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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 363 True Gun or Fake Gun

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Chapter 363 True Gun or Fake Gun

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After breakfast, Li Yong asks Zheng Xinmei about the business of the jewelry sales center.

It is one of his estates, so he wants to know about it since he is free now.

The situation is far from good for many reasons. The most important reason is that they lost monopoly of the market after the Tiankai Gang was dismissed. Many jewelry and jade sales centers suddenly emerged in Shikang City and snatched away their business.

Secondly, Li Yong reformed the sales model. Those major travel agencies no longer brought tourists here and no one was forced to buy anything. Although the price is much cheaper, the number of customers has fallen substantially.

Many people don’t know about jade. They think the jade that is sold at a cheap price is fake.

Therefore, the sales center has been losing money increasingly, as if it has entered a vicious circle.

“Yong, what do you think we should do? We’ll have to close it if thing goes on like this.” Zheng Xinmei is very anxious. If the sales center can’t be operated well, she won’t be treated well even if she returns to the headquarters of the company.

“Yong, my factory has been shut down. The workers will all leave if we still have no business to do.” Hao Huihua is also very worried. She thought that she could have much business to do when following Li Yong. Who could think of such a bad result?

Li Yong smiles faintly and says, “Then we’ll continue to reform.”

“How?” Zheng Xinmei has discussed about reform with Han Lu through the phone, but they didn’t come to conclusion. Because Han Lu also doesn’t have the experience of doing jewelry business and knows nothing about it. They don’t know what to do.

However, she received a call from Han Lu that night. Han Lu told her that Li Yong would go to the sales center. She asked her to report the situation to Li Yong and let him solve it. In the meantime, Han Lu also asked her to watch Li Yong and to report to her about Li Yong’s behaviors.

In addition, Han Lu also reminded her specially that she should pay attention to his behaviors of life, not only of work.

How could Zheng Xinmei not understand what Han Lu meant? However, as an employee of the company, she is still focused on her work. Now the jewelry and jade sales center is in crisis. She is more anxious than anyone.

With regard to the matter of Li Yong’s behaviors of life, she has no direct evidence so she can’t report to Han Lu.

“It’s very simple. We won’t do retail business anymore. We’ll do wholesale business.” Li Yong thinks for a while and says smilingly, “Those old women that travel here don’t know about jade, but those retailers must know about it.”

“That’s right.” Hao Huihua says with a smile, “Yong, you’re so clever.”

However, Zheng Xinmei says seriously, “But doing wholesale business needs a lot of money. Now the parent company has no money. President Han Lu wants to buy back the headquarters building of Han’s Group. She withdrew all the money two days ago.

“How much does it cost to do wholesale business?” Li Yong asks.

“At least 200 million yuan of circulating fund! Yong, you know that jade is very valuable. A small piece of the best jade stones is worth dozens of millions of yuan. We can’t do high-end business. Let’s do it slowly! I can do the business gradually as long as I have 200 million yuan. I’ll do high-end jewelry business after I make money.” Zheng Xinmei says with a confident smile.

“Okay, I’ll provide you with 200 million yuan as the fund. You needn’t report to the headquarters.” Li Yong waves his hand and says, “You can just do it boldly. I’ve decided to buy this building. Let’s do retail business and wholesale business together. By the way, change the sign. I don’t like “Tiankai”. Change it to Brother Yong Jewelry Center!”

“Okay.” Zheng Xinmei says cheerfully.

“By the way, let Ms. Hao reopen her factory at once. Don’t worry about sales. She’ll be too busy in a few days.”

“Okay.” Zheng Xinmei agrees again, “I will go to hold a meeting now and send someone to research the market.”

“I’ll go with you.” Because they will discuss about what products they should process, Hao Huihua follows her happily.

Zheng Xinmei walks with Hao Huihua to the elevator. There are only Li Yong and Wei Fangxia in the luxury hall.

They look at each other awkwardly. Wei Fangxia sneers, but Li Yong makes a smile.

“Madam Wei, come and sit here.” Li Yong says with a smile.

Wei Fangxia doesn’t move. She is still standing by the window and looks outside.

She is wearing a piece of tight mini skirt. Her big butts are round and plump. The silk stockings show that her two legs are particularly sexy. The parts of her legs that are behind the knees have beautiful and flat lines, which remind Li Yong of Wei Fangxia’s groan when he touched that place of her. The sexy points of many women are ears, necks and chests, but Wei Fangxia’s sexy points are behind the knees.

Wei Fangxia seems to be aware of Li Yong’s lustful gaze. She reaches to the butts and pulls the skirt down gently, as if she feels that the skirt is too short and reveals too much. She is uncomfortable being looked at by Li Yong.

However, this posture is absolutely fatal temptation in Li Yong’s eyes. He nearly walks over. He wants to hug Wei Fangxia from her back. Seeing her beautiful sexy legs in silk stockings, Li Yong feels that he will never get tired of playing with them all his life.

