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«A Sorcerer’s Journey (Web Novel) - Chapter 627: Confrontation Over

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Chapter 627: Confrontation Over

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With a strike from his powerful physique, Peranos snapped the old Sorceress’s neck in half. It was at this moment that the old Sorceress’s elemental body morphed into a hurricane, which was absorbed into the extinguished Thousand-Eyed Lamp.


The Thousand-Eyed Lamp was enveloped by a pure magic light beam which was the Mana Pool of the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Tower, as if the Marked Friendship Key had summoned the Stigmata Sorcerer to descend upon this world and return to the magic light beam.

Pant, pant, pant…

Breathing slightly, both Peranos and Grimm stood together. Alice, who had returned to normal, flew over with excitement and landed on Peranos’s side.

“Everyone’s fine, great! This is really great.”

As Alice said so happily, both Peranos and Grimm looked at the Void Aperture opened by the magic light beam, the Thousand-Eyed Lamp was being summoned back.

“Caw caw. Young Master, why not take this opportunity to seal this tool with the Spacetime Seal?”

Little Myna skipped about on Grimm’s shoulder and whispered. Staring at Little Myna’s big eyes, Grimm knew what kind of devious thoughts he had.


Grimm, with the reminder from Little Myna, immediately became interested when he thought about it. With a flash of his left hand, the Book of Truth appeared.

Grimm silently uttered some wonderful sorcery spells, which turned out to be simplified versions of the Book of Truth’s information.

As an inexplicable atmosphere, filled with depression and desolation, enveloped Grimm’s body, the sorcerer texts in Grimm’s Book of Truth began to float, one by one, and head toward the Thousand-Eyed Lamp within the magic light beam, overlapping one after another.

“Hmm? Is this… the Spacetime Seal!?”

Beside Grimm, Peranos looked at his very own third disciple in shock. ‘Unbelievable! Grimm has surprisingly already mastered such advanced sorcery and opened the door to a Spectral World!?’

Although he was shocked from the bottom of his heart, Peranos did not show it.

Grimm’s sorcerer path had unconsciously been paved toward a unique field. The black electrical arc he used was assuredly a high-quality qualitative energy.

From the looks of it, as long as Grimm were to advance to become a Level-3 Great Sorcerer, it would not take long before he would naturally become an existence similar to that of Quiet Spring’s before her advancement to a Stigmata Sorcerer…

Without a Stigmata Sorcerer’s arbitrary criss-crossing of the sorcerer continent, he was able to easily change the situation of the Academy War. He was the executor of the Holy Tower’s highly-advanced special mission!


Even for the Quiet Spring she once was, her advancement speed might have been faster than Grimm’s, but as a Level-2 Sorceress, she was not as powerful as Grimm at this very moment.

This disciple was bound to shake the Sorcerers World in the future!

Trying to suppress the rough stormy waves that rolled up in his heart, Peranos looked at Grimm who was performing the Forgotten Spacetime Seal of Truth, and sighed lowly, “Even if you obtain this sorcery tool, you can’t use it due to you not having the acknowledgment of the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Academy’s Mana Pool.”

Before Grimm could say anything, Little Myna cawed sinisterly.

“We can’t use it here, and they can’t use it over there as well. It depends on who’s in a hurry. Caw caw caw caw. Besides… we’ll wait until the Academy War is over and sign a peace treaty, then we’ll see what benefits we can get in exchange for it.”

Peranos, who was stunned momentarily, nodded, “Well, that too.”

With Grimm’s initial Forgotten Spacetime Seal of Truth absorption, the floating texts, one by one, caused the pages of the Book of Truth to become blank. After half an hourglass, Grimm’s Book of Truth finally flipped to the last page of the written records.

Then, an aperture leading to the spectral Forgotten World was opened by Grimm.

Within the narrow aperture, dozens of small hands that seemed to be composed of sweat gushed out, pulling at the Thousand-Eyed Lamp covered with sorcerer texts from the Book of Truth, before it was dragged into the Forgotten World.

After half an hourglass, followed by the Book of Truth’s closing with a thud, Grimm nodded at both Peranos and Alice who were next to him with a slight pant, indicating that the seal had been successfully completed.

“Caw caw caw. This sorcery tool will definitely be exchanged for a good price in the future.”

Little Myna on Grimm’s shoulder was so beautiful with its two eyes shining brightly.

Both Peranos and Alice brought the group of Sorcerer-Apprentices and two official Sorcerers’ corpses back to the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Tower for arrangements.


As for the third head-to-head confrontation between the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy and the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Academy, once again due to the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy’s tenacious guarding of the Sorcerer Tower, the defense of the Mana Pool finally came to an end.

However, compared to the previous two times, the breakthrough progress achieved by the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy was the number of Sorcerer-Apprentice fresh blood, which had reached its normal standards.

However, compared with other sorcerer academies in general, the qualifications and intelligence of these Sorcerer-Apprentices were much worse.

Grimm was still holding the position of an advanced-level teaching mentor in the academy. While Nigra, with Peranos’s help, had also become the disciple of a Level-3 Great Sorcerer.

Time slowly went by.

Three months later.

With the gradual evacuation of Shadow Argus Academy Sorcerers, the official Sorcerers and Guardians of the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy gradually recovered the huge academy and all its surrounding important terrains, spending a lot of Magic Stones to initiate both the reparation of buildings and rearrangement of defensive facilities. These enormous tasks gave the academy’s Sorcerer-Apprentices an opportunity to earn a huge number of Magic Stones in order to conduct their sorcerer experiments and attend lectures.

Grimm’s private laboratory was located on the 66th floor of the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Tower.

Now, with the gradually subsiding confrontation of the Academy War, Grimm had also begun to have lots of free time to conduct his own private sorcerer experiments.

As a Level-2 Demon-Hunter Sorcerer, he had a full three-hundred-year Demon-Hunting War rest period. According to Grimm’s estimation, the Academy War this time would at most go on until the Holy Tower Qualification Battle a few decades later.

At that time, even if the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Academy still intended to carry out the Academy War, some of the sorcerer families and large chambers of commerce of the Holy Tower’s central area, who not only witnessed the heritage strength of the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy, but also due to being attracted by the benefits offered, would also join the highly priced code interest group set up by the academy itself. Therefore, the difference in strength between the two academies would then be balanced.

By then, any war situation would not be affected even if Grimm was unavailable.

At this time, Grimm, who had returned from his lectures, was doing his own experiment planning arrangements. Little Myna was sound asleep in another room, taking a nap while occasionally scratching his itchy cheeks with his small claw.

Grimm’s quill was gliding and scribbling on a piece of paper, carrying out the planning of his experimental tasks.

First of all, he would use the three hundred years to fill up all the knowledge gaps in the Mixed Toxin Refinery, and then carry out the development of the Male Toxin Refinery.

Secondly, he would do research on the heterogeneous perception of giant black and white mosquitoes obtained from the Magnetite World, and then carry out the fourth phase of the Mask of Truth remodelling project.

Afterwards, the research on chimeras had to continue, which was also a promise Grimm had previously made to Little Myna before his expedition to the Magnetite World… the Great Enigmatic Kichiku Lord.

Lastly, it was about the research on Soul Sorcery. The void creature sacrificial communicator sealed in the Forgotten World was a good start!

Even without the Infernal Spirit Scriptures, Grimm still had to create his own Soul Sorcery himself!

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