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«Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao (Web Novel) - Chapter 3447: Both Sides Wounded

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Chapter 3447: Both Sides Wounded

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Hong Tianbu clearly had some understanding of the Absolute Fairness Formation. After blocking Ling Han’s attack, he simply didn’t unleash any more powerful moves and simply allowed the battle to come to a deadlock.

That was because he knew that once the might of the formation disappeared, he would be able to fully recover his battle prowess. At that time, he would be able to easily suppress Ling Han.

Did he need to use his trump card?

Meanwhile, Ling Han had used all of his ultimate moves, but he was still unable to suppress Hong Tianjin.

One had to realize that Ling Han was also a prodigy who could battle against an opponent who had a superior advantage, which was being a major tier above him. Theoretically speaking, the others’s battle prowess could still reach the Enlightenment Tier now, surpassing Ling Han’s limit. If it weren’t for the fact that his murderous aura was too powerful, he would have long since been defeated by Hong Tianbu several times.

However, Ling Han only had three minutes left.

He wanted to defeat Hong Tianbu in three minutes?

How could this be done?

Ling Han’s right hand shook, and a hammer appeared in his hand.

This was a One Star Celestial Tool, and he called it the Drought Lightning Strike. Although he still had a Two Star Celestial Tool, with his current strength, there was actually not much difference between One Star and Two Stars. In any case, he could not unleash its full might.

Furthermore, using a One Star Celestial Tool could also conceal its abilities for a while. After all, there was still an old monster that was Celestial Path and above here.

As expected, the moment he drew out the Drought Lightning Hammer, the old man’s eyes narrowed, revealing an expression of greed.

Previously, he had been imprisoned, so how could he possibly possess a Spirit Tool?

It should be known that a Spirit Tool had always been a very valuable item. If a cultivator wanted to buy a Spirit Tool that he could use, he would usually have to spend all his wealth.

Thus, he was naturally envious.

“Hmm?” Hong Tianbu’s expression became serious. He could feel the pressure exuding from this hammer.

If he were to parry with his bare fists, he would definitely be wounded.

He resolutely took out a long spear, that exuded an ancient aura. There were veined patterns on the spear’s body, and when he touched it with his hand, they lit up one by one.

“Charge!” Ling Han held the hammer in his left hand, and with a shake of his hand, kuang, a sudden clap of thunder rang out. The pattern on the hammer lit up, and then a flash of white lightning struck out, striking out towards Hong Tianbu.

Though this looked like lightning, its speed was far from being comparable to real lightning. Otherwise, if it was shot out at the speed of light, who would be able to parry or dodge at this stage?

With a soft exclamation, Hong Tianbu brandished his spear to parry the lightning.


The tip of the spear came into contact with the lightning, and an electric current was immediately transmitted through the body of the spear, electrocuting Hong Tianbu so much that his hands went numb, and even his black locks stood on end.

In this exchange, Ling Han had won, while Hong Tianbu had suffered a great loss.

Hong Tianbu hurriedly retreated. He frowned, and said, “I never thought that you would actually obtain a Celestial level Spirit Tool!”

The spear in his hand had also been obtained from an ancient site, but it was only a Mystery Realm Tier-level Spirit Tool. Although it was only one level away from being a One Star Spirit Tool, the gap of one level was as wide as the gap between heaven and earth.

“I can’t let you have all the luck, right?” Ling Han brandished the Drought Lightning Hammer and charged over. His right hand clenched into a fist, and there was a rock hidden in his palm. However, he did not throw it out now, and merely continued to attack.

Hong Tianbu dodged continuously. Even if Ling Han couldn’t fully unleash the might of a One Star Celestial Tool, this was still a Celestial Tool that was above Celestial Path, after all. If a sliver of power seeped out, it would be extremely shocking.

Zi, zi, zi! The electric current blazed madly, forcing Hong Tianbu to continuously retreat, not daring to parry.

Flames of fury flickered in his eyes. This was something that he could not tolerate.