At this moment, Li Yong suddenly says, “You stand in front of the window to see the scenery. Someone is watching you on the sofa. The breeze blows your beautiful hair. You blow the desire in someone’s heart.”

Wei Fangxia can’t help looking back and sees the direct and hot gaze of Li Yong. Her heart beats quickly and she has a strange feeling. She blames, “What are you looking at?”

“I didn’t see anything.” Li Yong answers cheerfully.

“Look at your disgusting and lustful look.” Wei Fangxia says with disdain.

“All reality is a phantom, and all phantoms are real. Reality and phantoms are interdependent on each other.” Li Yong says with a smile, as if he is talking tongue twister. He finds that he has got inspirations and wants to recite poems.

Wei Fangxia frowns and sneers. Then she walks to her room.

She feels very tired when being peeped at by Li Yong and wants to have a rest.

At this moment, the telephone in the living room suddenly rings. Li Yong says faintly, “Madam Wei, answer the phone.”

“Can’t you answer it by yourself?” In spite of saying so, Wei Fangxia still picks up the phone, because she happens to be next to the phone and it’s easy for her to answer the phone.

“What?” Wei Fangxia hangs up the phone and hurriedly runs into her room, looking rather flustered.

Li Yong doesn’t know what happened and picks up the last steamed stuffed bun to eat. He also throws the garbage on the table into the garbage can.

At this moment, Wei Fangxia runs back with a brown leather bag in her hand. She runs to Li Yong, knocks off the left half of the bun and urges him, “Stop eating. Come with me quickly.”

“What?” Looking at the half of the bun that has rolled away, Li Yong thinks it’s very wasteful.

“Luo Sihao is rushing up with a large group of people. Let’s run away.” Saying this, Wei Fangxia runs to the elevator. However, when she gets to the elevator, she looks back and finds that Li Yong is still sitting steadily on the sofa.

“Why don’t you run?” Wei Fangxia asks angrily.

“Why should I run? Luo Sihao and I made an appointment yesterday. We’ll do a trade today.” Li Yong says faintly.

“But they…” Wei Fangxia hasn’t finished her words and the elevator opens with a bang. Luo Sihao laughs and walks out, followed by at least 20 fighters.

These people have dragon-shaped and tiger-shaped tattoos and wear strange clothes. Their faces are painted with black color and their looks can’t be seen clearly. But their eyes are bright and full of hatred, looking gloomy and horrible. They are like a group of devils from the hell that are trying to swallow everyone. They are out of place with Luo Sihao’s laughter.

Wei Fangxia hurriedly retreats to Li Yong’s side and says angrily. “I told you to run but you didn’t. Now it’s too late!”

“It was too late to run just now.” Looking at Wei Fangxia’s anxious look, Li Yong thinks she is very cute.

“What should we do?” Wei Fangxia gets close to Li Yong’s ear and says in a very small voice.

“Don’t be afraid.” Li Yong says loudly, gets up and walks toward Luo Sihao.

“Boss Luo, you finally keep your words today. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Have you brought all the certificates? Let’s do the trade now…” Luo Sihao interrupts Li Yong before he finishes talking.

Luo Sihao lifts his fat right hand, points at Li Yong and shouts, “It’s him. Beat him!”

Li Yong knows that Luo Sihao won’t give up, but he didn’t expect him to be so direct and those fighters to be so quick. They immediately rush to Li Yong and wave the sticks and steel pipes in their hands, which looks very imposing.

Li Yong’s eyes look cold and he is about to teach them a lesson. But now Wei Fangxia who is behind him suddenly shouts, “Don’t move! I’ll shoot him whoever dares to take another step forward.”

Wei Fangxia has taken her gun out of her bag, points it at those fighters and threatens them.

Those fighter stop, but they don’t retreat or get frightened.

Wei Fangxia trembles the next minute.

Because after the fighters threw the sticks and steel pipes, they all take out guns. The black muzzles of more than twenty guns are pointed at them together like the mouths of devils. They say nothing and don’t shoot at once, but spread regularly. Li Yong and Wei Fangxia are surrounded by them in the middle.

“Ha-ha-ha…” Luo Sihao laughs shrilly. His voice is like the thunder from the clear sky.

“Do you think only you have a gun? I have, too. I have not only one, but a lot of guns. Let’s see who is more powerful. How dare you behave recklessly in my place? I can frighten you to death if I show you my strength.”

Luo Sihao takes out a cigar and a fighter hurriedly hands the gun. The muzzle suddenly bursts into flames and ignites the cigar for Luo Sihao. Luo Sihao takes a deep whiff, looking very pleasant.

The gun turns out to be a lighter. Wei Fangxia blinks with great astonishment.

She was almost scared just now. She feels angry in the heart.

She is no longer afraid and gets up her courage. She sneers and says, “Do you want to frighten us with fake guns?”

Li Yong also feels strange and quickly opens the clairvoyant vision to see the guns.

“Only this one is fake. The rest of them are all true.” Luo Sihao laughs slyly.

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