Shouda Shikai has become much better.

As long as he pays attention to rest and food and keeps exercising, he will be better and be completely all right in the end.

This is kindness of Li Yong. He won’t bear past grudges and even cures Shouda Shikai, who is his enemy.

“Wait a moment.”

After Hongyu parked the car on the side of the road, Li Yong pokes at Shouda Shikai to make him faint and pushes him out of the car.

He doesn’t want to take Shouda Shikai to the Tiange Gang. He thinks that since he has cured his disease, he can’t get him involved. Because if the Tiange Gang knows that Shouda Shikai tells him the secret, Shouda Shikai will be killed miserably.

After throwing Shouda Shikai, Li Yong and Hongyu continue to drive.

More than ten minutes later, they drive onto a hill that looks like a toad. Then they drive through a thick forest, bypass a rock forest, and then disappear behind a huge rock. Finally they stop in front of an old building.

“Yong, we have arrived,” Hongyu takes a deep breath and says gently.

The lights of the car are turned off. It’s dark around. This is the darkness before the dawn, so the sky is very dark.

“Let’s go.”

Li Yong gets off the car to recognize the direction. Then he takes Hongyu to the back of the building under the cover of the dark night.

This old and ancient eight-story building is surrounded by high walls. Even the light of the street lamps is blocked. There is light inside, but is very faint.

There are also dogs raised here. They bark occasionally, like wolves that are roaring on the snowfield.

From a distance, this old building looks horrible, as if there is unimaginable danger. But under Li Yong’s clairvoyant vision, the dark night is as bright as the day. The surroundings are very clear and he can see all the dangers.

Li Yong sees that there are a dozen of dogs of different sizes, kinds and colors. They are running in the yard. The dogs bark even when the strong wind blows through and the garbage can falls down.

There are also men who carry guns, smoke and walk around. They keep patrolling in the yard.

Li Yong doesn’t care about these men who carry guns. He can make sure that he can approach them silently and kill them suddenly.

But he is worried about those dogs.

These dogs aren’t powerful, but they are scattered and Li Yong can’t kill them once for all. Besides, the sensation of the dog’s ears and noses are far better than that of human. It’ll be easy for Li Yong to be exposed when he approaches.

If a dog discovers him and barks, the other dogs will all sense him.

With his ability, he can kill them all before the dogs rush to him. But if the people inside the building are startled and several masters come over, he won’t be able to deal with them easily.

He is coming to rescue Jin Wei and doesn’t want to cause any trouble.

Besides, he has no deep relationship with Jin Wei. There is no direct interest relationship between them. He won’t take any risks to kill people here for Jin Wei. He doesn’t want to be the enemy of the Tiange Gang.

He comes to rescue Jin Wei because he wants to use Jin Wei to investigate the Huohu Gang.

He comes to Japan this time because he also wants to give an unforgettable lesson to the Huohu Gang.

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