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«Affinity: Chaos (Web Novel) - Chapter 1477 A God's Apparition

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Chapter 1477 A God's Apparition

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The Pseudo-sovereign started to show signs of panic as he noticed something strange as the battle progressed… Grey was getting stronger.

At the start of the fight, his attack power was stronger and Grey relied heavily on his versatility to stand against him. As the battle progressed, Grey started to go against him blow for blow. His attacks didn't seem to carry the same weight as it did the first time.

After careful consideration, he realized it wasn't that his attacks didn't carry the same weight, rather, the person he was fighting was increasing in strength. This was a scary experience for anyhow in such a close battle. At least, he could still put up a fight when he had the strength advantage, but the second Grey catches up to him in attack power, his outcome is almost predictable.

With no hesitation, he unleashed a powerful attack to force Grey back, and to Grey's surprise, the man didn't think twice as he tried to escape.

The man didn't have any more of Grey, but Grey didn't want him to leave. This was a chance to increase his strength, of course he was going to take it. Not just that, he could sense that he was on the verge of breaking through. One of the things he loved was breaking through while in a fight. He would be able to consolidate his new realm while still battling which would make it very easy for him.

He chased after the man, and being the faster Elementalist, he caught up with the man in a matter of seconds before unleashing attacks on him.

The Pseudo-sovereign was forced to stop and block Grey's attacks. He couldn't neglect any of Grey's attacks.

'Fuck!' Regret washed over him.

He didn't want to admit it, but he regretted following the duo here and even attacking them. If he didn't follow them, he wouldn't lose his comrades, nor would he be in such a situation.

He fought vigorously with Grey, but Grey was only growing stronger. Before long, Grey had not only caught up to his strength level, but he was starting to show signs of overpowering him.

Despair and desperation appeared on the Pseudo-sovereign's face. This was a mistake that might prove to be very costly to him. If Grey didn't let him go, or an opportunity didn't present itself, he was sure Grey would most likely kill him.

Boom! Bam! Bang!

Their battle raged on and the man started to notice a change in the sky. Essence was gathering from around the world. He knew what this meant, someone was breaking through to the Sovereign Plane.

If he were the only one present, he would've been excited since it would've meant he was getting to the next level, but he wasn't the only one here. His eyes locked onto Grey's figure which had already started greedily absorbing the essence even though it hadn't fully formed yet.

The Pseudo-sovereign's heart sank when he saw this. If Grey breaks through, then his death is certain.

'I have to stop him!' He came to a conclusion internally.

There was no way he could escape, he had already seen how persistent Grey could get. The only choice was to stop him from breaking through and giving himself better chances of escaping from this demon's hands.

Grey laughed as his body absorbed so much essence.

On another part of the Aurora Continent.

While Grey was on the verge of breaking through, a phenomenon happened. A large figure loomed over the skies of the Aurora Continent, visible to everyone. This figure was aloof as it looked at the rest of the people like they were ants.

Every single individual in the Aurora Continent saw this phenomenon and they all stopped everything they were doing.

The aloof figure in the sky was looking down on ants, and those who were on the ground couldn't help but feel awe and a majestic pressure from this figure.

Discussions broke out in different parts of the Aurora Continent.

Everyone was speaking about this apparition, and it was called the apparition of a God. Some bowed down to worship it, while others looked at it in fear. The figure didn't say a word, only the act of looking down on all lives.

In the depths of the Magical Beasts' Forest.

The Trial Lands.

The Old man who was teaching Chris stepped out of the realm and raised his head to stare at the figure above.

'It's coming soon.'

This was a sign, a sign of calamity. The first time this happened, the Gnomes invaded and the human world was almost destroyed during the war. A large population of humans died in that war due to the onslaught of the Gnomes.

Now, this figure has appeared once more, it means calamity will befall the Continent sooner than expected.

The Old man sighed and disappeared from view.

In the Aurora Continent, all top Factions and Families were watching the apparition in the sky, shocked at the sight. This was the first time most of them were seeing this thing.

Old Families like the Lyttelton Family who had experienced a lot frowned at the sight of this, while the others who knew little about this felt their hearts throb. To some, this was calamity, while to others, it was a sign that a God was watching over them. Nonetheless, the apparition drew the attention of everyone in the Continent.

Even the Magical Beasts' Kingdom were drawn to it.


The apparition which attracted everyone's gaze to it in the Continent surprisingly didn't appear on the place Grey was breaking through in. The sky was covered from the battle of the duo, and Grey's sudden breakthrough covered the sky in this region.

Grey and the Pseudo-sovereign had no idea what was happening, and neither did Conor.

The Pseudo-sovereign rushed after Grey and attacked. These were desperate times for him, and he had to take desperate measures.

A large scythe appeared in his hand and he said coldly, "I'll be the one to end your life."

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