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«Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens! (Web Novel) - Chapter 1880 “Mother is Heaven (2)”

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Chapter 1880 “Mother is Heaven (2)”

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“Tomorrow your mother will take you back to the human world, I only have tonight with her, which of us do you think will have more time?” Di Cang spoke down at his son with a lecturing tone.

Bai Xiachen blinked and blinked.

How did I forget about that? Anyway, I will have plenty of time to stick to Mother after today. So what if Father gets to spend some time instead of me?


Just as he was about to open his mouth, the sound of Di Cang’s cheeky voice range out again.

“Of course, even if your mother doesn’t plan to take you back to the human world tomorrow, you boy… can forget about stealing a woman from under your old man’s hand!”

Even against his own son, the demon king doesn’t hold back and displays his dominance.

The steambun’s face almost cracked as he stared in disbelief at the man whom sired his existence.

“Ling Yan, go stick to your brother.” Di Cang unceremoniously lifted the pipsqueak from her mother’s arms and threw her over to the boy instead.


In the face of this daughter, the dominating air that he used for the son did disperse and was replaced by the soft kind tone of a parent.

“Don’t let him pester my wife.”

Di Ling Yan first looked upwards at her father, then at her older brother. Making a clever face with those big blue eyes, she giggled and promptly hooked her arms around Bai Xiachen’s neck.

“Big Brother, I want to hear a story, tell me a bedtime story?” The soft and crisp sound of the little milk bun instantly melted away Bai Xiachen’s heart.

“Okay, then big brother here will tell you the story about sleeping beauty…”

“Sleeping beauty? Is she beautiful?” A light sparkled out of the pipsqueak’s eye over the name, the face curious and childish.

Nodding after a thought: “Should be, but not nearly as beautiful as Mother and our Ling Yan.”

“Really?” The pipsqueak’s got even more intrigued and wanted to know more, “Have Big Brother seen this sleeping beauty?”

“I haven’t seen her, but perhaps Mother did. I heard this story from Mother when I was little. There are also many more stories like Snow White, Cinderella, and…”

Using the opportunity created by her daughter’s stickiness to the boy, Di Cang had already dragged his wife away in a burst of speeding blur for their bed-chamber.

“Yan Yan, I miss you so much…”

Since the first encounter that year, he was doomed to fall into this endless cycle of loving her.

It’s sad and pitiful for a man of his standing and ability, but he’s relishing and loving this descent into being a wife slave. This was especially true while they are together in bed. Whether it be him on top or his wife doing the laboring, the pair are in communication and sync of their rhythm.


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