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«Affinity: Chaos (Web Novel) - Chapter 1345 Depressed Giant Leader

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Chapter 1345 Depressed Giant Leader

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Grey explored the place, going to the side Klaus told him to check. When he got there, he sensed something.

'No wonder it's hard to locate for us. Even when I'm here, I can still barely sense it.' He thought while looking at a particular building.

The building looked ordinary, but he knew otherwise. He headed into the place, and just when he appeared, he overheard the Giants who were guards there speaking about his expedition with their leader.

'Guess they're not back yet. I better take this and leave.'

He could sense the treasure better now and knew it truly is beneficial for Water Elementalists. To be precise, it was great for increasing the ice abilities of a Water Elementalist. He could sense the chill that was coming out of one of the boxes that was on the other side.

The only thing stopping him was not the two guards here, but the fact that there was an array here that would alert everyone once the box was moved.

Since Klaus and the others were close by, it would be a little difficult to escape with ease.

He disappeared and went back to his friends.

"You're back."

"You're sharper than before."

It was clear that Grey wasn't going to let go of any opportunity to poke fun at the others.

"Did you find it?" Klaus eagerly asked.

"Yes, but I can't take it now. You guys will have to move to another area. It'll make escaping easier." Grey explained.

"Let's go." Klaus stood up and started heading in another direction.

Alice and Reynolds chuckled softly but followed behind him.

Grey was once again left alone. He was a little stunned by the fact that Klaus didn't even argue and left the second he told them to leave this area.

He sighed and waited for a few minutes so his friends would've gone a considerable distance before heading back. He already knew where the box was located.

When he appeared once again, he bypassed the first set of arrays and was able to easily pick up the box, even though the guards were standing there. Only after picking up the box did the array give him away.

He vanished the second the array lit up.

The guards didn't even catch a sight of him, all they saw was the empty spot of the box.

"The box has been stolen."

The guards couldn't believe their eyes. They saw the box a few seconds ago, yet it was gone in the blink of an eye. What was worse was that they didn't even see who did it.

"Quick, raise the alarm. As long as the person is still close to this place, we should be able to locate them." One of them ran out of the room, yelling.

The Giants outside were already aware of what was happening. Seeing one of the guards rushing out in a panic, they knew whoever stole from the treasury was gone.

The reason they didn't suspect any of the guards was the fact that they saw the light flash past them.

Since the box was still in the area close to the treasury where the array was located, they would be able to see it glow. However, the glow was only temporary, it disappeared in barely a second. Whoever took it was even faster than those at the Peak of the Elemental Venerable Plane.

Unknown to the Giants, the thief was someone they recently invited to their hideout.

Inside the Pyramid.

The leader of the Giants noticed his ring glow with a light. He knew what it meant, but he couldn't react, the reason for this was because they were currently battling a vengeful Skeleton. If not for the fact that they were physically strong, they would've been killed by now.

"Damn it! At a time like this?!"

The leader of the Giants was pissed!

The Skeleton they were fighting was the same one Grey provoked before running away.

It was minding its business when some intruders came. At first, it didn't want to react, but then some of them spoke of a human who fit perfectly into Grey's description, and it lost it. It didn't even speak and just attacked, hoping to unleash some of its piled up anger.

It gave them a good beating before sending them out of the Pyramid. It didn't kill them, well, not that it didn't want to, but it realized it was impossible to do so. Hence it let them go, but after a good beating.

When the leader of the Giants saw himself outside the Pyramid, it was incensed. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do.


"Who stole from us! I'll kill that person!"

Since he wasn't as strong as the Skeleton, he wanted to direct his anger at the person that stole from them.

Being the leader of the Giants, he had a connection to the array with his ring and could sense further than the array. Just as he was about to make a move, he saw the light dimming.

"What the hell?!"

He was beyond shocked. The reason the light was dimming was clear, whatever treasure was stolen was being destroyed or used.

"Fuck it!"

In the secret realm.

Klaus got to work the second Grey handed the box to him. He didn't see any reason to delay.

Alice and Reynolds could only watch with envious gazes.

"I got you guys something from my expedition."

Grey handed the duo a fire and lightning flower each.

The essence they sensed from it stunned them.

They've gotten a few things, but none of them were on the level of the flower Grey handed to them.

And just like Klaus, the duo started absorbing it.

Grey was tempted to absorb the blood essence he got from the two Magical Beasts, but he was afraid of causing a ruckus. He wanted to wait until the trio were done and then he would get to work. With them looking out for him, he didn't have anything to worry about.

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