This was because he was Hong Tianbu, the invincible freakish prodigy.

He humphed, and a terrifying aura circulated in his right hand. Even Absolute Fairness couldn’t suppress his cultivation level. One after another, dimming patterns lit up on his chest, and his power also began to rapidly increase.

He had used the eye of that Primordial Beast.

Ling Han had been waiting for this moment. With a violent roar, he raised his right hand, and xiu, the Heavenly Pattern Jade immediately shot out.

Nine times the speed of sound.

Hong Tianbu’s reaction speed was astonishingly fast, and he hurriedly parried with his spear. Peng! However, this Mystery Realm Tier-level Spirit Tool was struck by the Heavenly Pattern Jade, and it instantly blossomed like an umbrella. Meanwhile, the Heavenly Pattern Jade didn’t stop, continuing to crash toward Hong Tianbu.


Hong Tianbu’s whole person was sent flying, but with the spear in his hand blocking the attack, and added with the fact that his cultivation level had recovered to Six Inscriptions-level, this attack only caused his chest to explode, but did not kill him.

Ling Han also gave a muffled humph, and his whole person flew into the air.

Hong Tianbu also launched a counterattack, launching Star Fragment Finger and similarly severely wounding him.

Pa, pa! The two young prodigies fell to the ground at the same time, both of them bleeding endlessly. For a moment, neither of them could stand up.

Both sides were severely wounded.

No one had expected this kind of result. It wasn’t Hong Tianbu who had crushed Ling Han, and dominated the position of freakish prodigy, nor was it Ling Han who had surpassed Hong Tianbu and overturned a veteran elite.

But if one really delved deeper, Hong Tianbu was an Enlightenment Tier elite, and during battle, he also had the cultivation of Inscription Tier. With such a comparison, who would be more freakish?

“Father!” The seven Calabash Brothers all pounced. It was still Sixth Baby who retrieved the Heavenly Pattern Jade, while the other babies stood guard around Ling Han, all of them filled with killing intent.

Hong Tianbu wasn’t alone either. He had subdued a considerable number of powerful subordinates, and now, they had all rushed over to protect him.

After a while, both Ling Han and Hong Tianbu barely managed to get back to their feet. Although their injuries were severe, their eyes were filled with fighting spirit.

“Let’s go,” Hong Tianbu said in a low voice. With the help of his subordinates, he rapidly left.

Ling Han also wanted to leave, but the old man from before approached, smiled, and said, “Little friend, can you give that hammer to me? En, if possible, I would also like to purchase that jade.”

The seven Calabash Brothers acted as if they were facing a great enemy. This was an elite above Celestial Path, even if he was only a Foundation Building Tier cultivator.

Ling Han smiled, and said, “Apologies, these two things are still very useful to me.”

“Oh.” The old man nodded, but did not move his feet.

He was engaged in an intense mental battle, whether he should make a move to snatch it or not.

If he made a move, Ling Han definitely wouldn’t be able to stop him. However, this was the Imperial Capital, and if he made a move to forcefully snatch something from a junior, it would definitely draw the suppression of Chen Fengyan.

To say nothing else, merely the formation spirit of the Azure Dragon Formation was not something he could match.

—He had some friendly relations with Cui Zhenhai. In the past, the two of them had sparred frequently, and their abilities were not much different in level.

However, if he obtained a One Star Spirit Tool, his abilities would definitely soar, and it wouldn’t be difficult for his battle prowess to double. Then, would he be able to match the formation spirit?

He was hesitating, weighing his gains and losses, because the moment he failed, he would be like Cui Zhuanhai, serving his sentence in the Imperial Capital.

A mighty elite of Celestial Path, serving a sentence in the territory of a mortal?

Wasn’t this the biggest joke in the world?

After hesitating for a long time, the old man finally suppressed the urge and greed in his heart. He smiled at Ling Han, turned and left.

Luo Jintang hurriedly followed, and the old man and young man soon disappeared into the distance…

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