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«Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao (Web Novel) - Chapter 3448: Refuge

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Chapter 3448: Refuge

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Once the old man left, the pressure that had been enshrouding Ling Han this whole while also disappeared without a trace.

Old geezer, I’ll definitely beat you up in the future,’ Ling Han thought.

If the old man had made a move just now, then when Ling Han had enough strength, he would definitely kill this old b@stard. However, now that the old man had scared him, he would also give him a scare in the future.

With the help of the children, Ling Han returned to his quarters.

With the Calabash Brothers’ power, carrying Ling Han back was naturally a piece of cake.

Ling Han prepared some medicine, and began to recover.

This time, his injuries weren’t light. In the end, Hong Tianbu had exploded with the battle prowess of a Six Inscriptions cultivator. Originally, he would have been able to kill an elite of Extreme Bone Tier. However, Ling Han’s battle prowess far surpassed Extreme Bone Tier, so this attack didn’t manage to kill Ling Han, but it still caused serious injury.

“Your Imperial Highness, if we make a move in the Imperial Capital, wouldn’t that be too rash?” In the manor of the Seventh Imperial Prince, an aide was presently exhorting the Seventh Imperial Prince.

The Seventh Imperial Prince waved his hand, “This boy already knows that the beast tide that destroyed the city was started by me. If I don’t kill him to keep the secret, how can I be at ease?”

“Words without proof, how could His Majesty possibly believe his side of the story? And in the case of Lord Yang and the others, how could Lord Yang dare to summon Your Imperial Highness for trial?” The aide continued to persuade, “Previously, no one expected that there would actually be an Azure Dragon Formation in the Imperial Capital. That formation spirit seems to be everywhere. If the formation spirit, catches Your Imperial Highness committing a crime, then there would really be no way to deny it.”

The Seventh Imperial Prince frowned, “My Imperial Father has a special trust in that brat, so if that brat makes a complaint, perhaps my Imperial Father would really investigate strictly. I naturally have nothing to worry about, but can you ensure that the news would not leak out?”

This… the aide was instantly rendered speechless.

Under the might of the Holy Emperor, who could stay calm?

“Moreover, that brat is severely wounded this time, so this is the best chance to eradicate him,” the Seventh Imperial Prince said. There was a hint of wariness in his eyes. The might of Ling Han’s Heavenly Pattern Jade was too terrifying. Even Hong Tianbu had been severely wounded. If it landed on him, he wouldn’t be spared either.

If it were an ordinary flying sword or the like, he would only need to use Spiritual Power as a net, and he would be able to block it easily. However, the Heavenly Pattern Jade could reach 5,000kg with a single toss, so how could he block it?

When he thought of the Heavenly Pattern Jade, greed appeared in his eyes again. With his Spiritual Power and the Heavenly Pattern Jade, just how terrifying could it be?

He was sure that even a Mystery Realm Tier could be insta-killed by him. He had no more hesitation. He definitely had to take this opportunity to kill Ling Han and snatch the Heavenly Pattern Jade.

Coincidentally, Ling Han had just used Absolute Fairness, and he was also severely injured. If he made a move now, it would definitely be a piece of cake.

Ling Han ingested some medicine and applied medicine externally. After dealing with his injuries, he said, “I don’t have the deterrence of Absolute Fairness now. Tonight, those demons and monsters will definitely make a move on me.”

“Father, hide in the Essence Nurturing Gourd. Let’s find a place to hide first,” Second Baby suggested.

Eldest Baby rolled her eyes, and said, “What are you afraid of? If one comes, we’ll kill one. If two come, we’ll kill one pair!”

“That’s right!” Fourth Baby nodded.

“Kill them!” Fifth Baby also nodded.

Ling Han shook his head, and said, “No, let’s go somewhere.”

“Where?” the seven children asked in unison.

Princess Bixiao,” Ling Han replied with a smile.

Why go to Princess Bixiao’s place?

Because Princess Bixiao was a Mystery Realm Tier elite, and being able to reach such heights at such a young age, Bixiao’s battle prowess was definitely shocking. Thus, after entering into Princess Bixiao’s manor, unless an elite of Celestial Path made a move, they could only die with grievance.

Then, would Princess Bixiao make a move on Ling Han?

She wanted to, but she was a member of the Demon Race. If something happened to Ling Han in her residence, then how could Chen Fengyan’s fury be something that the Demon Race could bear?

Thus, not only did Ling Han not have to worry that Princess Bixiao would make a move on him, he could instead use her as a bodyguard.

Moreover, this little demon had drawn animosity to him, so why couldn’t Ling Han turn the tables around and cause some trouble for her?

“Come, let’s go and and freeload.”

When the seven children heard this, they were all excited. How could they miss out on such a good thing like eating and drinking for free?

Thus, a group of eight majestically arrived at Princess Bixiao’s manor in an incredibly showy manner.

“What?!” Princess Bixiao was astonished. Ling Han was actually paying her a visit?

What the hell was going on?

“Please.” She thought for a moment, then had someone go and invite Ling Han in.

Not long after, Ling Han brought the seven toddlers to the living room.

“Grandmaster Ling, I am honored by your presence. May I know what business you have with me?” As this Demon Race princess sipped her tea, she spoke without even raising her head, as if expressing that she did not welcome Ling Han. 5

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, “I dare not say there is any business. It’s just that I haven’t seen the princess for a long time, and miss you very much. Thus, I have come to pay you a visit today.”

Who was he trying to fool?

Princess Bixiao naturally wouldn’t believe him. She looked at Ling Han’s obviously bulging chest, which was covered with thick bandages, and immediately understood. “You were severely injured in the battle with Hong Tianbu. Absolute Fairness has been used, and is currently in the process of recovering. Thus, an ordinary Extreme Bone Tier cultivator would probably be able to kill you. Thus, you came here to take refuge.”

Ling Han smiled and said, “Ordinary Extreme Bone Tier elites still won’t be able to kill me. They’ll have to be Inscription Tier elites, at least.”

Princess Bixiao instantly felt like she was about to go crazy. This wasn’t her main focus.

She humphed, “Why should I help you?”

Ling Han exclaimed, “Isn’t the princess and I in love with each other? Didn’t

you sleep at my place some time ago?”

“Absolute nonsense!” Princess Bixiao rebuked. However, upon further thought, she had indeed created the illusion that the two of them had spent the night together, in order to arouse the killing intent that the Imperial Princes had towards Ling Han. She had not thought that Ling Han would take advantage of her now.

Was this considered digging one’s own grave?

She had caused killing intent to be centred around Ling Han, yet had to become Ling Han’s bodyguard. How sullen was this?

“It’s not easy to take care of children. Your Highness, is there anything to eat? There’s no need for anything good. Just get some Demonic Beast meat,” Ling Han said with a smile, completely unable to be reserved.

Princess Bixiao flew into a rage and left. However, Ling Han and the others were extremely shameless, and they simply sat there without any intention of returning.

They could be so shameless, but Princess Bixiao couldn’t. She still ordered someone to deliver dinner.

However, this was only the beginning of her nightmare.

“Say, Your Highness, since you’re treating us, don’t be so stingy. Get more food,” Ling Han called out. He and his seven children were all big eaters. For them, food that could be an entire meal for an ordinary person could only be considered as an appetizer for them.

Princess Bixiao was speechless. How could there be such a guest? He was really too unreserved.

She could only order someone to prepare food and deliver it to him.

After delivering three times, Ling Han and the children finally expressed that it

was enough, and there was no need to add any more food.

Grandmaster Ling, you’ve already eaten and rested. It’s about time for you to return, right?” Princess Bixiao asked through gritted teeth…

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